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  1. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5d238331e4b04c4814183c26?ncid=APPLENEWS00001&guccounter=1
  2. It may be that he doesn’t have permission to post a review yet. E.g (If he’s a new member with a limited post count.)
  3. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5172469
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    Alie on LL

    Ad’s no longer active
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    Escort Outcalls

    Just guessing here, but some hobbyists may feel more comfortable with a lady coming to them. Incalls have their own pitfalls such as potential unwanted interaction / questions from the concierge or nosy, suspicious neighbours etc..
  6. The nonsensical laws that were introduced as C-36 harken back to the Victorian era, when sex was considered “dirty” and women had to be “saved” from their urges. While it sounds far fetched, the notion is still alive and well today. Conservative political ideology seeks not only to control women through punitive laws, but also to actively punish them for making autonomous choices which those in power do not agree with. Pierre Trudeau said it best when he stated that the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. However, it seems the pendulum has now swung the other way. Conservatives in particular rely on misinformation and deliberate conflation of sex work with human trafficking in order to mislead the general public. In effect, common sense has been thrown out the window in favour of crafting laws which adhere to a subjective moral standard. I would argue that such laws are inherently flawed since the distinction is arbitrary, thus achieving no objective except that of perpetuating a social construct which seeks to deny women agency and self actualization where their bodies are concerned. A rather sad commentary on the state of affairs these days, especially when one considers that the only way to induce meaningful change is through lengthy and onerous court proceedings endemic to our justice system.
  7. I think going after the traffickers is a good thing. The problem lies in the conflation of sex trafficking and consensual sex work. That said, I’ve read that Halifax is getting a new Chief Of Police who hails from Hamilton. Since Ontario has adopted a similar mindset to Vancouver when it comes to non enforcement of C-36, perhaps his influence on the current climate may be a good thing. Discuss...
  8. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/news/canada/2019/05/29/hotline-to-help-human-trafficking-victims-educate-public-launches-across-canada.html
  9. One word... don’t. Here’s a similar story: I once dated a former escort as well. The difference was that I didn’t find out about her past until later on. Now, given the fact that I’m a very laid back, liberal kind of guy, it didn’t faze me in the least. I told her I was fine with it, and she was a bit taken aback since she was expecting me to react negatively. Anyway, since she was being honest and upfront, I decided to do the same... Well, she hit the roof! Apparently it was fine for her to do what she did, but then proceeded to rake me over the coals! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! *lol* 😛 Needless to say, that was the beginning of the end of our relationship...
  10. An update: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/sex-trade-charter-of-human-rights-charter-challenge-1.5108982
  11. I think you’re absolutely right. Remember, he’s paying for your time... that’s the deal. You made it clear to him that he had one hour, and what he chose to do in that hour was up to him. In effect, he wanted you to work for free by ‘coming over early’, and then acted like he was doing you a favour! Some people... It’s pretty rare to have off the clock time in general. It’s only happened to me twice: Once was when one of my regulars insisted on taking me out for lunch before our appointment (A very sweet gesture on her part) and another time when a lady decided to stay over and above the agreed time of her own volition. These are exceptions to the rule, of course! I feel you did the right thing by firing him as your client.
  12. Exactly... I wonder though how this ruling has the potential to affect whether prostitution is ultimately decriminalized or not. Assuming the court rules in the agency’s favour, we’ll have a law where selling sex is legal, everything surrounding the selling of sex is legal, but it’s purchase is prohibited. In light of that, it would be preposterous to let that tenet stand. Assuming this case is ‘the first domino’ as it were, wouldn’t it be likely that the cascading effect would cause the purchase of sex to once again become legal?
  13. https://ca.yahoo.com/news/charter-challenge-canadas-prostitution-laws-080000781.html
  14. I’ve seen that happen before... sometimes it’s just an honest mistake. For instance, an SP may have started out advertising on a certain site at a particular rate. It may be that she’s since advertised on other sites as well and adjusted her rates and perhaps not gone back to revise her original ad. If you’re unsure, send her an email and introduce yourself. Let her know that you’re interested in seeing her, and you’ve noticed differing rates for her time on various sites. Ask her if she wouldn’t mind clarifying things for you in order to avoid any confusion. She’ll appreciate the heads up, and you’ll get the benefit of hearing it directly from her so you’ll know exactly where you stand. P.S. If you’re already in contact and she gives you a rate which is different than the one advertised, always go with what she tells you directly.
  15. Along the same lines, how does C-36 factor in? E.g. Suppose someone did test positive for an STD? Would they have to reveal that they were seeing escorts? (Technically illegal) I’ve heard that medical professionals will pressure you for details so that they can attempt to inform past partners and track down the source. Again, not sure if that’s true... just curious. I remember once or twice when I’d gotten tested at the request of a new GF, and the medical doctor or whatever he was (possibly a resident, or someone very green) was asking a lot of invasive questions regarding my past sexual history and number of partners. I promptly told him it was none of his business!