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  1. I agree. I usually get better results when I travel outside the province to bigger cities. Halifax is very small and the limited choices turn over every 3 years or so. (Ads become outdated very quick and the regulars I had are all gone) The pandemic probably didn't help much either. Those who can't afford to live here don't stay very long.
  2. To me "open minded" is just a phrase to get you to message them out of curiosity. It's never what you think it means. It's just a catch phrase. Nothing more.
  3. For the most part, the majority of SP's i've been with wait until we're done before texting or checking their phone. I can't even recall an incident where they'd be texting while servicing ....I would definitely have said something if they did so if I don't even remember, that's probably a good thing. Checking after we're done is usually what I remember and that's pretty normal.
  4. Ditto here. Strange conversation... (but no meeting) Wouldn't give me a general location as to what part of town she was located (which is very important in my decision making. Some areas of town I just won't go near.) she wouldn't tell me so that was pretty the end of the convo. No loss here. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Maybe she doesn't want to bump into family members or acquaintances that she doesn't want them to know that she's an escort? Can you imagine if your uncle or 2nd cousin showed up as your client? The 6 degrees of separation in Halifax in this small community is interesting and some of them would rather leave the business anonymously when the time comes to leave.
  6. i honestly am so sick and tired of the scams.. Yup. And it seems like it's more now than ever before and no signs of slowing down. The one thing I despise about this industry is looking for a "new" regular. I currently have a "regular" that i've been seeing for 3 years and I've had one before her that I was seeing for 10 years but she moved away just before Covid started. So just one left. I have totally written off "online deposits" as instant 100% scams just to protect myself from a nightmare situation. Even if they aren't, I'm not willing to roll the dice and find out anymore. I'm too old to be playing in the minefield. I'll keep my current regular until she quits the biz and then it's retirement time. No regrets. It's better to be safe than sorry. A clean & safe exit is a good exit. Just like that Kenny Rogers song said : "You gotta know when to hold 'em / know when to fold 'em / know when to walk away..." #NoRegrets 😎
  7. I've seen her ad a few times and I've spoke to her in text. Seemed friendly. Pics seem legit.. but no reviews. Anyone see her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_new_n_a_u_g_h_t_y_p_m_t-6688618?source=list
  8. It used to throw me off when seeing SP ads that say "No ___ Allowed" (fill in whatever the blank is.. Black, White, Asian, Tall, Short, Body type, Broke, from an area of town, etc etc) But then I'd remember when I used to go to dating sites and meeting girls who were too vague about what they wanted physically in a man (i.e. 'looks') and when we met, one in particular told me face to face upon first meeting : "Oh, HELL NO!!" ....turned around and just left. It was the only words I heard her say. I drove 2 hours to see her and was just left there with no explanation as to what criteria I didn't fit. It was self-esteem-crushing on top of being a big waste of my time, gas money and energy. I left baffled as to why it happened but that never fixed anything. So when I see an ad that tells me exactly what she doesn't want in physical appearance, I see it like she's letting me know ahead of time exactly who she potentially is. It doesn't matter why she's that way and i'm not here to convert her or change her mind. I just keep it moving and scroll down to the next ad. IMO her reason for not wanting to see a particular type of man (if i fit that criteria) is irrelevant to me personally. I can't give that upset energy away to just anyone. I have friendly and reliable regulars that I've been seeing for years and we get along absolutely fine and that's all I care about. 😉
  9. This happened to me about 4 times in the last few weeks. I figured that It's the same 2 or 3 girl using different pics as on more than one occasion they always get back to me with the same misspelled / incomplete response text : "Am Available" and always ask if you live near a gas station to get a condom and a gift card (in that exact order)
  10. Happens more than you think. Sometimes I have them msg back days/weeks and ask to continue where you left off without apologizing or acknowledging that they stood you up. I just block their number and move on. It's all you can really do at that point. First impressions are everything and time is valuable. Same thing happens on FB marketplace when you want to buy something and offer to meet up but they stand you up. All you can do is block and move on. Just be thankful they didn't rob you or get away with more than just your time. .
  11. I know her. She's not an escort. At all. She has vented on FB many times about being disgusted about being mistook for an escort. I think that should answer your question about any possibility of "maneuvering something". #ItsNotHappening
  12. I messaged her the other day. She was thrown off / offended by me asking if she was from in town or not. (I won't meet visiting out-of-towners while Covid is still heavy outside of NS) I'm not 100% sure about her so I passed just from the unfriendly reply about my legit concern.
  13. I saw there was a topic for this in 2018 but the ad is gone so I'm not sure if it's the same person but has anyone tried the recent "Alyza" ad on LL?
  14. I've contacted her at least on 4 separate occasions and she has never replied. Not even once. I just assumed she wasn't real or was a bot..
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