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I've never book an appointment with her but she is a very nice lady. She can be a little quirky but in a good way. I've spoke with her quite a few times.


Carrie does not offer anything extra. There is no maybe, possibly, we will see, etc. 


The quality of the massage I can't review but I can tell you she under no circumstances will offer extras

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On 8/2/2021 at 8:24 PM, Janbaby said:

Has anyone seen this girl? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1578651621 Seems like there maybe room to maneuver something

I know her. She's not an escort. At all. She has vented on FB many times about being disgusted about being mistook for an escort.

I think that should answer your question about any possibility of "maneuvering something".


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Dear mrdynamite and Nnelly: Rest assured that I would never pressure a lady to do anything ever under any circumstance. I was just asking a question and now I know the answer to that question. My "maneuver something" simply meant "work something out" but was badly worded and unfortunate. I would have never reached out to the lady until someone could verify there was more to this ad. As soon as I knew there was not more i let the topic drop.


thank you for replying and agree with your perspectives on the topic rest assured

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