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    Welcome to the Kat's Meow Massage Spa!
    I am so proud and excited to announce that I now have created a dedicated space for the perfect
    Gentlemen's private spa get-away! Situated at the lower level of my private home, will give you the sense this space was designed just for us!

    Newly renovated with all the luxury needed to give you the spa experience you have been searching for,
    but until now never found!

    Stepping into my Kat's den, you have your own entrance that opens into a spacious foyer, following through to a beautiful massage room. Using only the highest quality products to ensure
    a nice a slippery massage that is also great for your skin. Equipment and tools often found in high end spas such as
    a hot towel warmer to wrap yourself in after your shower. Shower conveniently located in my massage room.
    From there slink on over to my playroom! This space is cozy, with a quality mattress and bedding that is soft and luxurious!

    Here is what you may enjoy at the Kat's Meow Massage Spa:

    Puurrrrfect massage : 45 min session. Making grown men purr with my massage. Long connective strokes down your entire body, deep and yet gentle touch. Head to toe bodyworks. A great way to let go of stresses you have been holding within. Now you can release it with my loving hands.

    The Kat's Meow Spa Package: a Complete hour to enjoy ourselves! Begin with head to toe bodyworks massage. Introducing our bodies, relaxing and stimulating massage techniques. When you begin to purr, I will bring you to my playroom for warm cuddles and flirty chats.

    Wildcat fun: 30 min. Skip the massage? Perhaps let that inner animal out and just go by instinct!
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    Halifax, NS
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    I am a very experienced, fun and open minded lady. Your fantasies will become a reality with me.

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  1. My broom could land any time. Its been to long . 😘
  2. If you look up to the top Greenteal has posted some adminstraters names. I contacted 2 and still have not heard back . If your problem is not terribly personal you could post it in discussion . I alwasys get good advice and diffeerent views. I have been here since 2009 and a lot has changed . I hope you get the answers you need .
  3. Thank you very much . I will look . This is a brand new computer so no he has not touched it . Yes its time for a new phone for sure . I'm going to try a factory reset first and see what that does . He is one of those wizzards so hard to beat him . Is there anyting I can buy to keep him out? This is all so infantile . The other day I found an app on my phome for the TY in my room . I can only imagine what that granted him . He also had a special series on U tube. My X _ ife can't cook. Worse stuff but I'll my butt kicked off here if i say any more ,. 🙂 Always Katherine xo Fonts
  4. Thanks everyone . I have a stalker who changes my password every day . I want to alert someone so they don"t think I have lost my mind . He has one of those key strokers and I guess he has nothing beter to do with his time . Same thing on Leolist . This is being going on for a very long time as well as altering my photos and call forwarding my calls to him . Leo list says this is a criminal matter and say they will support and help police in any way they can . I'd appreciate opinions on this matter . Thanks everyone , Katherine
  5. Hello Sydney. I will be visiting my favorite people on Wednesday evening the 26th . Sadly departing the next day at noon. Offering Massage , cuddles and uniquely Katherine . Take my hand. I will lead you on that journey , you remember don't you ..... Visiting with old friends and phone calls only , thanks so much . Katherine click to view-8678 Only my feline beauties. I have a sicko who delights in altering my images .
  6. Happy New Year . Katherine is no computer wizard but tenacious. I have had many computer problems with this creature so have doodled along trying to figure things out . Along with photo altering he has made me a star on u tube ( low grade porn) created spots that feature my terrible cooking and makes website about me . Yay me .. I have figured out how to get in to the guts of his work and have uncovered the name of the person responsible . I know him and the law does as well . PM me for his name and info. I am not here often so please be patient . You can text me if we are established friends . 902 410 8678 I don't know however how to decipher this complicated box of information . To get to this box go to where my pictures are and left click on the picture or any descriptive word or title. Then click inspect and all sorts if stuff a smart person can figure out what it might mean . . Won' t take long for you to find his name . I took some screen shots as well . Here is THE LOWEST LOW YET ................ A beautiful baby was born in our family yesterday and he altered his face . What can be said after that ? 😞 PLEASE , I'm not asking anyone to help over holidays . But later if anyone has time it would be so awesome . As Always , Katt Pic number 1 , me being silly in Vegas Pic number 2 me trying to look sexy . IMG_3894.MOV
  7. Thank you again dear friends for the support and love . I am happy to report I'm getting better al the time . Now just a few smudged eyes with makeup and greasy hair . Yay it could be worse . Oh my and it as ...... For now my sincere gratitude and love sent back for an awesome Christmas to all . If anyone had time to PM me on how to prove who the lowlife is please do and take your time .
  8. Yes I think so . I'm not super technical but my images and texts are played with . Also all kinds of programs installed for remote access that he has appearing like I gave . My phone is also at his disposal even though its an iPhone . I don't know much but I guess even an iPhone is hackable with fancy apps. He is hard to beat , no IP Address or anything I can see . Somehow he even had the computer rigged so he can watch me in bed on my TY . Towels fix it ok but I'd like to watch TY again . 🙂 He has lots of time on his hands . I wonder how he would feel if I divulged his personal and SHOCKING life details . Bah , then I bet I would be in trouble . Life , sigh ............. This is likely not a good place to discuss such things . Please no one feel obligated but if you are inclined and a techie drop a line . Maybe best by text if that feels right . 🙂 902 410 8678 Katherine can get herself in hot water but not this time for sure !!! Also if there is anything wrong with this message mods please let me know and I will take it down .
  9. Katherine of Halifax


    Sorry some how I managed to have 2 boxes to comment in . 🙂
  10. Katherine of Halifax


    Hello to the other lovely Katherine's . I see this album was created by a guest . Is this even permitted ? I am thinking maybe there are no there Katherine's as it is mine to comment . What do folks think about this ? Gotta say I love the sexy body stockings .
  11. Thank you everyone for your kind words of support . You all mean a lot to me and when "people " attack in spite you see some pathetic stunts . This creature has blogs , filthy videos and anything his perverted mind can conjure. I know him well and so do the police . His day will come . In the meantime , give me whiskers , lots of deep wrinkles , bald spots and hey, rip my nylons as well . 💖❤️ Now a question to ask . Is there any way to post a picture that can not be altered . I have purple and pink hair and would like to show it off . :00 The criminal offender is breaking in to my computer so has access to the originals . So if this is the case if I keep the originals on a stick , post and keep them off the computer , I'm good ?
  12. Dear Lyla Friends , It is with disgust I need to tell you my photos have been tampered with and altered on this site. Be assured it is not a member here and I do know exactly who has done this . Some are quite apparent and others only slightly unlike anything I would ever post . Examples : Thinning, balding and unkept hair. Smeared makeup. Lovely 5 oclock shadow 🙂 . Something unattractive under my nose. Stained clothing and ripped lingerie. Cellulite and just plain dumpy . Face altered in some shots , you would need to know me to pick up on it all . I could go on . The same issue on Leo's list . I took them all down . I'm not taking them down here as most people know me and will recognize there is a " person " with a big problem . Let us all say, any harm directed my way be returned to this person 10 fold. Love to all and So Be It . Katherine
  13. Hi I am interested for sure . I will check in here for the next few days .
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