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  1. Was it this JJ? https://www.vipfavours.ch/profile?id=4773
  2. She looks like someone who used to post as Rhea last year. There were a couple of threads going around back then, I'll let you search them out.
  3. This may also be an unpopular opinion to actually state, but hey. I've never been that popular anyway! If you're a single guy, and don't fit the ideal mold of what a guy should be according to the ones who control the various media empires; online dating, online profiles, tinder, POF, etc are the bane of your existence due primarily to the law of supply and demand. There are many more men on these sites looking for whatever, as compared to the number of women on them. Women can afford to be more choosy of who they are going to spend time with. This amplifies the self-hate culture, and starts bringing out the worst of the personality traits among the "rejected" masses of men, and why you see such a huuge number of complaints about "creepy dudes" online. This means that the newer generation of women are being told at a young age to expect it. Where in previous generations, women needed to be careful of some creepy dudes in public, now they need to be wary of 10^X creepy dudes online who are so desperate for any sort of attention that they start off aggressive and have their finger poised on the "Send Dicture" button on their phone. The self hate and desperation just gets worse, the guys feel worse about themselves and lose all semblance of decorum and just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole. Then there's me. I'd like to think I'm not creepy, I'm just not particularly tall, not particularly athletic, and I can pass for "cuteish " on a good day, but in many cases, I would get automatically lumped into the "creep" category online, and more and more in person because of my age, solely based on not meeting this media centric ideal of what a "guy" should look like. Like I was saying before, similar to what women face, just with different twists. Men are just starting to catch up over the past few years to what women have been facing since at least the 1950s, in trying to adhere to that ideal media centric woman. Ok I'll stop talking now, I ramble way too much these days. Old man rambling even.
  4. Men most definitely experience something like this as well, just in different ways. *Generally* men don't have the same dynamics together that *generally* women do. I'm using the terms generally here because I'm talking about the overall population here in the area I live, as well as what we see in media. Men won't necessarily "tear down" other men based on the way they look, but often will for things adjacent to that. Things like height, athleticism, and that sort of thing. It also takes a different form where there's lots of "shit talk" going on in a group of friends and for the most part it isn't taken to heart. Where it does seem similar to what you're talking about, has a lot of the same roots, how people are portrayed in media, and over the last decade, social media. The idea that a man needs to be tall, strong, have not only a good paying job, but also an interesting job. We have to also be handsome and masculine, but at the same time loving and caring, but not too loving and caring, and be outdoorsy and rustic. But don't forget well groomed and smell amazing, be confident, but also be humble, etc etc. This is what media portrays, and it hits hard when you aren't particularly tall, or handsome, or your job is a bit odd (or in my case shrouded in mystery and smothered in secret sauce). Overall I think we all face the same sort of insecurities. We all struggle with how we look, while at the same time have preferences in how our partners look, which may be at odds with each other. We all look in the mirror and obsess about the "flaws" that we see. I think the big difference is that while women are more open to talk about it with a close group of friends, like you described, and they will help lift each other up, while those sorts of discussions don't happen as often in a group of male friends. It's rare for a dude to tell another dude "Man! You're looking hot tonight!" I'm somewhat rambling at this point, my mind has been pretty distracted lately due to, well that doesn't matter, but my main point is. I don't think this is an issue that impacts a particular gender more than others, but I do think the personal recovery options are quite different depending on the gender.
  5. I'll be doing the usual old-man Spider-Man should any ghouls or goblins show up at my door for candy this year. So a Spider-Man costume t shirt, under an awesome spider hoodie, with the addition of a Spider-Man buff/mask thingy. See the photos below for a general idea of just how nerdy I am. I have both hoodies, and alternate between the MCU one and the Spidey 2099 one
  6. No hits on the photos that I can see, or the phone number, and a quick search of the NB forum doesn't bring up anything about this "Katie" Since its a NB phone number maybe also post in the NB forums to see if anyone has any info?
  7. Hah! I'm rewatching Halt and Catch fire myself! I watched it when it originally aired, and loved every moment of it. The first season is definitely slow, and really for the nerds through most of it, but each season builds on the previous both in character development and storyline, and they also introduce a new level of tech in each season. It's a fun and fairly accurate take on the computer industry of the times. Season 1 is basically telling the story of Compaq Season 2 is all about startup culture, I'm almost through 2 now Season 3 is about how everything changes as you see success Season 4 is the birth of the web
  8. I think I'm going to start advertising some great non-swamp land with a really great suspension bridge and an untapped gold mine and go strong with my advertising then!
  9. The great thing about living in Canada is that we do have choices, and this is one of them. It's up to each of us to decide on the risk vs reward of every decision. This is no different. I'm lucky to live in a spot where the actual risk of getting Covid is very low. So in this instance the reward doesn't outweigh the risk for me When this whole thing normalizes and we are more comfortable with its existence, let's all meet up here in Canada's Ocean Playground and I'll buy @waterrat and @clearbluesky15 and @East Coast Kimmy a beverage of the alcoholic persuasion, and maybe one of you will buy me a coke, and we can all look back at the year 2020 was and commiserate.
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