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Post Popular Model for Faked Ads

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Some models seem to become the favorite choice for dozens of fake ads running simultaneously on dozens of different sites, and sometimes with many duplicate ads in different locations on the same site (LL) at the same time.

Pics of the gal in the Toowamba list (about 20th down) was my first fake SP on AFF. She has a broad range of photos with a slightly different age and look. I noticed two on Locanto tonight:


Many pics and websites identified her as pornstar Sarah Vandelli:


Several hundred Yandex hits on "Merry" LL Ad from July 2022:


A cluster as LisaWaits

Two current TB Locanto Ads as Pamela User Pab2616091


Esxort ES in Portland.png

Hits on Leolist Ad Merry from July 2022.png

LisaWatts Toowamba 12-Mar-22.png

Lisawatts Toowamba_2 12-Mar-2022.png

Lisawatts Toowamba_3 12-Mar-22.png

Lisawatts Toowamba_4 12-Mar-22.png

LisaWatts Toowamba_5 12-Mar-22.png

Merry Screenshot 2022-07-13 143745.png

Pamela Locanto User Pab2161091.png

Pamela_2 Locanto User Pab2161091.png

Pamela_3 Locanto User Pab2161091.png

Sarah on Twitter poseted by Mrs Cupcake.png

Sarah Vandella Yandex gallery.png

Sarah Vandella_1.png

Sarah Vandelli.png

Sarah Vandelli_2.png

Sarah Vandelli_3.png

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