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  1. I don’t have any personal experience but someone did recommend I visit her when I was inquiring about ladies who give a good massage.
  2. I usually only visit the rub and tug ladies. Message me if you want recommendations
  3. I found that site a few months ago. I sent a message but never did get a reply. I would guess she is no longer offering the service
  4. I just leave the money on the little table without saying anything. She will count it and know what you want. When contacting her you do not talk about anything other than a massage, she will ignore you.
  5. I would suggest contacting Bad Ass Bella. I have no experience with this but have visited her. I’m pretty sure she can accommodate you
  6. what was said in this thread that would cause you to not see Bella ? It’s nothing but positive, extremely positive.
  7. I would be interested to know this provider. I like a massage that really gives you a workout
  8. That’s a 36 year age difference from what’s posted and real age. I wouldn’t be shocked if close to the same age difference applies to Leta. I know I can’t give out personal information but she lives in a building where you need to be of a certain age to be a resident
  9. 55 is at least 10years off lol. I don’t have a problem with age I just wish the ladies were more honest. I think some would be surprised at the niche market for those in their golden years. I thought the massage was pretty good. It was much better that most who just slop baby oil all over your body and expect you to be happy. Leta gives an actual massage.
  10. I recommend Olivia and have no doubt you enjoyed your visit
  11. I visited her today and had a very positive experience. The massage was great, the finish was great, probably the best massage I’ve gotten from the ladies. The only thing I should say is that her age is no where near what is posted. That being said she is a very nice lady and I think she is well worth the visit. Message me if you want any details
  12. It’s hard to tell with only a picture showing a partial face shot but she looks familiar with the same stats as a lady I saw a few times quite a while back. If you contact and find any other information about her you can message me to see if we can figure out if it’s the same person. If it’s the same lady I saw her a few times and don’t remember anything negative. Looks like it has the possibility of being her and the age would match
  13. I’ve never checked anyone out on only fans. What does she post there ?
  14. Check out Beautiful Bad Ass Bella’s ad on leolist. She can probably help you out
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