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I should have let this encounter slide, as in, no, don't go there when she was a half hour late answering my "I'm here" text. But to back up a bit, we had the usual text exchange initially, a donation was agreed to,  and I offered to text 1/2 hr before arrival. There was no reply to the half-hour text, also. One has a normal expectation of what will take place at a session, widely understood, with variations this way or that. One does not expect to see two dogs in the room upon arrival, when there was no mention of that fact, either in the ad, or during the text exchange. One also does not expect that a lady would bring out a hat during the usual course of events, then demand an additional and significant donation, in order to proceed. When it is brought to the lady's attention the inappropriateness of this ploy, she shut down and ordered the gent to leave. When the gent asked for a partial return of donation, the request was adamantly refused. This is a caution. Individuals can make their own choices, of course.

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