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Yesterday I sent April her second payment for a date we're going to have once all the restrictions are lifted and we can safely meet.  After etransfering her payment I perused her website (again 😉)...this time noticing she also offers Virtual Services (aka online services) I took a closer look to see exactly what she offers.  I decided to have a Virtual Experience and made my selection (I won't say exactly what, she offers different options catered to each client) 
I received my Virtual Services package today and lets just say paraphrasing April's words...I needed a little distraction in my day to day routine and April provided that distraction.
 And I got my virginity taken again, this time twice in one encounter. In ten years of seeing companions this is my very first Virtual Experience.  And while I have written many recommendations over the years on Lyla/Cerb, this is both my first recommendation for April McAdams and my first recommendation for Online Services.  After looking at what I received (again😉) I'm even more eager to meet her in person.  But until we meet, I have my Virtual Encounter to look at.
For those of you who would like to purchase April McAdams Virtual Services, the details can be found on her website aprilmcadams.ca  She can be contacted at [email protected]
And April, Thank You Again, You Spiced Up My Day😊
Now I think I'm going back to look again at the Virtual Services package April sent me
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