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  1. Well folks, If you haven't seen the wonderful and amazing Stephanie yet, what the heck are you waiting for? It's been awhile since I pampered myself with one of her amazing massages and on a whim I booked one this week. I have some vacation time booked and will be doing a fair amount of driving, and generally book a standard massage with my regular RMT for afterwards, but I've been recovering from a minor procedure and took a break from exercising immediately afterwards, and spent the last week trying to do something with this old rickety nerdy body of mine, and as a result have been feeling pretty tight and sore and not really looking forward to all that driving. Thankfully Stephanie was able to fit me in to her schedule, and she really went to work on me. People, this is a real honest to goodness massage. Deep tissue. Fix the problems. Unlock those muscles. All performed be a beautiful young woman, with an amazing personality, wonderful conversation, and of course all the extras. She's safe, easy to work with, and did I mention an absolute beauty? And you know you're in trouble as soon as you see that wicked smile. Contact her while you still can! She's a busy girl!
  2. Here's an article that has rankings of the best Android phones in terms of the camera. https://www.androidcentral.com/best-android-camera Here's a similar article but focused on selfies https://www.androidcentral.com/best-front-facing-camera Overall the word on the street is the Pixel has had one of the best not Apple cameras and apps on the market for the last couple of years. The downside (for me) is that it doesn't support a microsd card (last I checked). So you are limited to onboard storage. Samsung will continue to be my go-to choice mainly due to the microsd card support.
  3. No giant red flags, other than the phone number is from west Virginia, which seems a bit odd for her to be in Cape Breton. No hits on the 3 photos. Contact her and see what the communication is like and what sort of verification process she has. The phone number itself would probably be enough to make my nerdy sense tingle
  4. Since we have a whole lot of new folks joining recently, and the goal is to increase membership, maybe we need to have a banner or auto message sent to new accounts that promotes the search features and general "best practices" ? I'm finding a lot of "hey anyone seen this girl in -insert random town-" posts in the "General - All of Canada" forum lately that would be better served in the regional forums, as well as a lot of "does anyone know if -insert well known provider- is legit" type posts where the poster probably doesn't know how to search for posts and narrow down the selections to a specific forum or region. I'm thinking this kind of functionality would help with the new folks being able to navigate the site a bit better, and cut down on the "Sorry I'm new here" type things. I'm guessing there's a lot of "I'm pretty horny right now, so let's get to the ladies" situations where people aren't taking the time to figure things out on their own, so this being right in their face when they login might help everyone.
  5. You could give Chloe a try. She is based in NG but travels to Truro. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/truro_incall_outcalls_in_truro-5828800 She had a recco thread here at one point, I did attempt a couple of times to see her, but both times fell through. General consensus at that time was she was fun and legit.
  6. This is not the correct forum for this, you'd be better off posting this under the Nova Scotia forums. Also. It would serve you well to do some research, look at the various advertising sites, check out local recommendations here on Lyla. It's important for all that you do your homework.
  7. That was kind of my first thought, but then I wondered, is that too stereotypical? Do I really want to disappoint two ladies at the same time? But of course that is still what I'm leaning towards, I was just curious what other ideas might come up.
  8. Hey folks, My birthday is coming up next month, and while I've taken a bit of a break from all of this, I was thinking of doing something special for myself as a treat. Now the big question is what should I do? I'm not super adventurous (as any provider I've seen will well know), but I'd like to push my limits a little bit and do something that I'll definitely remember. I already have a preferred provider, and I'm sure she knows who she is, and she is welcome to weigh in publicly or privately as well (in fact she probably knows me well enough to give some amazing suggestions), but I'm looking to all y'all for that one thing that you feel is the "once in a lifetime" experience. Looking forward to the replies.
  9. I've posted about this before as well, my general rule is I'll give out the same generic type of information that I would in a recommendation. That's all fine, some people don't feel comfortable posting publicly about things. But what really grinds my gears is when someone messages and starts asking for specifics about a provider, how much, what do they provide and the biggie -- where are they. I always redirect to the provider and always reach out to the provider to let them know about the interaction. I feel like it's an added piece of information that someone can use for screening.
  10. Also this is the wrong forum for this type of question, you'll have better luck by posting these types of questions under the NS section
  11. You could, you know, contact some of the local providers that advertise here on Lyla regularly who have a great reputation and wonderful recommendation threads from all sorts of satisfied visitors.
  12. I think he accidentally made his message a link back to this thread.
  13. It sounds to me like a few folks are forgetting that everyone who partakes in this industry are all people, who by default deserve respect and at least a modicum of privacy.
  14. If you read any of the docs as part of the post-mortem of Gox, you can see that things were a mess for a long time, it was ripe for a fall. Even more recently there was Quadriga - which fell because of mismanagement and poor planning. The CEO was using client funds to try and win back personal losses, which cascaded the losses, and kept access to cold storage to himself, and when he "died", access to those supposed funds was lost. That's why you need to do a bit of homework and pick an exchange that has a good reputation, good KYC, and strict policies. And again. Don't store your coin on their system. Limit your exposure. As mentioned above, a legit exchange will have a robust KYC procedure, and follow AML processes so that they know who their customers are, and who their banking partners are. You arent anonymous on an exchange. You can somewhat anonymize outside of the exchange in personal wallets and coin mixing services. But wallet to wallet transfer is completely separate from using an exchange. Think of the exchange as your bank. They facilitate you getting your crypto, and once you get it, you take it out and into your own wallet. From there, you can do what you want with it.
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