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  1. You should have your own thread called, Ramblings, then write whatever comes to your head lol.
  2. I met a girl once that liked to be bitten, like leaving marks bitten. She seemed to get really aroused by it, I was a bit uncomfortable about it cause I didn't want to hurt her... But she was telling me to bite harder lol. Now it didn't do anything for me, but she was doing lots of moaning and into it...I was doing my best to please her. I think it's important to try and understand each other's kink and work with it and mostly not judge. I've learned not to be too surprised what people are into it and try to embrace it.
  3. Highly recommend: Rake and Wentworth... Both TV shows but oh so good. I put Wentworth right up there with Breaking Bad in quality, never a dull moment.
  4. Same, love to see Led Zep play again, but I have seen Robert Plant & Strange Sensation play... Got to hear his amazing voice. Never have I rode a motorcycle.
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