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Guest ATasteOfEve

Hi girls! I am in Toronto today and have been harrassed and threatened via text app from an extremely demented and threatening person who wants me dead. I'm wondering if any of the other girls have encountered these sorts of texts. He has been texting me since yesterday morning non-stop and keeps using another number everytime I block him. I made a police report but they can't do anything...Sucks! Although we are legal now, we have no police protection from predators.


Any advice?




Additional Comments:

Holy Hell! Why is it that if you post something mundane or controversial, there will be umpteen million replies on this site but when you post something serious and important you get crickets?? Ah! Because it has nothing to do with sex or money. I get it! Thanks alot for your help. Police can't do anything...Even my own peers can't help me. Oh! But I'm expected to provide references for you? Forget that from now on! Let's hope this never happens to you!

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53 minutes ago, SirliczLot said:

Im sorry this happened to you

   I agree with NJ. Would recommend looking when a topic was posted and if the member is still active before posting a reply.

  She hasn't been active since July 2018. If she's still working, it's likely under another name as her old website and Twitter accounts were closed in the same period.

  Even if a bit of work, a hard reboot is sometimes the best and only permanent solution.


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