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Trying to find High end in SJ

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I'm hoping to get a recommendation or perhaps hear from a high end lady who is here. I see a lot of ladies on nladult, but I am not looking for a quantity style girl I want quality. Everything I see is specials or car dates and what have you. Is there any truly hot, fun, high class ladies around?


I figured I may have posted in the wrong area so I have reposted here:)

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Hey there!

I love hearing from gentlemen looking for a classy lady! My approach is high-end, polished, and refined - I love offering truly personal and intimate service. I'm available at the Red Room and Hush, usually two days a week at each, and we're super discreet and professional with immaculate studios. I think we'd get along well 😉 Check out my schedule in the announcements forum and get in touch if you'd like to meet!

Jamie xoxo

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