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I just wanted to post a  friendly reminder to those that give a reference to make sure to ask beforehand that it's ok. It only takes a moment to extend this courtesy. We do not go into details, so please don't feel badly for doing so.





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Hello again Gents,


I realize my first post is not as clear as I would have liked, and I'm no longer able to edit. So here I go again. : ) 


 If you have given a providers name as a reference, please do let her know she will be contacted. It's a little uncomfortable to make contact without the permission to do so. Or if she has no idea who you are. Since we all have different ways of booking, it helps to simplify the process by letting us know how you made contact. Whether it be by email or text. 

As well, please make sure this is a recent reference. If you visited a provider in 2009, we may not remember who you are. Even if your visit is still wonderfully memorable.. : )  This may not apply to someone that is brand new to this, but it's something I feel is important to mention. 


Perhaps I should have posted this in the general area. 


Best regards,







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