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Simone Loren

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After my pleasant surprise at the first online services I received from a companion (her recommendation also posted here) I knew I had to see what Simone Loren offered in virtual companionship.  I contacted her, and selected what I thought I would like.  And what Simone sent me back didn't disappoint...actually it was better than expected.  I shut the Netflix off and enjoyed a lot of "virtual" companionship. It certainly brought back memories of Great Dates with a Wonderful Lady and has me looking forward to our scheduled dates once this covid crisis ends, or at least dies down some.
And my virtual companionship experience has been a pleasant surprise...I didn't think it would be something I'd like. But my first two experiences have been positive and have me now in the position of supporting them.  So if you're wondering on whether to try online services or not, Simone offers a unique and pleasant virtual experience, one you can custom to your own tastes.
And Thank You Simone, what a way to brighten up a day 
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