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The word Dominatrix is scary to some. Yet after their first experience, there are talks of release, freedom, exhaltation. I guess it feels good to let go, doesn’t it? Surrender and vulnerability are also part of BDSM. Compassion as well. 

I want you to feel safe in my presence. Safe enough to explore your reveries and let me take control. You’ve been craving this, the bliss of being in the presence of a woman who lets you explore your deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies. I know deep and dark and they have never scared me. Let me introduce you to them. Say hello to my little friends... 🖤

Feel my presence towering over you, surrounding you even when I'm not around and tell me, does my fire keep you warm or does it make you burn

My beloved pets and sissies, my dear subs, slaves and playthings, I would like to greet you. 

Welcome to MY world, I am Zoë Domino. 



Please note that I am currently taking applications for BDSM/Roleplay/massage sessions (by e-mail only or via my website) 

Before messaging me, remember that I am not your ‘’babe, hun, sexy’’ and ‘’Hey’’ is no way to address any lady, especially not one you wish to serve or worship.

You know my name and title, use them. Texting etiquette is of the utmost importance. I have no tolerance for vulgarity, charades and negociations. Therefore, your initial correspondance should be as clear and concise as decency permits. Any message not fitting these guidelines will be discarded.

I do not take same day appointments as each experience is worth the time and effort I require to customize sessions to each person’s individual needs.  

Communication exchange and sessions can be conducted in both french and english (french being my first language) 

Online sessions available.  

Website launching in february. 

Fully equipped dungeon-Lounge operational mid-march (Montreal-based)

Beginners welcome

e-mail address: [email protected]

Follow me on all social media under the same alias.






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