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I saw an ad earlier on LL from a poster named jj.  When I went back to get her info the ad was gone. Not sure that's a bad sign or not. Something about her intrigued me. Has anyone here seen her before?  If so please pm me. I did a search but it came up blank. Her ad said she was 38. Any info would be appreciated. Hopefully she posts again. Thanks 

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Yes, I’ve seen her before. 

In general

I had in call at her apartment. she’s a nice person, bright, friendly. Apartment was that level of messy that is getting towards being a cry for help. She’s tiny, really really small. She’s cute. 

The service was non erotic. Not even a little bit. I like chatty and friendly. I even like when a provider wants to chat about her personal life. On the flip side, chatting away about her daughter and the problems with her ex during doggy might not be ideal and didn’t do wonders for my confidence 😂


She wasn’t a clock watcher at all, and you’re not going to have “chemistry” with every provider. But I did get the vibe that JJ has personality quirks that may interfere with her being a strong option (DM if you’d like my opinions on this).

I haven’t repeated. But if small and tattooed is your thing maybe it could work? Especially if she and you click and she stops chatting about very non sexual things while you’re imagining you’re doing wonderful work back there 🙂

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