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  1. There's literally a forum here that has everyone's schedule and availability https://www.lyla.ch/forum/11-nova-scotia-escorts-schedules-announcements/
  2. I saw a tweet from a SP who had been planning to see him.
  3. Unfortunately it looks like "she" is using stolen pics https://kupi-kup.online/video/perfect-asian-teen
  4. I presume this is who they are talking about. Party friendly kills it for me, but to each their own https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_pocketsizedplaymate-7218744?source=list
  5. Is what I read on Twitter true? If so. Rest in Peace my fine friend.
  6. Here's a list of admins @Kian Lyla @Yasmine Lyla @Amelia Lyla @Lauren Lyla @Kayleigh Lyla @Grace Lyla
  7. If nothing else, hopefully this case highlights that this exists in Canada, that SW's are not protected in the least, nor are their clients. This will definitely be treated as a test case, and the outcome will either drive positive change, or make it more difficult for clients to want to provide personal identifying information.
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/ns-sex-worker-going-to-small-claims-court-over-non-payment-1.6517196
  9. Yeah I posted a thread about this type of thing at least a year ago and was essentially told that teaching doesn't work so we might as well just keep doing the work for them. I agree that the reason it doesn't work, is that there's no incentive for people to do a little bit more if we just keeping giving the answer. But until we all stop enabling the "any info" people, they just won't do anything for themselves.
  10. I'm wondering what other people do to celebrate their birthday once you get to a certain age? I mean I know I'm a fat ugly old dude, so I usually don't do much, but what do the cool handsome older dudes do to celebrate?
  11. Lots of hits on Yandex from various porn / scam sites
  12. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. A lot of people in my neighborhood have invested 10's of thousands in solar deployments for their home, and it was only recently that I learned few, if any, of them actually have storage setup as well. Essentially they paid close to 100k in many cases to have enough panels installed on their home to be able to cover their typical usage, and will "sell back" any overage to the power company. They thought this would mean that the power company would be sending them a cheque regularly. Much to their chagrin they realized their energy they sold wasn't worth much to the company, plus they still get a bill for being connected to the grid, on cloudy days they draw power from the grid, and over the winter they draw much more than they produce. Without the ability to store power, and be self reliant, they will typically never recoup the cost of the panels within the lifetime of the equipment. They aren't really doing much for the environment other than reducing the amount that is pulled from the grid. If I'm gonna spend that much money, I'd want to also have storage to run the house on non optimal days. And days when I need heat or AC. Let's not even start to talk about EVs using traditional coal/oil fueled electricity to charge every day here in NS. I'm all for making an environmental impact, but there are other ways to reduce our footprint.
  13. I remember being a kid, yes I can remember that far back, and dreaming of the day in the future where we could carry around a small computer connected to a big network that had all of human knowledge so that it was always available, just like I would see in movies. We are now living in the future, and so many people don't realize or appreciate how far we've come in 50 years. As for remembering phone numbers, back in the day you only really had to remember a few, yours, a couple of friends, and maybe the pizza joint. Then back in the 80s, home phones started having 5-10 saved number buttons, and it was always an indicator of how important your friendship was to someone - where your number was saved in that list / if it was. I'm glad to have my contacts and calendar on my phone. As I get older, I find I'm relying on it much more often. Pro-tip! If you like to bake, use your contacts app to store recipes! I have all my favorites as contacts so that I don't have to dig out a recipe book or card when I want to bake something
  14. Yeah, that's the kind of thing I'm interested in as well. There are pieces of the Berlin Wall here in NS, so I've seen those, but it will be interesting to see the actual site.
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