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    Welcome, random visitor! Thanks for dropping by.

    I'm just an average guy, like most of the others here, probably. But I've discovered that I can have lots of fun with lots of very hot people, so... um... that's what I'm doing here. But I guess you're the same, unless you're one of the hot people I might end up having fun with.

    A quick request to the other gentlemen here: please don't ask me whether a particular MA offers extras. I usually don't know, because I've never asked. If you're looking for mileage beyond the usual MA experience, why not go see one of our awesome SPs? That's what I do :)
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  1. It can work that way. Or you can be seeing someone who's really had enough even before you turn up. I've experienced both :)
  2. There's definitely a certain type of client who wants to be the first of the day. I think they're the ones that think this means the SPs are "fresh" or something, and who seem to be unaware that this is achieved by means of the modern wonders of soap and mouthwash rather than just sleeping and have it happen by magic.
  3. Thanks, @RayRenpelle! Excellent interview! Like most people, seeing companions just isn't something I talk about. The stigma is most certainly there. This probably isn't helped by the fact that most of my friends are happily married, as far as the world is concerned. But as you say, there must be an awful lot of guys seeing companions out there, judging by the number of them we collectively keep in business!
  4. Given that she's advertising on LL, I'd assume not :) But someone who's seen her should confirm, 'cos if she is then discussing her here is really not good as it'll send business her way that she probably doesn't want...
  5. I think the original incarnation of what eventually became this forum was something called "Lyla's list" or something like that which was set up by JoyfulC - way before my time, though. That evolved into CERB, but the lyla.com URL remained as a redirect to cerb.ca. When C36 happened the mods decided they wanted a slightly more discreet name (i.e. without 'Escort' in it) and so the Lyla name and domain was resurrected. The move to .ch was more recent but probably inevitable given US hostility to sex work. So that's a bit more history, but it still doesn't actually answer the question :)
  6. @vegeta85, I don't have any useful advice, I'm afraid. I just wanted to thank you for kicking off this thread; mental health issues are something that affect many of us, and that many of us really don't want to talk about, and threads like this are really important to remove the stigma that has historically been associated with them.
  7. To some extent, I think it's just always been that way. The *ERBs cater to the big cities. CERB and then Lyla catered to the rest of the country; it was quite Ottawa-centric for a while as Ottawa's the biggest city outside the big three, but the east coast has also always been strongly represented here. CAF seems to be the main board in the prairies. As for changing it... well, it *could* change, but something needs to push that. The clients will follow the providers they're interested in, but the providers won't go where there's no clients to advertise to, so there's a classic chicken-and-egg thing going on there. This board has always tried to stake out some clear ground by being a positive environment (it has always been a recommendation board, not a review board). Unfortunately there does seem to be a prevailing opinion that all boards are shitholes, and if your introduction to boards was the ones where that's true... well, I can see why you'd have given up on boards entirely. The folks who run this board are making a serious and sustained effort to get the word out that this place is different - which is awesome - but it's an uphill battle. One other thing that I think is relevant (at the risk of sounding old): boards in general seem to be more suitable for people who enjoy old-school, long-form communication, and enjoy a sense of community. But a lot of people don't want or need that; the brevity and immediacy of platforms like Twitter seems to be more and more popular with people these days.
  8. Shut up about that! We can't let everyone know! They still think 5G is as good as it gets...
  9. Entirely possible. The use of asphyxia to enhance orgasm is definitely a thing. Here's an example (read about his death).
  10. #1 done, #2 booked - like many people, I should think. I'm really looking forward to being able to check that off.
  11. A lot of folks seem to be doing this. The guidelines went from a 12 week interval to 8 between shots, so there seem to be a lot of folks who are rebooking. I have to say, I'm enjoying the steady drip of posts in various bits of social media of people happily announcing that they're now fully vaccinated. And it looks like the quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated people are being relaxed too, which is a promising sign of getting back to normal.
  12. Thanks, Darcy! Also, I was very amused at the idea of "doing a scavenger hunt up in her vagina"
  13. or... what happens when headline editors know nothing about the subject at hand. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/international/125484462/england-hooker-tom-youngs-labelled-prostitute-in-headline Well, it made me laugh.
  14. I've totally done that :) I've given up asking if a tattoo is new for precisely that reason...
  15. Yup. Getting tattoos or not should be entirely up to you, and not about what anyone else wants. Ink has never been a factor in whether I saw someone or not. I suppose it *could* be, if someone had something that was truly awful, but I've never encountered that.
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