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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! That's good to know it's not as pleasurable. I know SPs always want a client to leave satisfied, my experience i'd also like to know I left the same impression with the SP!
  2. HenryOcean


    Contacted to see how long and how how often she is in Halifax also if she is on Lyla....reply was "Last night nd no" Yup red flags...
  3. HenryOcean

    highlights of the day

    Cleaning out the front lawn after all the snow melted!... Litter that drove me crazy, 6 Tims cups, 2 beer cans, 1 McDs Soft drink cup and French fry container and finally a broken hubcap .. surprisingly not as bad as I expected but disgusting either way
  4. HenryOcean

    highlights of the day

    I can relate to this @NotchJohnson! I had to rent a Jackhammer as the ice had gotten to a point it was 13" solid (thanks to the lovely city sidewalk cleaners) @Meg O'Ryan better have been at least certified lol
  5. I have experienced it once as @NotchJohnsonsaid then so did I Though I was still inexperienced, I learned not all woman can do so easily but i am still willing to learn however many tries it takes! As most men I hope would agree... its a major turn on having a lady be pleasured... squirting or not!
  6. HenryOcean

    Natural or Shaved

    If I don't get a mouthful of hairs Im happy I attempt to be well groomed, typically I enjoy the same much more @Ice4fun Said it best lol
  7. with all these auto calls, I wouldn't believe if CRA legit called or not. My last call was some guy asking about voting for gun laws to be changed? anyone else?
  8. Congrats @katie! We can win a Paderno Pot and Pan set now!? I will be posting alot more Honestly though I still consider myself new to the site, im not sure how the points work aside from likes from posts. Still, i would not base user credibility on "Reputation points" just that it does reflect on the amount of posts interacted with. Looking at users just on this post, users @rebelram9988 and @WildTiger with over 100 posts should be in the 10k + points? I am happy if i can win a tshirt!
  9. HenryOcean

    Turn back time

    I don't usually see the point in looking back but if I Could tell my 19 year old self something.... Wake up with a smile! Humans are perishable. Take care of your body and mind. We only get one in this life. Give yourself some self worth and self respect and respect others Give without expecting in return. Be conscious of your presence and how you make others feel Respect your parents. They only want the best for you. Keep a handful good friends. You may lose touch over the years but there is no judgement within true honest friendships Not all friendships are real and true... Trust until they give you a reason not to. Fitness - get into a sport, join a gym, join a club. It will change your life for the better. Be aware who you surround yourself and do not say yes to everything Keep your morals and principles strong. Get a Mentor - "even a genius doesn't know everything" Do more mind educating/stimulating hobbies Stay educated Read a lot Watch less TV Learn how to Invest! Career - focus on establishing goals you will work towards and NOT be working in retirement. Don't drink too much... Or don't drink at all Marijuana - don't smoke until you have a sense of direction in life. Drugs.. speaking only cocaine, MDMA.. Becareful if want to try it once. Just don't or just know it usually will not be a one time experience. Love life - Don't focus on falling in love too early. Don't be surprised if you have your heart broken. Be transparent with emotions even if someone doesnt like how you feel. Don't be afraid to fail. Don't be too serious! Learn to see the positive in everything! --------------------------- I have a feeling I will be writing a book at some point lol
  10. HenryOcean

    Advices for new cannabis users

    I use on a daily basis. However, it's my equivalent to a glass of wine and with 30 years of experience I know the effect it has on my body. I usually need up to 2 hours to have any interest (being aroused). The after effects varies (depending on quality) but ultimately once aroused, the feeling is almost as if I had taken a quarter of a Viagra. There is a major delay in orgasm which I can honestly say works out better for the partner 😉 I wouldn't recommend it for encounters until after. Nothing like being aware and sober in the moment!
  11. HenryOcean

    SP "airbnb" service

    I am passing on the rental Airbnb's idea, no longer comfortable with it I did not know Lyla, VIP & Leolist are all the same owners. I would think the way all sites work Together make for a safer experience yet Leolist still has alot of Spam. Lyla I have admired as it is a community of similar interests and being there for one another (ie. Warning threads) I am registered but have not used VIP.
  12. HenryOcean

    Aisha - LL

    Anyone share anytime? Seems Legit not sure... https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/novascotia/halifax_new_in_hali_duo_available_petite_aisha_100_real-4630880
  13. HenryOcean

    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones as well! wish you all a fun and safe holiday Happy 2019!
  14. HenryOcean


    I had inquired about this before from a landlord perspective. As already mentioned, I wouldn't have an issue visiting an SP as long as I felt comfortable with the location (any location whether airbnb or their own) as well as comfortable with the reputation of the SP. Good luck @Geekygirl902 !
  15. HenryOcean

    Android box

    Amazon. Just make sure it has 16gb ram!