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On 5/11/2018 at 4:48 PM, MsManda said:




Hold up..

Sorry to threadjack here, but your comments on "these girls" are a little uncalled for..


If a guy friend/boyfriend/spouse is ok with us escorting, he doesn't care about us?

You can't be serious.. This just shows the lack of respect you have for the women you claim to support here


Are escorts actually expected to be loners, with no spouses or partners outside of the industry?

Many sw do actually have partners, and are even married, with healthy, non exploitative relationships..


What about friends? Should we not have friends either because some are users and it's hard to choose who really has our best intentions in mind?


I get that this situation with Kiarah is noteworthy and warrants discussion to help keep you safe, but to throw all sp under the bus as silly women with low self esteems, dating shitty people because they think they can't do better, is EXACTLY the mindset that went into the laws that now criminalize our clients.. Yourself included


Good, and bad relationships exist in every occupation, and in every walk of life. No need to make such generalizations about sw relationships like we're some kind of non human, sustained only by our jobs..

We're complete multifaceted people, and just like any other section of humanity, we have good and bad experiences with each part of our lives


Sorry to rant, but I'm in awe that I just read that on lyla

+1  Thank you for speaking up Ms.Manda.... I echo your sentiments, as you’re absolutely right!

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