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  1. Get tested and always get a covered bj next time.
  2. not with standing religious or moral beliefs, I was always puzzled by the fact that consensual casual sex is accepted more than consensual monetized sex. in other words, it’s OK to be a slut rather than a whore. Such hypocrisy, if you ask me.
  3. This forum is about online providers, so why would you be asking if anyone has met them?
  4. Sorry to say this, but you should’ve called the police after it happened. It’s pretty difficult for you to expect the police to believe you after the fact. If they investigate, what evidence do you have? I suppose you could call and give them the heads up if you know where she’s working out of, but even then, the reason why they get away with this is because customers are reluctant to call the police because buying sexual services is technically illegal and they fear that they will be arrested even though the other parties are clearly extorting them. this is a totally different world than I operate in which is unfortunate because once a client is exposed to it, they will think that all providers are scammers and not be able to distinguish between legitimate ones and fake ones. Just be wary of ads that seem too good to be true, the provider being available, 24/7, posting in multiple cities, phone numbers with area codes from different provinces, or even the United States, only being able to book by text instead of speaking to them on the phone, dubious pictures, sketchy locations, asking for money, upfront without any reputation, and finally trying to upsell you when you kept there or taking the money and not providing the service. Or having a handler show up to throw you out and or rob you. Unless you have text messages that can be traced to them which contain threats or evidence of coercion you’re pretty well up shit Creek without a paddle, unfortunately.
  5. I treat my clients like I would any other person who I deal with. If they are courteous and clean and do not try to push my boundaries, then I give them my attention, and I treat them with respect and kindness but I’d never fake be nice just for the sake of being nice if I don’t feel like it, if. If a client mistakes that for more than it is, he will probably reveal that to me at which point I will kindly remind him of the fact that this is a business arrangement and most times they are cool with that. Just because I am nice to you doesn’t mean that I am in love with you or want to pursue a relationship . I’m treating you like I would any other person who is decent to me. So why should it be any different just because I’m a provider. Those that play up the be nice just to get something out of the person will find themselves burning out quite quickly. If I don’t care for a client, the first time I meet him I have the choice to never have to see him again. I can count on one hand over the years the number of clients that I had to set straight about our arrangement because in their head, they let their fantasy run away With what they perceived to be something that wasn’t true, but I didn’t let it go on long enough to do any damage. I think it takes intuition, maturity, honesty, and astuteness to recognize when one needs to address the elephant in the room. If the other person is unwilling or incapable of being on the same page as you then that’s when it’s your obligation to recuse yourself of the situation and not let it get out of hand. sometimes providers and clients do attract those who are infatuated with them and may pursue them, but I think that is in the minority compared to most provider/client relationships
  6. I have been in escorts since 1991 and I’ve never been involved in a sting operation. I can tell you that the police are only interested in catching people who are involved in human trafficking, especially underage providers, and those working against their will or where there other activities going on that are illegal, such as John’s, cruising outdoor sex, workers, extortion, drug, dealing, etc. if you are seeing providers to work indoors and it’s consensual, and there are no other nefarious activities going on, then you don’t need to worry about sting operations. This is Canada, not the United States.
  7. Sadly, I do not think that this site is being moderated which means you cannot get verified. Like I said, I’ve been trying over a year and I was a member since 2009. I could no longer post in the escort schedules and announcement forum for my city. When talking to other providers they are telling me that they do not get much business from this site anyway so all I can suggest is something that I don’t really want to encourage, but just do like everybody else and introduce yourself in the general area and hope somebody pays attention to who you are.
  8. My account was also locked out a while ago when it requested to get back in they created me a new one and I lost all of my history and ability to post ads. No one has responded to me in over a year about this.
  9. I was locked out of my original account which I set up over 10 years ago. When I emailed the administrator, they created me a new account with no reputation and the inability to post ads. Now I noticed that providers who cannot access the schedules and announcements under the city ads, are now posting their ads under general, because there is no moderation. so what I’m trying to say, is reports that I have done and request have gone unanswered in the past year which shows me there is nobody moderating this board and things have gotten out of control. It’s a shame because back in 2010 this board when it was called CER,B was rocking.
  10. If your friend wants to be verified so she can advertise on Lyla, if you read the page that precedes each city’s escorts listing, it outlines how to get verified.
  11. When I reminded a client of how old I was he said I get better with age.
  12. For those who knew her, she passed away in December 2022. Her family did not disclose the cause of death in her obituary.
  13. Not sure who these providers are who agree to this, but obviously they are inexperienced and you are asking someone to meet you for free to size them up. Not cool.
  14. Which is why I ask for a call back number and speak to them before confirming the appointment.
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