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This City Will Start Outing Johns. Sex Workers Think It’s a Terrible Idea

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I can't say for sure, but I would think they will be looking for those who frequent street sex workers or they will set up stings to lure those looking for under age sex workers.  I think if hobbyiests stick to reputable providers, they stand less of a chance of being busted.  Still, it's unfortunate that the powers that be cannot distinguish against consensual sex work and human trafficking.  I feel for those who have to work outdoors because they are at a disadvantage from the get go.  

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I agree with Angela that generally speaking independent ladies who are low key, working from nice locations , not involved in street work or drugs or have anything to do with underage or trafficking - these kind of mature independent business women are not the kind of workers that LE is interested in .  So I do hope that gentlemen reading that article do not over react . If you think about it ... you will realize we are "small fish" and really not worth the cost and effort in manpower for something that leads nowhere as far as dealing with the more serious issues.

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