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    Welcome to the Kat's Meow Massage Spa!
    I am so proud and excited to announce that I now have created a dedicated space for the perfect
    Gentlemen's private spa get-away! Situated at the lower level of my private home, will give you the sense this space was designed just for us!

    Newly renovated with all the luxury needed to give you the spa experience you have been searching for,
    but until now never found!

    Stepping into my Kat's den, you have your own entrance that opens into a spacious foyer, following through to a beautiful massage room. Using only the highest quality products to ensure
    a nice a slippery massage that is also great for your skin. Equipment and tools often found in high end spas such as
    a hot towel warmer to wrap yourself in after your shower. Shower conveniently located in my massage room.
    From there slink on over to my playroom! This space is cozy, with a quality mattress and bedding that is soft and luxurious!

    Here is what you may enjoy at the Kat's Meow Massage Spa:

    Puurrrrfect massage : 45 min session. Making grown men purr with my massage. Long connective strokes down your entire body, deep and yet gentle touch. Head to toe bodyworks. A great way to let go of stresses you have been holding within. Now you can release it with my loving hands.

    The Kat's Meow Spa Package: a Complete hour to enjoy ourselves! Begin with head to toe bodyworks massage. Introducing our bodies, relaxing and stimulating massage techniques. When you begin to purr, I will bring you to my playroom for warm cuddles and flirty chats.

    Wildcat fun: 30 min. Skip the massage? Perhaps let that inner animal out and just go by instinct!
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    I am a very experienced, fun and open minded lady. Your fantasies will become a reality with me.

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  1. Well all my comments have to be approved prior to them being made public. Fine and dandy I accept that like all my knuckle wraps. I understand the rule if you don't have anything nice to say...... I will likely get in trouble for this. I admit I have put toes over the line . Sometimes I feel like this is Disneyland or some fantasy world. I guess if you speak the truth and its not nice you are wrong, wrong, wrong. I don't want to argue but life is not a fairytale. I'm trying to think of a "better " way to explain this but I cant at the moment. I am not trying to suggest we insult each other constantly but isn't reality a part of life? Cristy tells it like it is and that is a fact. She can be right a lot as well. 🙂
  2. Tico I am happy to report that in the gyms I see hair everywhere . I mean bushy bushes . This must mean its back in fashion and the tide has turned . Yay for you , you have been waiting a long time. 🙂
  3. Ahh, again, Thank you , I just caught on to this thread..... xo
  4. You will find us all unique and different. Hopefully you will see some of us and find the " just right" one or ones. I don't think anyone thought your were making time/money an issue. Ask anyone I'm fast to speak and I didn't take it that way. 🙂
  5. Please feel free to contact me by phone. 902 410 8678 Daytime is best. Katt
  6. I have been told by very scared first timers that with in a hh all nerves are gone.I am a great conversationalist, kind of funny they say and it makes people feel relaxed. Also I present as the girl next door-and ask lots of questions before the date comes into play. . Put that information to work and before you know it my guest is completely relaxed and jitters at bay. I have lots of pre play activities to distract and my guest has ( almost ) forgotten the main goal of the visit. While I don't have a cookie cutter service i have enough experience to pull most jitters from 10 to at least 2.
  7. For sure I'm available very early as long as I am certain you can make it!! As Melanie said night before notice . You know take the rollers out of our hair and such . 🙂
  8. You are absolutely right mssexy, the valley is beautiful . Ladies who travel ought to take some time to enjoy alone time.Years ago when I first started to travel I always took at least a day to see the city , walk around and relax. I don't remember the last time I did that . I especially enjoyed walking in Ottawa . Now a days I hole up in my suite and just go to the gym for some exercise.It really made a difference and I enjoyed my time away so much more..I don't give a rats ass about being seen either so I have no excuse at all .
  9. I agree 100 percent. This was no stranger to us and visited many times. I said please stop, you are hurting me and he would for that session . Next visit exactly the same , and the next and the next. S0 it was a long time before the top of his head was bopped . Just nothing would work ever . He was well know as toothy -----by several . So instead stopping he decided to stop visits . I wonder who the new victim is ?I have not heard a work for a very long time . Maybe he found someone who enjoyed a good chewing. 😉 He was also a nice person clean and friendly but couldn't wrap his head around that one . I will never understand why ?
  10. All right we seem to agree here , so ball is in your court . Lets get this on the go .
  11. Careful, careful in AirB&B plus Homeaway. After one day in PEI in an AIR somehow the owner caught on even with low traffic. She landed on the do0r with the cops screaming and flipping her lid . The cop said I could stay no law broken . He did however point out the woman screaming on the step would be bad for clients and business. She was a lunatic. After i packed up the only justice I got for myself was this. I looked at her and said no wonder I f------ed your husband last night . You are a raving lunatic and not fit to be at large. Even the cop laughed. However it was one embarrassing situation, I hope no one ever has to go through that . PEI is hard to work in as other small places.
  12. Also the lovely Cristy Long Legs. I have had some great dinners and fun evenings with her . She is blond, beautiful and lots of fun to spend time with . 🙂 You cant go wrong, , a wonderful hostess and is beyond kind and generous Did say blond , beautiful and the figure of a 25 year old? Go see for yourself........ Katherine doesn't bullshit either. Everyone knows that. 😉
  13. That is a great idea Stephanie. The hotels just don't work . I wonder about a Air B&B or cottage? I think i would still request a deposit. 🙂 The one time i visited it wasn't a good trip . One other time was overnight which was very nice.
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