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Daisy Dreams

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Yesterday I had one of the most erotic two hour sessions ever with Daisy Dreams. I was visiting Calgary on business and I had pre-arranged our tryst. Daisy arrived on time (well five minutes late, but I told her that I was impressed nevertheless). She looked precisely as I expected, except to say she changed her hair colour from her website (sort of a dirty blonde now). She arrived at hotel and knocked on my door. Looking through the peep hole I liked what I saw. I opened the door and we greeted each other, embracing, and I took this opportunity to feel her curves in a sort of body rub. We exchanged kisses. As she changed into her lingerie I freshened myself in the washroom. Already I had the feeling I was in for a treat. I requested a lap dance. She said she wasn't all that experienced with this and it has been a while since her last dance. She improvised and well, the dance really didn't last that long anyway, as soon she was in my lap and I had my face buried in her cleavage. Maybe YMMV, but Daisy was very responsive with her moans and dirty talk. I love dirty talk! Then DATY began and the session hit high gear. I made Daisy cum and this made me feel completely into the GFE thing. By this time I was rock hard and requested Russian. Daisy applied lube to her boobs and it began. Lots of dirty talk between us! I shot off on her neck and paused over her once I completed to enjoy this moment.


During the intermission we chatted and drank wine as I stroked her breasts almost continuously, with her occasionally stroking my cock. She went to the washroom and upon returning round two began. CBJ, 69, CG, doggy in that order. Daisy is the type of girl that makes you feel honoured when you make her cum. I think perhaps this increases her sex drive and she in return goes the extra for her client. As I say YMMV but this is my impression of her. I finished my second shot the same as the first. Daisy really gave it her all for me with this one. I don't think she would have ever left if I didn't cum for the second time. Definitely not a clock watcher. 20 minutes of overtime.


In a heartbeat, I would repeat, and would definitely recommend.


A 10

S 10

L 9


Thank you Daisy. I think I finally convinced her to come to MY city. I will look forward to that!

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Daisy is one of those girls who is gorgeous but doesn't show it. Submissive and will let you do whatcha want with her, and knows how to push back on ya; and yet a tiger if you want her to take charge. A body that won't quit, and a pretty face (although I have heard cracks about her nose? She has an eastern european face and yes, no button nose, but it suits her and her classy look...). Sexually she has no equal, male or female! She will wear you out if you can last that long!!

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