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In the last 2 days, from 2 separate hobbyist, I have been asked if my SP's will do bare back! I of course say " never ever ever will we offer that!" Then they say how the costs doesn't matter...I give the same responds!


So then...they respond back with " I was just testing you to see what you would say"


Well, I doubt you will get booked now, as how would I know if you are really just testing me, or using that as a cover up for asking such a thing! I will not book anyone with these "test questions" as now you have sent me a huge red flag, and do not feel secure enough to book with you.


Perhaps they are doing it with the false belief that by "testing" will somehow protect you...but THE ONLY PROTECTION IS CONDOMS AND HEALTH CHECK UPS!


I sincerely hope that I do not have many more "test questions" in the near future, and hope this is not a common practice. I find it very disturbing and strange that I would be asked 2 times on one day.


PLEASE PLAY SAFE! And please think before you decide to "test" a potential adult friendship, as you may "test" your way out of the booking.


Sorry if this seems like a rant, but needs to be said. Thanks for your considerations. Hope other SP's are not facing this often?

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I actually get asked that a lot, with BBBJ mostly.

For me, it's people refusing to pay for the time they wanted and wasted, or bargain my rates.

I really wish people understood that us SPs are human too. We arent walking sex machine that are magically immune to all STIs and dont feel hurt. 

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