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  1. I meant in no way to disregard your booking protocol. I was merely suggesting that if someone claims to be a Lyla member, the best way to ascertain that they are indeed that member is through private message here.
  2. I’m not a dude and yes you’re making about what you want in a duo which is probably why you bumped the thread. Fill your boots.
  3. You’re hijacking the OP’s original thread. If you have a certain preference, then maybe start your own thread.
  4. Why does that matter? Maybe start your own thread.
  5. CRA does not care how you make your living. If you claim sex work as income, you can file under a code that covers other types of services such as entertainer or consultant etc. If someone has been diligent about same, they can claim the CERB if they meet the requirements. Some providers advertise time spent for $ rather than sex even though they can sell sexual services, their clients can’t legally purchase. However there is no law against selling time for companionship So by doing this providers aim to protect their clients. But when clients who are nervous about being busted but ask explicit questions over text, email, private message and even over the phone, they do themselves a disservice. Then there are the clients who send a provider deposit or payment by e-transfer who then dispute the charge as being fraudulent which then screws up that provider’s ability to use e-transfer. Don’t get me started on that issue.
  6. Since extortion is illegal, they’re all phishing scsms
  7. I don’t think it’s appropriate for the provider you have in mind to comment on this thread. If you’ve already decided, then it’s between you and them.
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ghislaine-maxwell-arrested-epsiten-1.5634815
  9. It’s difficult to know what exactly they claim to have on you that they believe you would pay them not to reveal to whoever. Simply it’s a hit and miss scam they hope to make a few folks nervous who will pay up. I know people who have received these types of threats and they never responded and nothing ever came of it. If they guessed your password, that means they could have easily accessed sites to set you up so either way, you could use that as a defence if your SO found out.
  10. Lyla members should contact you by private message here so you know it’s them. If you’re okay with that. Unfortunately it’s becoming increasing harder to tell a “real” cell number from a texting app number.
  11. Sorry to say but because so many “legit” providers have trouble working in Fort Mac or Grande Prairie, they’re less inclined to try more than once. And even if they did, they would certainly want prebookings with deposits.
  12. JoeBleu you are new obviously shill post
  13. Please although well intentioned, this hardly helps in this situation. To the OP - if you message me and tell me what city your friend is in, I’ll refer you people who can advocate for her.
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