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  1. Hey folks, So I've noticed an upward trend of people PMing me after posting a recommendation or other comment about a provider. Asking for further details, thats fine, I'll happily provide whatever I feel comfortable with talking about. Mostly around personality, general appearance etc. Asking for their rates/options? Nope. Not gonna do it. If you want to find out more about that, contact the provider directly. It should be generally the same for everyone, but there are many instances that the rate one person is quoted, may not be the same as someone else. Asking for their address. No bloody way. I'm not going to participate in doxxing anyone, especially not anyone involved in this industry. There's enough crap that providers have to put up with on a daily basis that I'm definitely not going to add any more strife to their life. Asking for details on what we did? Sorry dude, I'm not here to really discuss what happened in private between me and anyone else. I have the utmost respect for everyone that I've had a visit with in this city. I'd like to think that I have earned some of their mutual respect as well. I'm a pretty easy going person overall, and I'm generally open to talk and help out others where possible, but for anyone out there that truly wants to visit one of the amazing providers out there, at some point you'll need to take a leap of faith and actually talk to them at some point. Be respectful, be open and honest, but overall just be yourself. In the end its going to give you the best results and hopefully something close to what you're looking for. Time to head back to my regularly scheduled ancientness and nerdiness.
  2. OldandNerdy

    The question of fragrance.

    I'd say discuss it prior with the client. As someone who has a lot of ridiculous allergies, I appreciate the heads up.
  3. OldandNerdy


    Ok, so I wasn't going to respond to this because I didn't want to start an argument or prolong a negative discussion.. But here we go. My statement was not derogatory in nature. Absolutely nothing wrong with a "50 year old figure" . By looking at my username it could be inferred (correctly) that I'm probably within that age range myself. Most of my peers are in that age range. I know many people in my age range that are very athletic, who take very good care of their health, who train for elite sports, and both male and female (and anyone somewhere in between those) can look very differently no matter how well they take care of themselves. That is not the point. The point if this thread was to determine the veracity of the person who posted the LL ad. To determine if this possible newcomer is who they say they are in the past array of people who post on LL. My point was that with very little information to go on (2 photos that show a portion of a probably female presenting person), along with an age, that in my opinion, with my best experience of spending hours a day with people from various walks of life in that age range, that possibly due to their figure and their hands (and perhaps it's an excellent skin care routine coupled with no manual labour in 50 years) that perhaps this was not an actual photo of the person. There has been a marked increase of negative discussions on this forum mostly due to someone being offended by either an innocent statement, or in many cases a really derogatory statement. Personally I think that a positive based discussion forum needs to be open while being positive for everyone's safety and well being. Isn't one of the main points of this forum to be able to recommend providers (and to a smaller degree - have providers see how potential clients interact?) And to have a place to talk about the legitimacy of newer providers? Over the past few months I've been feeling like I need to really limit what I post or say in fear of offending someone and starting some sort of runaway thread that just breeds anger. I don't want that. But at the same time if I can give an opinion without fear of being "called out" then maybe someone is able to make a decision. Hopefully in the future we can all take a step back and maybe reach out to someone privately if we are offended by something they post to find out the intent. Otherwise we run the risk of people being too afraid of providing any sort of info. Have a nice evening everyone
  4. OldandNerdy


    Not saying it's not her, but that is quite a figure for a 50 year old . Not to mention her hands look like a 20-something
  5. Notsomuch Venus Envy would be the best of the bunch.
  6. Instead of Amazon, check out PinkCherry.ca. They have some amazing boxing day sales on right now.
  7. OldandNerdy

    Mandi Legit?

    Searching her phone number places her in Ontario as of yesterday on another site. Exact same text as the LL ad. Makes my nerdy sense tingle thats for sure.
  8. Hey folks, It seems like there's been a lot of strife, frustration and possibly even anger being expressed on this forum of late. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's general stress being manifested, or maybe it's just certain personalities clashing. No matter what the reason, maybe it's time for all of us to take a little step back, and remember that for many people the various holidays bring along a lot of mixed emotions and often feelings of lonliness. So while this is really off topic, in the spirit of the season I'm just saying that we all probably know someone that is suffering somehow, in some way right now, and maybe a simple and quick acknowledgement of the other person's existence will help them out more than you could imagine. If you can think of someone that you've met, either online or in real life that you haven't heard from in awhile, or you have an inkling that they might be struggling with something. Reach out, say hi. And let them know they aren't alone in the world. OldandNerdy out.
  9. Also, keep in mind that a feeling of passion often only really comes after a few visits with someone and you are both comfortable with each other. And there really is something to be said about chemistry between two people. While some providers can simulate both fairly well, when you take the time to get to know someone, often you see the difference in that feeling of passion and connection.
  10. I'd definitely just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the discounts until they figure it out. It's not like you are actively trying to Scam them or anything
  11. OldandNerdy

    Tallia reviews

    You do know this forum has a search function...? Sorry for the sarcasm, I don't know if it's the holiday season or what. But there's been so many posts lately that are easily solved with 5 minutes worth of searching, especially when we are talking about fairly well known local providers
  12. OldandNerdy


    Photo search leads to this: https://unseen.li/listings/amelia-3
  13. Anyone ever just start feeling down in general and kinda want a little companionship, but at the same time don't quite feel like you're worthy of it so although you have a few people you have seen regularly and will probably help get you out of that funk, you just don't make that call? Uh asking for a friend...
  14. OldandNerdy

    What happened to massages by Rachel?

    Looks like she stuck an ad up on kijiji this week, advertising a holiday special for anyone who hasn't taken the plunge yet
  15. OldandNerdy

    Aida enquiry

    She seems to travel constantly, at least from the sheer number of LL ads in every possible city in Canada. Also all the other ads don't exist anymore, but they offer various names and descriptions. Something seems hinky to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯