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    Welcome to the Kat's Meow Massage Spa!
    I am so proud and excited to announce that I now have created a dedicated space for the perfect
    Gentlemen's private spa get-away! Situated at the lower level of my private home, will give you the sense this space was designed just for us!

    Newly renovated with all the luxury needed to give you the spa experience you have been searching for,
    but until now never found!

    Stepping into my Kat's den, you have your own entrance that opens into a spacious foyer, following through to a beautiful massage room. Using only the highest quality products to ensure
    a nice a slippery massage that is also great for your skin. Equipment and tools often found in high end spas such as
    a hot towel warmer to wrap yourself in after your shower. Shower conveniently located in my massage room.
    From there slink on over to my playroom! This space is cozy, with a quality mattress and bedding that is soft and luxurious!

    Here is what you may enjoy at the Kat's Meow Massage Spa:

    Puurrrrfect massage : 45 min session. Making grown men purr with my massage. Long connective strokes down your entire body, deep and yet gentle touch. Head to toe bodyworks. A great way to let go of stresses you have been holding within. Now you can release it with my loving hands.

    The Kat's Meow Spa Package: a Complete hour to enjoy ourselves! Begin with head to toe bodyworks massage. Introducing our bodies, relaxing and stimulating massage techniques. When you begin to purr, I will bring you to my playroom for warm cuddles and flirty chats.

    Wildcat fun: 30 min. Skip the massage? Perhaps let that inner animal out and just go by instinct!
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    I am a very experienced, fun and open minded lady. Your fantasies will become a reality with me.

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  1. Back to the question at hand . I can say I have known her for a long time . She has taken time off for her own reasons. I believe she used the name Penelope before if that jogs your memory . She is is a wonderful person and a very smart choice as a quality companion. she is a lovely woman , beautiful, smart, and sincere. If you cant be happy with her then you will never be happy at all I see Tame Pussy's post . Well every has a bad day or makes errors on the job. No one is perfect , um.. perhaps you are Tame Pussy ? So to sum this up see her with confidence . I see she is offering duos with Ms Manda . They are probably fully booked already but do call you may get lucky .
  2. What is a tugger , i hope its something nice
  3. I'm trying to post under boomer, why cant I? Anyway all of us who get in posting trouble could start a support group perhaps meet here in the morning . If we believe in God pray for tolerance and patience . I need to just not say a word , even if I'm trying to be polite when I'm pissed it never works . A glass or two of wine never helps either . Seems simple enough in print . My mother used to say , ' a fool never learns". Hum.......
  4. Its hard to always say it right . 🙂 I have gotten the boot many times and I try hard now to be good . . Lets have a contest and see who is the best behaved !!!!
  5. O ops I just saw this, you are right .
  6. I just found out you can fill your hands with derma fillers . Its interesting what we can do to "improve" but I think I'll stick to getting my nails done if there was ever time.
  7. As usual this is in the wrong spot . To Old& Nerdy There is nothing wrong with questions and a little heat . Questions posed and folks to back up that they saw her. Its all good . There is a place here for ladies of all ages. I will be offering my time for many years to come . What will folks say when I'm pushing 60 , 65 ? Age is one thing but many other factors trump your birth date. . I think age issues are sensitive ground for sure to tread lightly on . Everyone , oh oh NOT everyone may ad or subtract . As long as it is not 10-15 years and totally way out there just go with it . As an over 50 lady I have fun with it . Sometimes its said you look great for your age. My comeback and always and with a smile. " I look great for any age ." Then I may threaten to turn them into a frog or things I can't say here . 🙂 Let try to have more and criticize less as most agree. I don't know if these are TV or movie folks because I don't watch . However they are all over 50 and look smashing to me . The middle lady may be the oldest and it looks like she is on the winning side of life.
  8. Name Katherine Of Halifax Age 54 City Halifax Ethnicity Caucasian/White Availability Incall & Outcall Contact Me Now Pictures Sexy, Open Minded and Reliable Hello Sydney Friends . Visiting You this week , late evening the 14th to 17th Katherine , Turning Heads , Not Raising Eyebrows . Allow me to invite you into my world. A world of sensual adventure will find me to be that rare combination of beauty and sensual appeal with a charismatic personality. As you can see, this Flirty Vixin definitely turns heads. You will enjoy the way I move, the sway of my hips, the arch of my back. My promise to you is time well spent. Forget the world. Join me for a skip through paradise, or whatever adventure you choose . Massage packages including bubble baths with flirts and seduction , Interactive Duos available with the beautiful Stephanie Mystique also of Halifax . This is a rare treat for me to spend time with my beautiful sexy friend , We promise to pay attention to you as well . .This will be a steamy duo , don't miss out . 🙂 click to view-8678 Please contact me by phone . If we are friends text . If not a short note of introduction via text or email . [email protected] Katherine
  9. Thank you so much . As always it is my pleasure to have you as a guest . I won't say how far we go back !!! 🙂
  10. Come on guys pick me . Tiny , quiet , demure . I am all you need just to big . Talk a lot as well . :00 Lets have fun with this .
  11. I would like to put Marcus 38 in for a strong nomination . We have had some special times and have seen each other for many years. He is a gentleman and edgy at the same time.
  12. Feeling very humble at this moment . People like you .... Check your messages .
  13. I would like to nominate Catherine St. Clair . On my first trip to Ottawa I contacted her for advice regarding hotels and other advertising sites. I really knew very little. She was most patient, kind and helpful. Trips afterwards I was able to visit her home and was always made feel welcome and cared for. In 2012 I was involved in a fire where I lost everything I owed . She contacted me and invited me to see what she had in clothing to help. I don't want to embarrass her but never in my life had I seen such lovely clothing, accessories etc. . I went back to my hotel with outfits for any and all occasions. I still wear the Fry boots she gave me . Thank you Catherine . I will never forget that day and the many other ways you have shared so much with this very grateful woman.
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