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  1. SirliczLot

    Alexis Monroe

    I just had the pleasure of enjoying Alexis. she is identical to her pics. a very easy going laid back young lady. with a very nice body, perfect breasts with perky sweet nipples. but it is her lower half that will have me visit her again. Her sexy little ass is soft and squeezable, and her pussy, well, it had me speachless, mainly because it was in my mouth most of the time. A true gem as a SP i will definitely see her again
  2. SirliczLot


    You are correct, I don't want to because I like, I want to because I want my SP to crasp for bed sheets as her toes curl.
  3. SirliczLot


    I come to Toronto often, and even tho in the ad I'm told yes, and in a text the answer is yes. i find not many SP allow DATY and enjoy it. I'm looking for a SP that truly adores this. its a fetish for me, so much so that my sessions are consumed by it. been complimented on my skills, I'd just like to find a regular SP that loves it as much as me. coming to town this Saturday...........anyone ?? who wants their body worshipped ?
  4. SirliczLot

    juicy ass

    That's a nice ass
  5. SirliczLot

    Asian Suko

    Has anyone had the privelage yet ? i have a hard time trusting any pics on a SP ad that is Asian.
  6. SirliczLot

    That is sexy AF
  7. SirliczLot


    I am no longer active
  8. SirliczLot

    That's hot
  9. SirliczLot

    2015 08 22 21.00.401 (1)

    I remember that outfit
  10. SirliczLot

    Megan or Jenny?

    I have read nothing but bad reviews about Jenny looks nothing like her pics, PM me if you wish a link to a site with these reviews.
  11. SirliczLot

    Craiglist personal

    Was it another M you were looking for ?
  12. SirliczLot


    Nope, check to ensure your computer is set to UC Toronto
  13. SirliczLot


    I used her service once, sketchy motel, torn down now, she is older, and a bit of a cougar hygiene was questionable, and I've never repeated.
  14. SirliczLot

    pink panties

  15. SirliczLot

    20140506 150126

    That's Hot