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3873 Where to charge w Mandy with robbery and warn others

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How do I charge a worker or at least make sure she doesn’t harm me or my home as she’s threatened to do  Mandy old blondeLady  #3873 and goes by aka “Swede” who photoshops her pics in the sault has robbed me. Set up at her apartment in a bad neighborhood and then robbed once in the apartment by her and her dealers. 
please someone help direct me she not to be trusted and men are in danger should known cuz pic says body editor right on it but was blind obviously. How do we stay safe guys? So much tips for the real workers to stay safe no support for us4DDDADDE-ED1A-4A6E-BA53-DC3357A230BD.thumb.png.9d2be1e173047ab6af2bf599c77f65ce.png









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I'm sorry for you man, and thanks for reporting this kind of behavior. As a mugged victim in the past (in Montreal area) it can be a terrifying experience, I've had 4 people jumping on me while I was half-naked in the apartment, as I started with the girl, and they made it looked like I was a thief caught in the act of stealing in their place while the SP disappeared on me in another room, and barely got out of the place with my boots on, during winter.
- Outcall for me now and camera on front/back porch to confirm hour of arrival and departure to authorities, just in case.
- The rest, screenshot from text exchanges from phone.
- Ask about drug habits of the SP, generally by implicitly offering them "something" out of good will upon their arrival, then with the answer, you're in your rights to refuse service with someone under the influence or that uses.
- Generally, monitor your bathroom activities, as its where the SP is most likely to consume upon arrival, I know this might be a long shot to leave no intimacy to someone, but honestly if you hear sniffing sounds or a lighter clicking from other side of doors, which you will hear, you can clearly tell what's going on in there without spying with a camera. If SP as lied to you about its drug uses, its most likely to lie/deceive you again, stop making business with that person immediately.

Now, if you still decide to make the incall move and what was my downfall, I'll share some tips:
- Always make sure the person is alone at home or not living with roommates/friends/close members, the SP can lie about nature of their relationships and open doors to mugging scenarios.
-Beware of phone call/txt exchange WHILE in the act. This is the biggest red flag and where I got caught in my scenario because its where you're the most likely to be caught off-guard. Plus its downright disrespectful for the customer, tell SP you're not at all comfortable with him/her using the phone and you don't pay for someone else's time, its very reasonable.
- Beware of SP that offers prices at a very low rate, compared to others, especially extras or fetishes and stuff of the sort, which often as a sort of market price. When its very very low, you generally have another red flag.
- This might be a bit extreme (but clever!),  carry a fake wallet with no IDs and just the right amount of cash, fake ID or other carton cards, toss it to the guy and just tell them you're on your way out, that's all they want after all.
- If you can, confirm plate number of the transport that SP has been used to link the SP to the robbers.

Usually, these guys don't want to get involved with the authorities and will avoid to pursue you or relatives, they just do that to intimidate to make sure you don't press charges.
Authorities will rarely act on those cases as its nearly impossible to prove your claims... Its up for us as consumers to be smarter than the ones preying on us.

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Sorry to say this, but you should’ve called the police after it happened. It’s pretty difficult for you to expect the police to believe you after the fact. If they investigate, what evidence do you have? I suppose you could call and give them the heads up if you know where she’s working out of, but even then, the reason why they get away with this is because customers are reluctant to call the police because buying sexual services is technically illegal and they fear that they will be arrested even though the other parties are clearly extorting them. this is a totally different world than I operate in which is unfortunate because once a client is exposed to it, they will think that all providers are scammers and not be able to distinguish between legitimate ones and fake ones.

Just be wary of ads that seem too good to be true, the provider being available, 24/7, posting in multiple cities, phone numbers with area codes from different provinces, or even the United States, only being able to book by text instead of speaking to them on the phone, dubious pictures, sketchy locations, asking for money, upfront without any reputation, and finally trying to upsell you when you kept there or taking the money and not providing the service. Or having a handler show up to throw you out and or rob you. Unless you have text messages that can be traced to them which contain threats or evidence of coercion you’re pretty well up shit Creek without a paddle, unfortunately. 




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Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I now do my homework and i will stay away from Mandy in the sault for good and any other SP who has bad reviews . Be safe out there folks you never know 

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