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  1. Stephanie is the real deal--sensual, skills to fully satisfy, fully engaged with her partner, clothed in sexy attire--just delightful in every way. We are fortunate that she comes to visit us on a regular basis--however, not over the winter, so this next opportunity is one to take advantage of.
  2. I had the pleasure of a visit with the lovely Jade Ford, and I enjoyed my time with her immensely. What the Pictures Don't Say: Jade is a friendly, sweet woman, and a great conversationalist. What she has written in her ad on LL is very clear, concise, and accurate. She is very self-aware, so what she has penned there about herself is just so. Her response to my inquiry was likewise clear, concise and also quick. But the experience of her company was quite delightful, and that one can only experience, and be challenged to write about. She acknowledged being a bit shy, which is interesting, given her ability to communicate well--but I was happy to work with her, and proceed slowly and gently. She offers a massage for openers, and I recommend opting for that bit of fun. She completes the massage with a gentle and sensual dance with her sweet fingers, which was much enjoyed by this fella. She has the softest, smoothest skin, mesmerizing eyes; and lovely features that one would just love to caress endlessly. Do go see and experience, you'll not regret doing so. Here is the link to her ad: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/prince-edward/charlottetown_in_town_jade_ford_dec_5_6th_come_play_with_me-5714310?source=list
  3. Just look next door in the recommendations, and you will find Kali Keys. There is also a link there to her ad.
  4. I have met with Kali on several occasions, but this most recent was even more outstanding. Soft kisses, very attentive, very good skills, a hot outfit on, and....I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fun factor 🙂
  5. I have met with Kali on several occasions, but this most recent was even more outstanding. Soft kisses, very attentive, very good skills, a hot outfit on, and....I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fun factor 🙂
  6. We had some difficulty getting together, Everleigh and I, but we stuck with it, finally found an incall time that worked, and I was/am so glad that I could see her again, Two words for the essential Everleigh: Sweet and Skilled. When a lovely lady is open to a request, and happily goes with it, that there is cookin' style. When your sweet partner gently re-positions one of your hands in a place more conducive to mutual fun, what could be better? That's just 2 fer-instances--there can be many more, but let's leave the element of surprise and exploration to you. Naturally, a gent is inclined to do all he can to please such a partner, and see what fun can follow. If you get the opportunity to see Everleigh, do persist until it can happen, I would strongly suggest. You'll see...
  7. To get back to your original question, JayIndia, indeed Allie Zeon is a very fine provider. As is CindyCindy, who tours through Moncton from time to time.. In both cases be prepared to follow the ladies' requirements for screening, deposit, etc. It will be well worth your while, and you will avoid the aggravation of bait & switch, lost deposit, and sub-par or missing services. You will find reviews for both these ladies here on LYLA--that is key.
  8. I actually had an appointment with Everleigh May. I do like her. Unfortunately, her phone blew up, and she couldn't make it.
  9. Sanya will ask for a full deposit via e-transfer. She--if indeed it is even a she-- then directs you to a website where she posts pictures, and says you can verify her by asking the help folks there if she is real. They will ask for the phone #, which is in her ad. That checks out, but it is all useless, because she will never meet you, and once she has your money, will ghost you. A reverse lookup of the pictures posted turn up nothing on two different reverse-lookup websites, so that is of no help. I am embarrassed to report my victimization, but I see her ad is up once again on leo. If scammed by anyone, do overcome your red-facedness, and report such scams so other members can save their time and hard-earned money. Beware, here is Sanya's ad title: 24/7 available cutie here to make your dreams cum true
  10. If you haven't had the pleasure, Anais French has returned to Charlottetown after the pandemic time warp (her joke!) kept her away from us for too long. As always, Anais welcomes her visitor with a warm smile, a genuine hug, and the ability to instantly put one at ease. After the introductory, Anais delivers the energetic sensuality that is her hallmark. She is the complete lover, giving her visitor all her sexy attention, and all kinds of fun to make his day, nay, his week.
  11. I have had the delightful opportunity to see CindyCindy, a lovely lady whose tours bring her here--lucky for us--with increasing frequency. Each time with Cindy reveals a bit--no, quite a bit more of her many interesting sides. This time, for The Girlfriend option, Cindy as usual joined her visitor in a sexy shower for two; and following that Cindy lavished her extensive and lush erotic massage capabilities on this gent, first sunny side down, then sunny side up. This is a treat that I would definitely repeat. Act 3 in the bedroom finds our gentle, but steamy hostess revealing more of her impressive array of skills, for a complete and captivating encounter. Highly recommended.
  12. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_tiffany_marie_the_ultimate_companion_onlyfans-4448402?source=list
  13. Tiffany Marie welcomes you into her one-of-a-kind sanctuary, a tastefully outfitted spa on a quiet residential street in Moncton. It has a discreet entrance, and once you enter in, it is all there: a soaker tub for two, a shower with all the nicest amenities, a heated massage table, and a comfy playroom. I have been seeing Tiff for a few years now, and if I say this time was the best, she replies easily that each time just gets better and better. I think she has it right. Tiff is a marvellous hostess, with a warm smile and easy disposition that will make the world outside her sanctuary melt quietly away. Tiff has gentle hands that indeed match her demeanour; she is lovely to look at, dresses beautifully and is fun to play with. What else could a man ask for? Her most recent Leo ad is:
  14. I once again had a fine date with lovely Allie. Shall I say the Ageless Allie? It is great seeing her again, because the connection between us seems to become closer, more natural, and off-the-charts sexier each visit. A genuine man pleaser, for certain.
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