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  1. I knew the house had been sold, but wasn’t aware to whom. That would make sense, though... I know the next door neighbours were pretty pissed off about being woken up at 3:00am every night by drunk guys pounding on their door looking for women! Lol 😆
  2. I just tried to get on Leolist, but the page keeps freezing up in grey. I tried a short cut to circumnavigate it, but then the search function doesn’t work. Is anyone else experiencing issues at the moment?
  3. That’s certainly true. Back in the 80’s, LE basically turned a blind eye to the entire industry. The predominant view was that most ladies were working of their own volition. While it allowed agencies such as Ada’s, Park Avenue and Gentleman’s Club to thrive and flourish, Halifax did have a major problem with street level prostitution. The raids in Toronto began what was somewhat of a cleanup, but it wasn’t until 2007 or so that the industry witnessed a major crackdown in these parts due to political pressure. It’s a shame, though since it drove the agencies out of business. I feel if we had a larger population base and friendlier laws concerning these types of establishments, things would be a lot different.
  4. I agree, agencies can be a mixed bag at times. I have to say I was extremely fortunate in dealing with a few top notch establishments back in the day. The owners were focused on customer service, and I never had a bad experience. For me, the convenience factor was that the agency did all the screening. Therefore, I knew that any lady of theirs was reputable and above board. In some ways, it was similar to Lyla - you can’t go wrong here. It just took the guess work out of the equation. Places like Leolist are the new “Wild West. “While there may indeed be some diamonds in the rough to be uncovered, I don’t have the time nor the energy to look for them.
  5. Thanks for all the excellent input, everyone! That pretty much sums it up. When I started this thread, I was thinking of those established and reputable agencies for whom it’s business as usual. I suppose I was a bit envious that we don’t have that here, especially considering we once did! I haven’t been to Toronto in years, so I’m stuck reminiscing about the good old days for now! Hopefully things will change for the better in the future.
  6. For those of you old enough to remember, once upon a time there were a multitude of agencies in the Halifax area. Once all the fly by nights were weeded out, there were a few reputable ones to choose from such as Park Avenue, Gentleman’s Club, Aristocrat, Diamond Dates etc.. They all folded for one reason or another, with some being driven out of business by political will at the time. When I look at larger, more populated cities such as Toronto or Montreal, there is a plethora of agency establishments in business there. What’s more, they’re thriving. I understand that Halifax does not have the population base to support agencies on such a scale. However, given Halifax is a port /university city, I would have thought at least one or two agencies would have sprung up and made inroads to fill the void. While being independent is the predominant business model, an agency may offer some benefits to those just starting out for instance, as well as offering another option to clientele. I’m curious why that hasn’t transpired here. Just some random thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon...
  7. I was wondering the same thing... Also, on a similar note - has anyone heard from Celeste lately? (She used to work with Nikki a few years ago). The official word on Celeste was that she retired, but I noticed her Twitter account is still active. I’m hoping that perhaps she may decide to return at some point...
  8. There are also misspellings in her description, which a “university student” would never make.
  9. Is Sierra still around? I haven’t seen any ads from her lately.
  10. I was wondering the same thing! To my knowledge, she hasn’t posted any ads in quite some time.
  11. Unfortunately, our current government has no interest in revising existing laws pertaining to sexwork. The only silver lining (if you can call it that) is that we are living under the Liberals, not the Conservatives.
  12. And how does the criminalization of clients factor into things now? Effectively, we have a situation where the sale of sex is legal, agencies are legal, and yet the purchase of sex is not. It’s an idiotic law as it stands presently. Substitute any other legal product for sex and you’ll see what I mean. Cannot the criminalization of purchase be addressed with this court case? If this provision must be challenged separately, it may take many more years before it is resolved. That begs the question ‘ what happens in the interim?’ Will law enforcement still actively go after consenting adults from this point forward?
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/superior-court-judge-rules-parts-of-prostitution-laws-are-unconstitutional-1.5471207
  14. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/superior-court-judge-rules-parts-of-prostitution-laws-are-unconstitutional-1.5471207
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