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    Hello! Nice to meet you...glad to have found my way onto Lyla with all of you sexy folks.
    Life keeps me busy, working hard to play harder.
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  1. Thanks for the post link! I was reading this article and figured it may be an interesting share.
  2. Stopping the enforcement of Sex Laws during Covid-19 via Thestar.com Thoughts? As most providers take cash and other gifts, donations have changed over the past months to virtual transactions. Paper Money transactions are becoming less and less as plastic has taken over; a more auditable transaction. Would having sex work become a legal form of income in order to receive government benifits during difficult times be a good idea if it means decriminalization? A Bittersweet future...Thoughts?
  3. Whiskey is usually my go to after a long day. The Talisker 10y is delicious tho I typically lean towards black label or Glenfiddich 12y. Always appreciate trying something new!
  4. Thanks! Tho a happy ending would be nice too lol
  5. Only visited Bahamas did not have the chance but I'm sure the tropical fish would be a beautiful sight
  6. If the world has learned anything from 2020 it is that under certain situations we must adapt to change very quickly. Though I know the Lyla name has been changed before, I do not see this as mainly a review website. With most forums I see are based on a community growing around a specific passion. I would not want to see this integrated with unverified SP ads, nor would we want to see unregulated posts which may harm the quality of the site or its lovely SPs. I agree "escort" "escorts" would bring more traffic, just not necessarily labelling it as a review board. Whatever the change is, wishing you all the best!
  7. I have only gone in tropical areas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican and Cuba. I'm not brave enough for attempting the cold waters we have here lol someday the Northumberland straight if warm enough!
  8. No need to be judgemental ever! As they say..opinions are like an asshole. Be Kind, Stay Safe!
  9. Has anyone ever had the privilege to scuba dive in these amazing oceans? It is too mind blowing not to appreciate it!
  10. Would be nice If only they just allow it to be decriminalized for clients parts of the year. It would greatly benefit the post covid mental health 😉
  11. Any ladies provide this type of massage in Halifax?
  12. HenryOcean

    Best VPN?

    I have been using PureVpn. The customer service has been very reliable and prices are fair. I have been having issues on my iPhone recently but they guided me thru to fixing it promptly.
  13. Sorry for your loss crankF. This is year 2 of a family member who passed. It's not easy but it helps keep in mind all the good times we had together. All the best!
  14. I haven't been around in a while but wanted like to wish you all a great Holiday season Ladies and Gents! Ladies you are more than appreciated! Hope Santa was good to you all whether you were nice or naughty (in a nice way ) What did you wish from Santa this year?
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