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SP "airbnb" service

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I am a landlord in the HRM and also use the lovely SP (not highly active but just learning about Lyla after Craigslist went under and for some degree do not trust leolist)


I was wondering if any SP were to have any interest in weekly Rental of furnished units in secure buildings for providing their discreet services.


I know incall SP usually have their own locations or hotel rentals but knowing it can be risky being a client as well as a SP


Just testing the waters to see if there is any interest! 

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    If I were you , I would maybe consult a lawyers or do research on your responsibilities as a landlord.

    If an SP is low key, you should be in the clear. But if she's not and it's known you actually invited her to use your unit for her activities, you could get yourself in hot water.


   Maybe someone here could shed some light on the subject. If not, you better ask for legal advices.

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