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  1. A little late but... everyone loves a chocolate bunny. BAD BUNNY ♠️🌹
  2. Greetings to you all! 🙂 From what I have read an SW/Provider needs to: a- agree to have coffee with a total stranger (before a possible session) to prove her authenticity; b- Has to have years of experience + references to prove that she is trustworthy; c- needs to be on an expensive review board and has to have several reviews; What about the honest newbies? Or the down-low ladies? What about those who can't afford a 600$ subscription on Merb/Terb/ etc. I require a pre-session fee (that goes towards the first session) where we can assess each other's personalities and see if we are indeed a match or not. My website is highly descriptive in terms of my personality, looks, services, expectations, location, I even have an FAQ page. I built my website myself (with no prior experience) came up with my application form and screening process. It took me well over a year (while learning more about BDSM/kink/taboos/psychology/sexual paraphilias/etc..) Took my pictures, wrote my texts in both english amd french, read the DSM-5, paid for my domains, bought my outfits, shoes, accessories, ring lights, photoshoots... and so on. Subscribed to a bunch of review boards, created social media pages, etc. I spent a over a year and well over a few hundred before putting myself out there. Do you think I did all of this to steal a 50$ deposit from people? the thought alone insults me. Not all of us are asking for a deposit with the intention of stealing/defrauding. Some of us do so to ensure quality experiences and to avoid time-wasting. I was scolded this morning for my pre-session requirements but (not to be mean) I do not care. Screening is an important part of the job. Some platforms (🦁-list for example) are making it harder for providers to have peace of mind while working. There used to be a Blacklist page on Hump**ies where SWs would report the most heinous and horrendous crimes done to them (getting robbed during an outcall but a strung out couple, getting ribs broken after getting assaulted in their hotel room, held at knifepoint...) Some girl even reported calling the police on a guy to which the police answered: ''it's not his first time doing this, he suffers from mental illness and does it quite often''. The frequency at which these events happen, I could not believe it. (And of course they are never reported because who gives a [email protected]#% about SWs?) As I always say, patience is a sensual act which is why I'm never in a hurry. Take the time to learn more about your provider, maybe ask if they are open to a pre-session. My pre-session is at 50$ for 30 minutes (vocal) -goes towards the first session- but it's a follow-up of my application form and I have constructed a questionnaire to make sure we're always on the same page. I feel like I've worked hard for the right to ask for a pre-session. Maybe ask your provider if they would be open to a quick pre-session (vocal or video) with or without a face (according to your and their level of comfort). Maybe arrange a fee that's reasonable to you both and take it from there. Because if you think I'm going to make myself cute and pretty, do my hair and make up to make a good first impression, take time out of my day to have a (free) coffee convo to reassure you that you are making the right decision by picking me... 😬😩 Not gonna happen! Let's be realistic (and respectful) here. Both customers and providers have the right to be picky and as @Kitten mentionned, there are lots of SWs that operate without deposits. Be safe out there! ♠️ www.zoedomino.com
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