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  1. Hey all Has anyone had first hand experience with "Gaga" ? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_cumm_and_enjoy_my_tiny_body_babe-7139801 I'm a sucker for petite women.
  2. @TimmyTimmy you have what you are looking for already in this thread. Have a chat directly with @StephanieMystique, she's sweet, she's great to spend time with, she's real and she's spectacular
  3. I just wanted to wish all the local and visiting ladies who look after us so well and put up with our weirdness every time a very happy and safe holiday.
  4. @charlottequinn123 gave me one of my best experiences in my life, that will live on in my memory forever, or well at least until I go completely senile. She's lovely in every definition of the word.
  5. Glad to see @Alexis.Rhere! Guys, there should be no hesitation on your part if youre considering seeing Alexis, that is if you want to see someone sweet, kind, adorable, cuddly, easy to talk to, and just an all around amazing person to spend some time with.
  6. I'm pretty sure she's not in Halifax https://indiyahpearl.com/ Guys, just use Yandex and save yourself some time.
  7. No, it just means that they followed the rules. There's lots of LL verified photos that are just edited photos from various porn sites
  8. Wait, your RMT never touches your butt? I thought it was just included in the lower back area. They always slide their hands down my undies and dig in.
  9. Check out Alexis She works out of New Glasgow, Truro and Halifax alternating weeks. If you want tiny and fun, she definitely fits the bill
  10. Check out Bar Kismet It's less touristy than some of the other spots that get recommendations a lot https://barkismet.com/
  11. Welcome to the city! I guess first we would need to know what kind of food you enjoy before making restaurant suggestions. And also what sort of music you prefer and what sort of bar vibe, as that can really make a difference. We have the art gallery of NS, the natural history Museum, museum of the Atlantic, citadel hill, for some of the museum and history spots. Natural history I find a little dull unless they are doing an event, and citadel hill is really only if you enjoy old timey military things, but the art gallery often has some pretty great visiting exhibits.
  12. Did you ever stop to think that the newest people to this area should have this sort of information as early as possible so that they don't get themselves in trouble? The low usage of this forum has come about for many factors, including the lack of admin participation which leads to multiple rule violations in posts, the abundance of low effort posts looking for "any info on her", and these sorts of things lead to many of the professionals to being more quiet than they used to be. If the people we are seeking out don't feel comfortable with posting here, then this stops being a very useful resource for everyone.
  13. As we don't have adult oriented "spas/massage centers" here, then what else would they be referring to? There are a number of lovely pros that advertise here on lyla and on LL that will give you a massage with a happy ending. They don't work in spas or massage businesses to do so, here in Halifax
  14. Stop expecting RMTs to give you a handy Inquring about that will quickly get you banned from all massage therapists in the area.
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