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  1. If you are referring to Tiffany Marie at Studio 110, I can tell you that she is well worth seeing. A trained masseuse, she has an array of skills, that, combined with her sweet demeanour and the always fine ambience at Sophia's, makes for a fine experience. I suggest either the 75 minute massage & water play for 200, or the 60 minute massage & bedroom for 250

    1. bpgosselin84


      Yes I know who that lovely lady is. There is another young lady In Moncton that goes by the name Tiffany as well that has been advertising for a while.

      But thanks for the information anyway pepperjack

  2. Katherine of Halifax comes here from time to time--in fact, IS here as I write, August 16. She is terrific.
  3. When there is no phone/text number in the ad, I avoid it like the plague, unless the SP is known and trusted. The next step in the process you describe is a redirect to a site asking for your credit card #, complete with CVCC # on the back. Get outta there pronto! Waaay too much of this nonsense via LEO. Additional Comments: The other thing you will find is that when you click on a LEO ad, and try to go back to the list of ads, you will be redirected to an ad of LEO's choice. Simply click on the back arrow in the top left corner to get you back to the main list of ads.
  4. You will find Vicky's ad posted simultaneously in New Brunswick and PEI ("Sexy Vicky available 24/7 downtown incall & outcall"). She requires full payment by e-transfer before committing. Draw your own conclusions, but I thought that to be too risky for my taste
  5. pepperjack

    Lucy Diamonds

    Jealous of you guys down in Freddi
  6. Hi I just read your review of Jenna and was wondering if i could get a few details of her services. Im new to this and not sure what or how to ask the ladies what they offer. Or even if i should for that matter? Thanks

  7. Happy New Year to You !!!! We did ok, not as bad as predicted. Thank you for stopping in and have a fantastic year! <br />


  8. Happy New Year. Hope you didn't get blown away down there. Or lose your power. All literal, no metaphors intended, wha?

  9. pepperjack


    Hmm, Ashlee was happy to provide towlettes for me, and let me wash off the equipment afterward. A shower is the best, but the afore-mentioned might suffice for some of us, in the right circumstance. Ashley is a pretty sweetie, and much preferable to some of the unknowns showing up on Bp.
  10. pepperjack


    I had the opportunity to enjoy an hour in Alexis' company. She is a trained masseuse, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of a lovely lady side-by-you, ironing out those bodily wrinkles, then following it up with some other fine talents. I mean, how could you go wrong with a lady who texts you back ON the dot of your appointed time to give you her room #; makes continuous eye contact --with those beautiful big brown eyes--while you are lovemaking, and sticks with you for a lovely post-coital cuddle? Genuine, sweet, prompt with her replies--as promised, the erotic GFE experience.
  11. hhahaha Yes you can! Esp ... never mind I was going to make an awful joke including a 'HO-HO-HO' but forget it. lol Happy Holidays.. oh then again, u only said after xmas, not after NY so perhaps it will be in between :-)

  12. Hello Jessy. Hope to connect post-Christmas. I can count on you to have a Merry one, no?

  13. I have seen Jenna. Feisty and fun.