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Wow I had to leave a word of praise for a total diamond in the rough of fakes and assembly line providers in the area lately for the stunning Trist, you can find her on LL and SH and she seems to continously keep her photos updated which is nice and they are accurate. I felt after talking with her for far longer than I normally talk with a provider before meeting them that she was the real deal and my instincts were correct on this one. I actually saw her a few weeks back and just now got to writing her a review but I swore I would leave an honest one so I will keep my word. She was a unique and free spirit, very open minded and a sexy balance between dominant and submissive that's going to be keeping me awake for a while remembering the night we had. I had never had a nuru massage before and for some reason wanted to give it a try, and it is mind blowing. Highly recommended. 

She is very petite, a little more petite than her verified pictures make her appear for some reason. But in a good way, as I like my providers on the slender side. Her face is gorgeous, beautiful lips and eyes that leave you wondering what exotic part of the world she comes from. She say's she's a blend of Native American, French and Fresh Brewed Coffee which I htought was an adorabl description and other than that she was just the thing I needed on a Saturday night and I hope to see her again soon if not in person then maybe for some online fun since I know she tours often and seems to have a fear of commitment when it comes to nailing down exactly when she will be in town. Catch her if you can!! You wil not regret this one. Heres some fresh photos from her LL and SH 



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