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  1. I am caring for my sister's cats Pink and Floyd while she stages and sells her house. I love having them around, but I don't love the cat hair I have to vacuum up every day.
  2. But you have to wait 4 hours at the airport when you return to clear customs/immigration and get covid test. I wish I could ride my motorcycle 12 months of the year.
  3. Escort licenses are no longer a thing since the laws changed. I do agree that sometimes the police will visit a provider who they suspect might be pimped, to see if she is there willingly. This happened to a provider I know who worked in North York and was in her early 20s. But unless they are are doing a sting to catch clients requesting services of underaged providers, the chances of the police busting a client at an incall is very slim.
  4. I think the lady should have texted you to say she couldn't meet. If you waited 10 minutes without a response, whether there were cops or not, it's reasonable for you to leave at that point. I don't understand why it took her a couple days to respond to you. Also, not to criticize you but it's generally not cool to show up 10 minutes beforehand sitting parked as that in itself can draw attention.
  5. I am semi-retired, but when I do post and get a request for an outcall, I do ask for a $50 deposit to cover my travel costs in the event the address provided turns out to be fake. Years ago, when outcalls were the norm, we would verify a client's address using his name and phone number provided in the white pages. If he was at a hotel, we required his full name and room number and would call back the hotel to verify he was there. Rarely did clients balk at this request otherwise they would not be accommodated. Presently, due to the fact that landlines have become almost non-existent, it is virtually impossible to verify someone's address. I have fallen victim to prank calls where the address existed, but no one answered the door, or some unsuspecting person like an elderly lady one time, answered the door. Or the address was that of a condo or apartment complex that had unit numbers that I was unaware of when I booked the call. And then when I arrived, the person did not answer the phone. Once bitten, twice shy. When someone does call from a hotel, often they are reluctant to give their real name or don't want to give out the room number insisting that I call them back on their cell when I arrive. That is because there are providers who are willing to take the chance that the call is real and will book this way. There is no way of knowing whether said person is actually at that hotel. I did it once in Burlington to a motel that is literally 5 minutes from my place, and I got pranked. Never again. Other than my presence on Lyla, I have no website or recent recommendations so it is really up to them if they want to take a chance on me. If not, I am quite content to stay home and not waste my time driving needlessly to a destination just to find out I have been pranked. I know other providers who are not verified who also have a similar protocol. Often we hear stories of how these men have been scammed in the past and that they are for real and we can trust them. My response to them is, so you want me to trust you, but you aren't willing to trust me for $50? If I was going to scam you buddy, I'd be asking for the full fee and then I would disappear off the radar. I have a history and don't want my time wasted anymore than you do. I feel for those who have been scammed, but that is not my problem. i
  6. Anyone who tries to submit receipts for rub and tug services for RMT services under their insurance is asking to get caught. Shame on those who try. As for the providers doing it, I feel bad they feel obligated to do so, but I'm sure many are driven to do so by the demand for such out there.
  7. How do you really know if you are the "first" or "last" and what does it matter? I've had clients ask to be the last of the day because they figure I will keep them longer to "chill" because they figure I am doing nothing afterwards anyways. If I feel like asking someone to stay longer, that is my decision, not theirs and I don't encourage it because I don't want to set a precedent. There is something called a shower, and we are known to do that in between clients and be just as "fresh" as when we wake up in the morning.
  8. I find this thread somewhat offensive. For years, we have been asking clients to get tested for STDs, and not expect unsafe services if the provider doesn't provide them etc. Now, all of a sudden, we are asked by some whether we have been vaccinated for COVID and then in the same breath if we provide bare services.
  9. To the OP on this comment: "Most of the 50 YO providers have hung up their nighties, " Seriously? As to Asian providers, a lot of stereotyping going on in this thread. Please educate yourself, then have a real conversation about this. https://www.butterflysw.org/
  10. How are they able to deposit money without your government name? Also, are you not concerned they could do something nefarious with your information?
  11. Sounds good, Kitten. I'm not sure when I will be back in Ottawa, but definitely some time before May.
  12. Good Day, Ottawa gents: Andee here, a frisky, intelligent, fun, and mature provider. I am young at heart, genuine and respectful. Built for comfort, I have a trimmed kitteh and perky B's and long legs. Discretion expected and assured. Pre-booking recommended as I do not entertain many guests in a day. In-calls available downtown (Laurier and Lyon) and Orleans (Trim and Innes) Monday and Tuesday Only! Text to get the ball rolling. Andee: 289-795-5553 Note: Please introduce yourself by stating your name and age and city.
  13. Emily, as a same day booker, I have minimal screening requirements which some clients still refuse to go along with. So, I wholeheartedly agree with you, that if someone is not willing to meet us where we are at, they are welcome to move on. It is not up to us to jump through hoops to prove our worthyness to anyone.
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