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    Hello! Nice to meet you...glad to have found my way onto Lyla with all of you sexy folks.
    Life keeps me busy, working hard to play harder.
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  1. HenryOcean

    Android box

    Amazon. Just make sure it has 16gb ram!
  2. RCMP hiding well enough to give a speed ticket 16 above the limit coming down a hill
  3. Finally invested in a comfortable desk chair that includes a heated vibrating massage for the winter nights
  4. HenryOcean


    Prefer straight from the bag but there is something about bowls (portion control wise)... currently addicted to Popcorners kettle flavor or white cheddar depending on the mood
  5. HenryOcean

    Leolist is Fuc?ed

    haha Something like that.... it was Vegas and included a lot of whiskey
  6. HenryOcean


    I have watched this! She does explain it very well I feel many individuals on these sites bend the definition of infidelity A friend who referred lyla to me explained that if it is not being provided at home (i was shocked when he said less than twice a month), just wanting the touch of a woman and release to keep the spark alive at home bc he does love his SO he just has a much higher libido. He does not have sex nor kiss SPs ... oddly I could see where he was coming from with his reasoning and that many other could be in the same situation As she had mentioned... its not all about the sex but more about the desire
  7. HenryOcean

    Leolist is Fuc?ed

    Aside from the very few wonderful ladies which I look forward to meet ( Just to name a few @MsManda, @shantiex6969x, @Barbie doll Hailey, @Katherine) I am new in the world of SPs and respectably admire the efforts they work so hard on keeping an excellent reputation. LL is not exactly the first place i would turn to knowing the incredible community here works together on filtering out the fake profiles as LL has so many of. As we work hard for our income, these ladies do so as well. There are many sites out there but so far I have not experienced the collaborative efforts Lyla provides to keep the lovely SPs safe and well recommended. It may be nice to glance over LL but unless they have recommendations or show any efforts on building a good reputation (not necessarily on Lyla) .... Stay away! .... Also Everything @MassageLover-613 said lol
  8. HenryOcean


    She is real. I have not personally met her but know someone who has and he enjoyed her giggle and soft voice but felt something was off. Did leave satisfied tho. I did not attempt a meet. You should be ok if she fits your taste good luck!
  9. HenryOcean

    Asian Providers

    I have always been curious about these agencies. I would have to know they are verified and well reviewed like any other lady but prefer independent as i am not sure how these agencies are actually run
  10. HenryOcean


    Very cute but doesn't exactly give you confidence to contact via email unless she was a cerb member
  11. HenryOcean

    Total disrespect and lack of judgment

    Reading through all these comments especially with phone being connected in my car to the display and having soliciting messages come through.... I will be purchasing a side phone for the purpose of discretion haha
  12. Thats Unfortunate! Sorry to hear @StacieXX Some just do not have that level of maturity. You deserve better and hopefully if you give Sydney another chance it will change for their sake ;)
  13. HenryOcean

    Tantric Massage?

    This sounds incredible. I do meditate time to time and a massage in silence while meditating would be amazing.... Happy ending is always a plus
  14. HenryOcean

    Anyone see Erin yet?

    I hate leolist for that reason. She looks gorgeous but it's either a trap or as @the big g mentioned fake photos ....
  15. Hello Kitten... I was wondering this myself as I am new here as well. Im never good with instructions and I'm sure there is a post somewhere about it. Just learning as I go...like most men do 🙃