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  1. conquistador


    Probably no on both points, but you can still go upstairs they have the booths and a room that would be private and quite roomy. All windows though, but you're alone with the girl. Mileage is always with the right girl. The den is one of my favs.... Def should be talked more about on here.
  2. conquistador

    Casino Cabaret

    if its ava, she's athletic and muscularish...shes quite good. cant remember if she's tall. love to see her again
  3. How about Kate? I met her a week before Barb's closed down (a Thursday night) and had a few dances with her. Absolutely gorgeous and fun to chat with. Love to see her again.
  4. i'm planning to visit this week. barbs is such a great place and will be missed....hard to believe it's actually closing.
  5. Terb if in Ontario and Merb if in MTL and the East. All depends where you are located, certain sites are better in certain regions. Lyla has good coverage in Ottawa and the East coast. Hope this helps.
  6. conquistador

    Vancouver situation

    perb would be your best bet
  7. Stickies are fine but in moderation. I found there were too many of them in the general discussion section. Took a few pages before you got to the new postings.
  8. is it $5 every time you go up with a girl or one time fee? i know in MTL some you have to pay a fee to go to the back room.
  9. Led Zep reborn? Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune
  10. conquistador


    Notch is just agreeing with you, you mentioned racism is related to hate and Obama is kind of saying the same thing in the tweet. and i agree as well.
  11. conquistador

    Booking difficulties

    I would just move on to another provider. Why waste your time in emailing when you can't seem to get a response. There are lots of providers out there that will want to meet you. Find someone reputable.
  12. conquistador

    Barefax review

    It's stealing end of story... Not cool and to brag about it, really low. Thanks for informing us kilt boy, this is def something you do not want in the clubs. Everyone is trying to make a buck in this world at least do it honorably and not steal. Bring it up to management.
  13. conquistador

    front row fee?

    I think you said it, a freelancing attempt by a couple of girls. If guys give them money good for them but I can't see guys sitting there if they're obligated to give money each and every time. Don't see this being a thing.
  14. conquistador

    front row fee?

    I don't think you need a front row fee, I never sit in that row anyways, I avoid it. You get the same show if you sit one row back lol The bars are struggling enough that this would be just another nail, maybe? Can't see it happening. If I'm interested in a girl Ive gone up and put 5/10 bucks down. But I shouldn't be forced to. I def would not sit there if there's a fee.