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Hi there,

I'm creating a list of vocabulary and terminology most commonly used within the industry.  If you have any other suggestions of terms commonly used, please let me know below!



Here is what I have. 


Sex Work/ers - The broad overall term for all individuals that work within the sex industry from escorting, dancing, porn, and modelling. Not all individuals within the sex industry refer to themselves of agree with the term, but it is widely used by all.

Escort - An individual in which trades sex services for money.

Stripper - A term that individuals within the industry use often to describe themselves or others who work in clubs as a dancer. For someone not directly in the industry(dancer, escort), it is not widely accepted.

Exotic Dancers/Dancer - An individual that works within exotic dance clubs as a dancer or entertainer.

Hosts/Hostess - This term is common within massage parlours, spa environments and private clubs.

Service Provider - An individual which works within the sex trade. A nicer term and typically a preference to individuals working within the upscale and independent side of the industry.

Worker - Sex Worker


Independent - An individual who does not work for anybody besides themselves. No pimp or agency.


Tricks - The individual that exchanges money for sexual services.

Johns - A trick

Client - A trick.


Driver - Works for or with the pimp or the indepedent escort to provide transportation.

Pimp - An individual that one or more escorts work for.

Mack - A pimp. Typically a mack is of a higher standard than a pimp, or a pimp that wants to be thought of as more than a pimp.

Manager - Pimp.


Agency - A team of people that work in the sex trade that may or may not be legal.

Daddy - An individual who provides for the escort. This may be the individuals pimp, but more commonly a trick that now has a more personal connection to the escort and provides for them on a higher level. If we are speaking of a daddy that is not a pimp, this individual does not collect money from the girl, but the girl may live with him.


Incall - The client comes to the escort.

Outcall - The escort comes to the client.

Car call - The escort provides service within the client’s car. Not as common, but this term can be used to the escort to provide service within her own car/pimp’s car.

Hotel - an Incall

Private Residence - The incall in which is the escorts apartment or work apartment.

Brothel - Not a common word around Nova Scotia as not many exist or they don’t want to refer to them as that as it seems like an illegal word. Still used.

Full Service - Intercourse.

Date - The time with a client, or the name of the client.


Exit fee - An amount of money the pimp requires you to pay them to leave his control.

Madam - a female pimp, typically an older woman who manages a brothel/house, spa or parlour.

The game -

Branded/Branding -

Plug -

Call girl

Working girl

Adult entertainer

Booking -




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Hotel could be an incall or outcall...depending on who is coming to the hotel room.  When I am staying at a hotel it's an outcall for example 😉


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