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  1. Right, but you would only need to type in CERB.ca or whatever, as opposed to the full written out - EscortReviews.ca. I think there is a bit of a difference, yes E was for Escort, but it wasn't spelled out like it will be now. Which one would jump out to you more? Of course EscortReviews.ca will. I think that's the point. Personally I don't care about the name, can go either way... But I see both sides of the coin here in terms of discretion.
  2. It was only one person, Greenteal. And he still doesn't get it.
  3. You can try merb.cc They do have a east coast section, just not sure how busy it is. This site is generally better for the east coast.
  4. You're about rules, so I gave you the rule to refer to... Nothing was meant from it. Just saying he was within his right to ask. Cheers.
  5. Maybe you didn't like him asking, but he's allowed....Refer to rule #8. He may have got a private message instead. I hope he found someone as well.
  6. Honestly you attacked him, you called him shallow and sexist for asking that question. I'm sure there's a rule for that on this site. You never suggested anyone though, didn't give a lady's name.
  7. Greenteal, I'm sorry but that's a bit harsh on your part. He's looking for something specific, big boobs, I'm sure there's lots of providers that do. That's all he was looking for, nothing else was mentioned. You don't look for specific things in a provider? The whole point is to find someone that we're interested in and go from there. Don't ridicule a guy cause he's looking for big boobs. Like this this the last place to do that.
  8. Can't remember how I found it but I'm sure though Google. I think I had a well known massage provider mention it to me as well and i decided to joined. It's been great for me as I live in the Ottawa area and this forum was a valuable tool for me to use. And it opened me up to other types of providers and elements of this hobby, enjoyed every minute.
  9. Yes, and what is that new direction, a new name? That’s not going to change things. I’ve been on here a long time when there was tons of conversation from members but now it’s kind of non existence. There’s a reason it slowed down and not because of a name. I think you can add reviews and such as long as you’re not criticizing on her looks and keep it to the service, by being respectful. We all have to be respectful of each other, SPs and clients.
  10. Ya I kind of agree with this, tbh. I much prefer the old CERB name as it tells people what you are, even with that association. People are going to come here thinking reviews and then you can't... Trying to be something you're not? I'm not sure if that'll fly. Honestly, I think you can do reviews without the elements of the other boards. This board has to get into the bigger cities like Toronto or Montreal to get more members. The other boards have that market that you need to get into. I'm always up for change in the positive direction, and maybe the name change will help but I'm not sure. It has to be more than a name change though. My ramblings.
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