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I was fortunate to meet this special person last night.


I've seen her profile previously on here before her current trip to Ottawa and have been intrigued. Well, once i saw her current ads i couldn't pass up the chance not to see her :) Her ads are great and pictures are stunning...very well spoken in her ads. Smart and sexy, ultimate combination.


I just had to figure out which day would work for me, and booking was easy with her, a couple text messages and a phone call and i was at ease and thoroughly anticipating my meeting with Anna.


As the day wore on my anticipation levels were rising, until i finally met her when she opened the door to let me in. When i finally got to see her in person, i have to admit i was stunned...pure beauty...and then i went in to a little shy mode, i was taken by her and could really only just smile at her. But after a little talking i was starting to relax and was able to muster some conversation with her...and some kissing helped too :)


Time came to get more relaxed with her, she is an absolute beauty, curves in all the right places...wow...our time consisted of alot of touching, kissing, sucking, more touching and kissing (such a great kisser), really hard not to want to touch her, and i wanted too lol...some Marvin Gaye in the back ground and sexual healing in the foreground ;)


Then time was up and as i was getting ready to leave, a nice kiss and hug to end the evening...and now i look forward to entering that door and embracing her again at some point in the future.... Hope she comes back or maybe i'll do a road trip to Kingston.


Thank you Anna :)

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I met Anna earlier this week for a very relaxing afternoon visit. Making the arrangements was relatively straight forward but did entail a phone call before her visit to Ottawa. That may throw off the "last minute"-types but if you have control over you schedule it should not be a huge problem.


As Pistol Pete stated, she is smart and sexy with curves in all the right places. The time I spent with her included lots of laughs and giggles. Always a good sign in my books.


Anna is incredibly sensual. Her BJ skills are fantastic. At times I felt that she was almost worshiping my cock. It is almost impossible to explain but it definitely left my in a very blissful frame of mine.


After multiple shots on goal, she then provided me with a relaxing massage. That combine with the sexual release, I left her room in one of the most relaxed states I have ever been in. It definitely made the late afternoon meetings I had a work easier to take.

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I was fortunate to spend an afternoon with Anna recently, and it has taken me a few days to process the experience I had.


As previous posters have stated, she is sexy and smart, and I can add gorgeous and fun to be with, but what stands out the most for me was the passion that she brought to our date.


We started off having a glass of wine while we got re-acquainted, as we had met at the last CERB social in Ottawa, and we got to know each other better. Then the real fun began and the rest of the afternoon went by much too quickly.


Anna is hot, sexy, passionate and extremely talented. I truly had one of the best experiences since i started with this hobby.


Repeat - you bet and if she doesn't come back to Ottawa soon enough, I will probably have to take a trip down to Kingston.

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I have to agree with what has been said by others who have visited Anna. I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful sensual woman 2 weeks ago and had a really memorable time.


She greeted me at the door and I felt like I had known her for years. Her beautiful eyes were so seductive, I was so excited before I even took my boots off.


We started off with a nice glass of wine and some great conversation, then things heated up and we moved to the bed. She was really good at reading me and what I wanted. I wanted to enjoy her body and she was great at letting me do that and teasing at all the right times. I will never forget the sparkle in those eyes as she was teasing me, it was so hot and sexy.


I look forward to my next opportunity to spend time with this lovely lady, its shame that I can't afford a full day.

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I'd met Anna briefly at one of the socials, but unfortunately things hadn't worked out in terms of meeting up since then. Fortunately, things were much better for her recent visit to Ottawa. So, time to renew our acquaintance...


I received and enthusiastic greeting at the door, and we settled down with a glass of wine to get to know each other a little better. I could quite happily have carried on the conversation all night, but before too long it was time to move on to other things and sample other delights that were on offer.


Anna loves to give as well as receive, and she was very attentive to what I wanted to get up to during our time together. Details will have to remain decently obscure, but suffice to say I had a fantastic time, and left with a spring in my step that hadn't been there when I arrived.


And now, I just have to hope that her next visit coincides with me being able to take advantage of it. Otherwise, I'm going to end up driving to Kingston... :)

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