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    Hi I'm Michael, my friends know me as the Tesla Guy, and I work with Luxury Vehicles and Like to have a Luxury Time
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    I am aToronto Native but I travel all over in my line of work with High End Luxury Vehicles
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  1. Wow what an incredibly postive set of reviews for a provider this is encouraging to see. I will be in the area soon for work. ANy chance anyone could lead me in the right direction to where I find this obvious 10/10??? It doesnt sound like I can visit without making sure i reserve myself a spot. Thanks in advance anyone who has her info
  2. Wow I had to leave a word of praise for a total diamond in the rough of fakes and assembly line providers in the area lately for the stunning Trist, you can find her on LL and SH and she seems to continously keep her photos updated which is nice and they are accurate. I felt after talking with her for far longer than I normally talk with a provider before meeting them that she was the real deal and my instincts were correct on this one. I actually saw her a few weeks back and just now got to writing her a review but I swore I would leave an honest one so I will keep my word. She was a unique and free spirit, very open minded and a sexy balance between dominant and submissive that's going to be keeping me awake for a while remembering the night we had. I had never had a nuru massage before and for some reason wanted to give it a try, and it is mind blowing. Highly recommended. She is very petite, a little more petite than her verified pictures make her appear for some reason. But in a good way, as I like my providers on the slender side. Her face is gorgeous, beautiful lips and eyes that leave you wondering what exotic part of the world she comes from. She say's she's a blend of Native American, French and Fresh Brewed Coffee which I htought was an adorabl description and other than that she was just the thing I needed on a Saturday night and I hope to see her again soon if not in person then maybe for some online fun since I know she tours often and seems to have a fear of commitment when it comes to nailing down exactly when she will be in town. Catch her if you can!! You wil not regret this one. Heres some fresh photos from her LL and SH
  3. Hi! I must say I was a bit leery about following a recommendation of a brand new Member but since I hadn't seen anything to the contrary I decided to go ahead and trust Samantha's expertise to be as beautiful as her very well put together online presence (Love her website) and I'm sure glad I did. Thank you for you recommendation and I wholeheartedly agree she is a bombshell and 100% real and even better in person than her pictures and ads make her out to be. I would give her a shout if anyone is on the fence about trying out a openminded and gifted provider. Here I added some pictures of her from her directory listing since this recommendation didnt provide much for info on where to find her
  4. I agree with this wholeheartedly and I have neevr understood the laws currently in place regarding this. It seems almost like entrapment. And I also think that it would lessen the risk of criminal exploitation if it were more open and people felt more comfortable speaking out about their experiences without the fear of potentially implicating themselves in criminal activity. As it sits it seems like a really backwards system and I am positive in the near future the goverment will see this too and rectify the situation. Everything has its due process and one thing at a time I suppose. Thanks for your post it was a good read
  5. Hello again Friends! If you're in need of some fun and relaxation, look no further than the company of the beautiful and intelligent bombshell Essie. I recently had the pleasure of indulging in a nuru massage session, as we were both touring in the area (for different reasons obviously, but both of us for work) and a nuru massage is something I had been wanting to experience for a while, and it was truly a blissful experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and a soothing ambiance that instantly put me at ease. The incall location was discreet and the calming decor, soft lighting, and gentle music created the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing visit. Essie was friendly and attentive, making sure to inquire about my preferences and any specific desires so that she could custom orient the whole experience to my every need. I've mentioned before that so far I've had pretty good luck with providers, and Essie was no different, She looks EXACTLY like her pictures portray her to look with a firm and toned body, I cannot believe she actually doesnt spend any time at the gym and somehow was blessed with good genetics, because she has the body of an 20 year old and a gorgeous face to match. I was a little hesitant at first just because she looks SO good in her pictures I thought this must be a bait and switch situation, but she was happy to send me customized selfies and even a custom video first so I could feel comfortable I was going to see the person i expected to see. Big beautiful innocent eyes and adorable smile. I was enchanted from the start. Once I entered the room, I was immediately impressed by how much attention to detail Essie had gone above and beyond to cater to my wardrobe requests down to the nail polish she was wearing, and you could tell she enjoys dressing up the part for role playing wardrobe requests and has fun with her clients and can go with the flow. There was no rush and I actually ended up extending my time by and hour because I was enjoying myself so much. The service itself was pure heaven and without getting into too terribly much graphic detail, she was more than able to live up to her claims to be skilled and talented. She checked in often asking me questions about my experience and to make sure I didnt need anything and ultimately it was a very comfortable visit, leaving me feeling completely rejuvenated. In conclusion, my experience with Essie was in the top 5 of all my expereinces with providers I've had thus far. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a pampering and rejuvenating escape from the stresses of everyday life. It was truly a treat for the body, mind, and soul. I hear she also knows how to party so no matter what your cup of tea is I suggest you stop by if she is touring in your area and even if it's your first time she will make you feel at ease.
  6. Hi everyone! I didn't see any recent reviews for Clara from Leolist on here so I wanted to drop a little review for her as I had the opportunity to visit with her a few weeks back. So far I've been really lucky with the providers I've seen as in matching their descriptions and not climbing out the bathroom window while I make drinks and this time was no different I was yet again greeted with exactly who she portrays to be in her ad and she was very accomodating! WIthout going into too much graphic detail she was good at what she does and she macthes the pictures perfectly. I am not sure 100% on the age, I would have to say If I were to guess I would say somewhere closer to 26 or 27 but still adorable face and super firm and toned body (I believe her ad calls it a juicy bubble butt) and curves in the right places. She didnt rush me and she made me feel comfortable right away. No scary guys hanging out around any corners and no dramatic details to convey other than that. If you want to see a skilled and real and talented provider in the area you should book a spot with Clara her reviews are right on track. Thanks CLara!
  7. Lots of links to social media is what makes a website reputable for me
  8. Thanks very much for this guide, its very helpful actually and answered a lo of questions i've had about the process from the providers point of view which is refreshing
  9. Thats too bad nobody ever answered your question lol I don't think there is a way to change it after you sign up but if its any consolation I almost did the same thing and stopped myself at the last second. lol Hope you got it figured out bud
  10. Hahahhahah this gave me a good laugh. The scammers sure do try to work people in the most unusual ways. I had one once threaten to tell my boss I was hiring escorts if i didnt send him blah blah amount of money and I work for myself lol He would have known that if he actually "Knew where I lived" liek he said he did smh But im sure a lot of people do fall for this and it is an expecially terrifying form of scamming. Thanks for spreading awareness
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