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    Welcome to the Kat's Meow Massage Spa!
    I am so proud and excited to announce that I now have created a dedicated space for the perfect
    Gentlemen's private spa get-away! Situated at the lower level of my private home, will give you the sense this space was designed just for us!

    Newly renovated with all the luxury needed to give you the spa experience you have been searching for,
    but until now never found!

    Stepping into my Kat's den, you have your own entrance that opens into a spacious foyer, following through to a beautiful massage room. Using only the highest quality products to ensure
    a nice a slippery massage that is also great for your skin. Equipment and tools often found in high end spas such as
    a hot towel warmer to wrap yourself in after your shower. Shower conveniently located in my massage room.
    From there slink on over to my playroom! This space is cozy, with a quality mattress and bedding that is soft and luxurious!

    Here is what you may enjoy at the Kat's Meow Massage Spa:

    Puurrrrfect massage : 45 min session. Making grown men purr with my massage. Long connective strokes down your entire body, deep and yet gentle touch. Head to toe bodyworks. A great way to let go of stresses you have been holding within. Now you can release it with my loving hands.

    The Kat's Meow Spa Package: a Complete hour to enjoy ourselves! Begin with head to toe bodyworks massage. Introducing our bodies, relaxing and stimulating massage techniques. When you begin to purr, I will bring you to my playroom for warm cuddles and flirty chats.

    Wildcat fun: 30 min. Skip the massage? Perhaps let that inner animal out and just go by instinct!
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    Halifax, NS
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    I am a very experienced, fun and open minded lady. Your fantasies will become a reality with me.

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  1. This is a very hard spot to visit . In spite of many requests its hard to find a place that guests are comfortable hotel wise. Maybe a discreet off the road cottage ? I was there several years back and had a difficult time making it work. Things change all the time , let us know if anyone is successful. 😉
  2. Hi this is my home base . I am available most days with notice . I cater to all genders and am the great fantasy granter ( without judgement ) as long as it safe. I'm all about bringing your secret desires to the light. . Role playing is my specialty and I have several well developed characters and thrive on role play . Whats your fantasy? I will make it so real I guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. I am not one to brag about my beauty , charm and perfection but this one I do guarantee :))) Mild to wild , let me know. 🙂
  3. I appear on a regular basics. Note to any ladies wishing to visit , security is very , very tight . I was there a month or so ago and I was one of six rooms booked . Very hard to be discrete with no one coming and going. Questions were asked at the front desk . Be careful.
  4. I am fine with this as well . My mom and dad have passed and that would have been my concern in the past. Some things they just don't need to know. 😉
  5. No how did I do that twice? sigh,,,,,, no only gullible but need administration help.
  6. I deserve it for being so stupid. I may be mouthy at times but I am honest and when you are that can go against you . I really hardly ever gave it any thought. It happens all around me and I ought to have been smarter. Its probably the only thing ( fantasy sort) I have not tried so my fantasy was bigger than my brain . I will wait till the beautiful Soda comes in next and see someone who has a solid reputation. I don't mind a little fun picking on me, its all fun and it was my foolishness . Imagine a seasoned SP getting ripped my someone non existent. Those who know me can pull my pigtails next visit. 🙂
  7. You have no idea how stupid I feel . Being that dishonest would never cross my mind so I guess I learned a lesson. I see people getting scammed all the time . . I guess I was trying to be respectful and do unto others and be nice. Don't worry Rambler , all this comes back to people. May a certain body part rot off. 🙂 I'm a practicing white witch so i may have to conjure a punishment spell. That was an expensive lesson for sure.
  8. I stupidly deposited to a "lady" Monica last weekend. Pic was a face close up with tongue sticking out. I guess when you are honest yourself you don't think things through . of course that was the last contact. Silly , silly me.
  9. I saw her ad on LL just a few days ago . I ( believe ) her site is down, definitely an ad though.
  10. She is not even a member here to say anything about herself. . I took the liberty of inviting her for lunch and asked her if she wanted to join this board so at least she could speak for herself. She is a very nice lady and for sure a bit eccentric but very sincere and hard working. I told her what was going on here and she doesn't care . She puts her heart into her service and many loyal repeat clients that worship here. We all different skills and gifts and offer something unique that attracts regulars . Age, size, whatever , big mouth like me . 😉 . If you line 5 lady's up maybe 3 really like me and 2 find me loud, opinionated and too much to the point. Every lady has a style that attracts a certain someone. , That is great , we all get a share and you gents have choices. I can say for sure she is a very nice lady , honest and hard working . Oh yes , her cats............. my house is spotless and I'm never telling how many cats i have , so there. 😮
  11. I offer an aggressive professional back massage getting sexy after slowly working my way down. If you are nice I will give a body slide to front and back, fully nude and various options. 😉 I started out as a massage girl and its still a big part of my service.
  12. Hello I started out as a massage girl . I have professional training , real table and some slick sexy moves . I have availability next week if you are interested. 😮 Katherine
  13. Yes my very last one in spite of my guest posting twice it wasn't found. It recently was and just an error I think easily corrected.
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