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  1. I want to see those in person one of these days Danielle. 🙂
  2. I've seen them both before. Safe location. Nice ladies. Pictures probably aren't them but I had no complaints with either of them.
  3. I really appreciate the feedback!
  4. Hi. I see a recommendation posted for a lady named Freya who has an ad on LL...which is great....my only question is her number comes up as belonging to Amber Phoenix....is this common or is it a watch out? They aren't the same person from what I can tell. I tried Yandex and the pictures seem to be legit. Is anyone else able to confirm all is safe based on your experience?
  5. Hi. I have a silly question. I totally understand the discretion around communicating a sp location for both safety and privacy. However, in my case most of my opportunity to visit one is if they are located in bayers lake, Clayton Park, bedford, fairview areas. How do you respectfully find rough locations without wasting the sp's time by asking? Any advice on proper etiquette is appreciated. Pm's are welcomed too. Thanks.
  6. She has been advertising for awhile now...seems legit....but I have no information either way. Hopefully someone posts a recommendation. :)
  7. Yes! That is the same person....thank you! I haven't seen that site before.
  8. I saw an ad earlier on LL from a poster named jj. When I went back to get her info the ad was gone. Not sure that's a bad sign or not. Something about her intrigued me. Has anyone here seen her before? If so please pm me. I did a search but it came up blank. Her ad said she was 38. Any info would be appreciated. Hopefully she posts again. Thanks
  9. If you are looking for a good massage (massage only) Emma provides a very good one. Her ad is up on kijiji.
  10. I'd be interested to know also. Feel free to pm.
  11. Has anyone actually had experience with either of these two?
  12. I had a pleasant experience with her. No issues.
  13. Are there any providers that stay at the Chocolate Lake Hotel? If so....and you are there tonight I'd be interested in a PM. 🙂 What hotels are typically used?
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