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  1. What is your obsession on outing trans woman? You now your comments alone can get them killed right? Do you not have anything better to do than out trans woman!? Even if they are trans that’s not your place or space to talk about.
  2. Seen Lauren when she stopped in . Very restrictive in a lot of ways, wasn’t a sensual gfe experience that I had hoped for and didn’t enjoy but maybe if I was younger I would. A little too immature for my liking
  3. I hear Brooklynn is travelling to sudbury soon… watch for her guys she’s a good time
  4. She’s not to be trusted she makes her own profiles and comments herself. Don’t fall for it gents M. fine aka Mandyy is not to be trusted at all, ever.
  5. I’ve contacted admin aswell to report a fake account and someone who poses as a working girl but instead just robs innocent men her name is “Mandy” and she’s in sault Ontario. Reported her and her profile many times and admin never gets back to me. Beware of Mandy in the sault she will rob you, catfish then lie to your face number ends in 3873
  6. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I now do my homework and i will stay away from Mandy in the sault for good and any other SP who has bad reviews . Be safe out there folks you never know
  7. www.brooklynnshealingtouch.com is her new website I was confused at first cause she has an old website listed. But Brooklynn’s website is top notch can confirm she is legit and one of my fav playmates
  8. How do I charge a worker or at least make sure she doesn’t harm me or my home as she’s threatened to do Mandy old blondeLady #3873 and goes by aka “Swede” who photoshops her pics in the sault has robbed me. Set up at her apartment in a bad neighborhood and then robbed once in the apartment by her and her dealers. please someone help direct me she not to be trusted and men are in danger should known cuz pic says body editor right on it but was blind obviously. How do we stay safe guys? So much tips for the real workers to stay safe no support for us
  9. Yummy 😋 very delighted by Brooke ! She’s an always go to for lunch time quickies
  10. Mandy is highly not recommended she robbed me blind years ago and this is the truth beware men need to know and be careful
  11. How does one write to the board? They don’t answer msgs moderator doesn’t even answer back. I was robbed in Sault Ste. Marie recently by an old blonde named Mandy and have reported her many times now with no luck Everyone needs to be aware of such horrific scary encounters Men using services must be safe also and thought this forum is for just that 3873
  12. Same I can’t warn others about the horrible horrific and scary encounter I had in Sault Ste. Marie with an old blonde named Mandy. She’s highly dangerous robbed me for $150 and then started threatening me with cops! Everyone needs to beware and I should have done my research and took full accountability as well I didn’t know any better as it’s only my second time.
  13. Brooklynns website is now www.broolynnshealingtouch.com she recently changed it. It’s really professional and shows she is truly genuine and legit
  14. Beauty goddess Brooke shining bright as always and making the sad girls jealous! That’s my girl Brooklynn your doing something right don’t change
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