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    Just add water, and stir...
  2. pepperjack

    I like boobies!

    Excellent additions to this collection, Notch & Greenteal
  3. pepperjack

    Anyone met with Kali Keys?

    Texting is the best with Kali Keys. Her texts are thoughtful, and she uses full sentences (one of my faves says that sentences are sexy--I have to agree) She does visit PEI semi-regularly, and is as advertised. Lots of fun, with a keen wit, and a big laugh. Pretty complete GFE, and good value. I booked the hour, and was very pleased. With so many disappointments possible, Kali is the real deal. I like to say I don't kiss 'n tell, but if there is no kissin', shall I then say? Not a deal breaker, this latter, but if it ain't available at home, then it is nice to have it abroad, so to say.