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    I'm just an average guy, like most of the others here, probably. But I've discovered that I can have lots of fun with lots of very hot people, so... um... that's what I'm doing here. But I guess you're the same, unless you're one of the hot people I might end up having fun with.

    A quick request to the other gentlemen here: please don't ask me whether a particular MA offers extras. I usually don't know, because I've never asked. If you're looking for mileage beyond the usual MA experience, why not go see one of our awesome SPs? That's what I do :)
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  1. It was a great interview to read, too! Really interesting to hear about this sort of thing from a provider's point of view. Thanks, Malika!
  2. It's quite possible she couldn't reasonably text at the time, if she was dealing with cops. But I agree that a couple of days is too long to wait for an explanation. This. Being late isn't cool either, and it's kinda hard to even text to tell someone while you're driving and also stressing about being late in the first place, and so you end up leaving them hanging until you do manage to park. It's a really shitty start to meeting someone, especially when you're also making a shitty first impression on them. I also aim to be 10-15 minutes early, and most of the time I do the same thing - park somewhere nearby to wait discreetly if need be, and then drive up the road to where you need to be at the appropriate moment. It's different if I'm going to be downtown - in that case it often takes a few minutes to find somewhere to park, there's far less risk of attracting attention because clients aren't all parking in the same place, and once I've found a space there's no way I'm giving it up, so I'll just wait in the car and then walk as many blocks as required.
  3. Yeah, it happens occasionally. I had one last week, too. Just report the message as Greenteal said, and the mods will ban the account.
  4. Thanks, Lydia (and the rest of the team behind the scenes). This is definitely a move in the right direction.
  5. Well, yeah. I get that newbies can be irritating; I think it's just something we have to put up with. This is really a general netiquette problem. All communities have their own set of rules (some explicit, some not) and their own way of going about things. The right thing to do when joining a new forum is usually to lurk for a bit, get a feel for how it works, and then start to contribute. But a lot of people don't do that - they just sign up, post away, and annoy the more established members of the community. This really isn't unique to this forum; you can see the same playing out in other discussion boards, subreddits, and pretty much anywhere else people talk about things online. Hell, you can see it in real life, too. And we just have to put up with it, because it will never change. Finally, I'd like to reiterate what @Mikeyboy said, because it's important: if we scare off all the potential new members then we have no future. We can point them in the right direction without being overly harsh about it. And anyone who feels that's too much effort is entirely at liberty to simply ignore it and move on.
  6. Yes, the no-show is still on the client. It would be on the client even if they had a good excuse, and I don't think this is one. I get that cops can make some folks nervous, but they can show up anywhere and that's something you have to factor in whenever you decide to leave the house. One of the things you have to realize in this world is that really, nobody else knows your business. You are not walking around with a flashing red light over your head and a big sign that says, "THIS GUYS IS GOING TO SEE AN ESCORT!!!". Unless you do something drastically stupid, nobody is going to know anything... including cops. I'm aware while writing this that I'm a white guy, so I'm not going to get the same attention that folks with more melanin than me might, but I still don't think it's a good reason to no-show. I suppose it might be OK to cancel if you had reason to believe the cops were explicitly looking for you, but if that's the case then you've probably got bigger problems than your pending appointment in the hotel... This does remind me of someone I saw who asked people to go to a particular hotel parking lot that was near her incall and call her from there for final directions. Thing is, that hotel was just over the road from the local police station... apparently she had some people who got there and decided to cancel.
  7. Many of the providers that require deposits are very reputable indeed.
  8. You would probably do better to ask in the discussion forum for the relevant city, wherever that may be.
  9. So if you don't mind me asking, how did you procure the second Moderna shot? I think one of the big issues with Canadian vaccines being recognized abroad is probably the way we've been mixing and matching shots... and so for many of us, having a third shot that's the same as our second could be useful from a bureaucratic point of view.
  10. The issue of people not googling and/or reading what's already available is, I fear, a problem which will always be with us. It exists everywhere in life, not just on this board. I was dealing with it at work just yesterday...
  11. TBH, I think that's another thing we can blame porn for. AFAIK quite a lot of performers have had that sort of work done, and so everyone else starts feeling the pressure to conform to that norm. It's not helped by people who have done a lot more watching porn than getting naked with real people who are then shocked when real-life genitalia don't all look like the standard porn model.
  12. Not quite sure what you're getting at here. If you mean "no unnecessary details" then yes, I agree. But asking about new (or even not-so-new) providers is OK. I don't think that a public board is a good place for constructive criticism aimed at individuals. If you want to talk in very general terms about "X is good and I like it, Y not so much" then that's probably OK. But if you want to mention anyone, then that really should not be done in public; email, DMs or some other private communication would be much more appropriate. If you think something's got to the level of bait-and-switch or just a scam, then a public warning is probably appropriate. But if you're talking about someone who may respond... well, that shouldn't be a problem if your sure your issue is valid, right? :)
  13. Thanks, @Shalom! This is something that I wish was better understood: that sex is a lot more than just P-in-V (or other orifice).
  14. It's not the same at all. Businesses declining to advertise on Fox is completely different to a pressure group trying to shut down Fox entirely. No, the biggest problem with OnlyFans was that it sold porn, period. Some people don't like that and wish to inflict their narrow-minded opinions on everyone else. They went after OF just as they had previously gone after Pornhub, which I don't recall ever being known for its 'family friendly' content. Moving to a new platform would not have fixed the problem when the problem for these people is that porn exists at all.
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