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  1. For your own safety, I'd say yes, give the idiot their money back, and get them out of your space. Block their number and if you're not using that app that was mentioned here a few months back, share the bad experience and number with any of your provider peers so they don't get into the same situation. Also remember his style of texting / speaking in case he tries again from another number...
  2. YoSaffBridge! Oh I'm so going to the special hell...
  3. When you start seeing *thousands* of high school and college age girls signing up for an account because they've read some posts about how "easy" it is to make money on it, and then spamming every social media account and platform they can think of in an attempt to drive traffic to their new "business venture ", I believe it stigmatizes the platform itself and by an extension the actual legitimate providers who are using it to expand their offerings. As to GT's point about hacking, it's pretty trivial to gain access to someone's account if they don't have experience in protecting their identity, which will lead to more "hacking" stories about the platform, when it should be focused on inexperienced people not understanding risks.
  4. OldandNerdy

    SP's Incall Locations

    Whoa, thats crazy, I'm sorry that happened to you. I figured it was common amongst the members that the privacy of providers was sacred and location information especially was not to be discussed.
  5. I've said it before, but in this pandemic situation, like all choices in life are based on risk vs reward. There's always a risk associated with an activity, and each individual person must evaluate that risk vs what the reward is for taking that risk, and act accordingly. Simply driving somewhere involves a risk, but we still do it. For this industry, and on this forum, I've been happy to see that the last couple of months have been leaning more positive than negative, without too much shaming going on. But in the end, every adult is responsible only for what they choose to do, and the risks they choose to take. I think the biggest change from all of this, in our Canadian society especially, is that for the short - medium term, people will be more aware of the things they are doing. What they touch, when they wash their hands, how close they stand next to someone else, how often we need to go shopping, how many "things" we need to buy, etc. Long term, I think over time the majority of people will fall back to old habits. I'll probably be guilty of this myself. But I like to think that I'll stick to my new lifestyle of not buying so many things, and instead choose to spend more time and resources on experiences. Life is short, you never know what is around the corner, so don't put off that experience you've been wanting and waiting for. Just don't endanger anyone else while you're doing it.
  6. Funny story about Kate.. She filmed a movie here years ago, and I had a job at the time that allowed me to be pretty mobile and free with my time. I found one of the filming locations, and parked just outside of the area hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Instead, I caught a glimpse of 2 security guards walking towards me very quickly, pointing at me, so I vacated the area.
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    Introducing... Member of the Month!

    Lydia, oh! Lydia, say have you met LydiaOh! Lydia, the tattooed ladyShe has eyes that folks adore soAnd a torso even more soLydia, oh! Lydia, that "Encyclopedia"Oh! Lydia, the Queen of tattoo
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    Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin

    Overall the setup process is pretty easy, and no you don't need a US account. The verification process for a Kraken account is in depth, but not difficult. You are required to provide supporting documentation, such as Gov ID, and residental proof information (such as a recent utility bill) as part of the KYC process, but once you have done that and it is confirmed, you are in. Then you basically just need routing information to link to your bank account. Branch/transit/account. Then when you want to "cash out", you would setup a BTC:CAD trade, and if set as a market trade, it would fulfill immediately, and you would have CAD funds in your Kraken account. Then you would initiate a funds transfer to your bank account, which usually takes 5 days to fulfil. Fees are pretty low for the trade (0.26% for low volume) and also for the withdrawal (0.25%) I haven't had any issues with being flagged, as it is a funds transfer happening between 2 institutions. Let me know if you have other questions!
  9. I don't know, your facial shape and structure is pretty similar to Emily, but I can see the Portman connection too.
  10. And have you ever noticed the resemblance between @SarahAlexxx and Emily Ratajowski?
  11. First off - take a step back, a deep breath, and try to relax. Now, get yourself centered, and think about how to move forward. My advice, especially when very new to this, is to stick with providers who advertise in your area here on Lyla. Look for a provider that seems to match your mental and physical needs. Emphasis on the first part. Do your research, read the reccos, and make contact with one individual. Now stay calm and wait. Providers do not have operators standing by right now to take your call. They are people with lives and often work in this somewhat secluded and on their own. They don't necessarily sit around hoping for your message. Like all good things, time and patience is key. In the meantime, go ahead with your life, and wait for a response. Most reputable providers will get back to you same day or at least within 24 hours (unless otherwise specified on their site/post/etc). When you do get a message back, be friendly, precise and to the point while showing a little personality. Hopefully you can both agree on what you are looking for and when. If not, then thank them for their time. And start fresh with someone new. There's no need to be in a giant rush. This isn't the Wal-Mart self-checkout lane that grandma stumbled into with nothing but unlabeled fruit This is a conversation between two human beings, and that is really what it is all about.
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    3 words better than "I love you"

    Come on up
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    Carry on the story with six words

    Tired of this type of attention
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    Coronavirus memes and jokes

    Good advice