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  1. Granted! But you can only control 5 seconds Speaking of fast forward.... I wish I could teleport
  2. I nominate @MsManda because of her genuineness and originality. I finally listened to her full interview and it was truely inspiring on how a person can be so comfortable and own who they are.
  3. She has an incredible body and adorable face to match with a very playful personality. You wouldn't be disappointed if you have the chance to meet her.
  4. Thank you for sharing @Callista Carter Love the positive attitude, best of luck on all your future plans!
  5. Goes by missmelody here https://www.vipfavours.ch/missmelody
  6. @Allie Zeon like cover guy said. im certain you taste even better 😉
  7. As @Greenteal linked. It's very possible. Cloud seeding has been used for decades. Can be used for the greater good, unfortunately it can and will create serious global issues. I sincerely hope we take this Earth more serious for all of humanity sake.
  8. Thank you to the lovely @IsabellaDivine, it is admirable you had taken the leap during the beginning of the panemic. In an a unpredictable time you made it work for you. @lydiahardwood this interview subject was brilliant and on point with what has been happening. With such uncertainty in life, following our hearts is something we should be most certain of more than ever. @Allie Zeon YOU are inspiring. I can understand the negative income comment, all part of the entrepreneurial spirit. Taking risks and enjoying it's rewards. Especially if it's something you love. Stay safe all!
  9. This is very possibly WW3. There has been much discussion in the past of a new reality which the top 1% of the top 1% wish to decrease the global population and gain more control. Chinas (CCP) has gained more power over global surveillance let alone in their own countrhy (take a look how Europe is spending to remove Huawei cell towers). Their trade deals of the Silk road (trade deals between Asian, European markets) being interrupted. India has challenged China with its population and potential Technology advances. America attempting to maintain its integrity and power after a much needed change in power (tho not necessarily for the better under Biden) World has advanced by 10 years becoming virtual and digital adapting within months switching things to online. Cryptocurrency has become mainstream and more in the public eye than ever and will not be going away anytime soon. This is a type of global revolution happening against the financial sector. Media stations have never been stronger and smarter on approaching the public, creating fear or hope. Most of the world believe anything they see online and are quick to pass the misinformation creating stronger arguements for false credible sources. The average individual work hard to pay bills, find the time to spend with loved ones during a time we are required to stay apart. Society has become numb, absorbed into our screens in search of entertainment, happiness and a sense of hope. Covid has been used as a tool, a weapon and while I do think it is very real and dangerous, vaccines will help (for the most part) but there is more serious issues happening we will never ever understand being occupied with simply surviving until it's too late. So don't take life too seriously because we are already fucked 🙂
  10. Pineapple on pizza. Yes. Fries dipped in most condiments and especially icecream and smoothies lol I bet this will throw things off.. hot sauce on Rice pudding
  11. Degrading dirty talk/abuse unless its requested (to each their own) Double dipping.. no... just no... Choking...I understand where @NotchJohnson is coming from but definitely must be with an experienced person Urinating (though that may be a turn on for someone..) Random Anal inserts... stay safe. Oral Gagging... again approval and experience matters with everything Rough Sex.. time and place for it but as @lydiahardwood mentioned, knowing my partner can walk decently normal the next day lol Also agree for the future, clear consent would help the next generations learn better then to cross unwanted boundaries, but so should parents be having these chats. Spontaneous bondage... I have had a new-ish fling tell me to lay down for a massage only to find her tying my wrists together... though her agenda was to rub ice over my body and I enjoyed it, we were not at a stage I expected it. I was glad it was only ice and only my arms, if it were whips or wax I may have went into defense mode lol @Allie Zeon what is your take on this all?
  12. Thank you for sharing @Clara Fonseca your elegance radiates through this excellent interview. And thank you as always @lydiahardwood for the effort you put into bringing these topics to light with our members.
  13. Starting up the crock-pot for some delicious ribs ... 6 hours to go. @roamingguy i see you use the crock-pot a lot, whats your favorite to cook?
  14. I made this last week! Doyou make your own crust?
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