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    Welcome, random visitor! Thanks for dropping by.

    I'm just an average guy, like most of the others here, probably. But I've discovered that I can have lots of fun with lots of very hot people, so... um... that's what I'm doing here. But I guess you're the same, unless you're one of the hot people I might end up having fun with.

    A quick request to the other gentlemen here: please don't ask me whether a particular MA offers extras. I usually don't know, because I've never asked. If you're looking for mileage beyond the usual MA experience, why not go see one of our awesome SPs? That's what I do :)
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  1. Phaedrus

    What happened to this board?

    Bear in mind that that was the same Mod as we had back in the glory days. To my mind, the problem was two things that happened more or less simultaneously: first, we lost a few of the key contributors to the board, and secondly the change in the law that was C36, which meant that the people running boards (all of them, not just this one) had to be enormously careful about what was said. Some played it safer than others; the folks running this one were on the more conservative end of the spectrum, I think. A lot of people also stopped posting because of this. A few got suspended because they couldn't adjust. And the community began to wither as a result. I think you're half right... the real issue here is that back in the glory days I think most people were sitting behind a keyboard, and were able to write long-ish posts... but now everyone's using their phones, which make typing a lot far more of a hassle. And so people have moved to platforms that promote brevity. It's a shame, because there has been no replacement for the in-depth discussions we used to have here. You just don't get those conversations on Twitter. This is not a new complaint. People have been wanting to trash providers and complaining about not being allowed to do so here for as long as I've been around, and that's quite a while. Whatever the reason for the decline, this isn't it, because the rules here have always been the same. I don't really agree with this either, I'm afraid. The spas are very active, yes, but they always have been. But there are still a lot of independent providers around... they just aren't active here the way they used to be. And yes, we've lost some legendary providers, but we've gained others :)
  2. Phaedrus

    Washington DC bill to Decriminalise

    Good that they're talking about this, at least. Unfortunately, even if DC allows it, Congress could strike it down (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_Home_Rule_Act)
  3. Phaedrus


    For you guys complaining about being rushed... please bear in mind that you have no right to any more time than you paid for. If you book for an hour and you're walking out the door exactly an hour after you walked in, you have nothing to complain about. If you want a longer session, book it. Sure, there are some providers who will have you done and out the door in rather less time than you booked for - but those just need to go on the "do not see again" list. Accept it and move on. Some providers will give an extra few minutes, or even more, but this is entirely down to them. You have no right to expect it. And bear in mind that even if she'd like to hang out with you a bit more, she may not be able to because she has another appointment booked, or she needs to get on with her personal life. And if you're finding that you're always being rushed out the door... maybe re-evaluate how you're picking the people you see, and how you're behaving with them. The first step to getting a bit of extra time is to be the kind of person the provider wants to spend time with. Okay, that's enough of that digression. Back to your previous conversation about edging...
  4. Phaedrus

    New topics in club

    No idea. Maybe message the mods to ask? Or post a link to the club in this thread and other folks can see if they can find it...
  5. Phaedrus

    Any ebony woman in the south end?

    I'd definitely recommend Cleo Pearl, although I don't think she's in the south end.
  6. Join the queue. Guys with cameras are a dime a dozen in this industry.
  7. Always a tricky one, this. But I'd have though that if you stick to reputable spas/agencies and independent providers with a good track record, you'll probably be fine. I've always done that and I've never run into anyone who I thought was trafficked, coerced, or otherwise being forced to do something they didn't want to be doing.
  8. I'm with Boomer on this one - this ship has long since sailed. The real limitations at the moment are the fact that facial recognition software is not perfect, the fact that cameras aren't absolutely everywhere, the fact that the various databases with your face in aren't really hooked up yet and the effort and computing horsepower it takes to analyze absolutely everything. The correlations aren't really being made yet, except in the case of people who were already being watched for one reason or another... but all of these considerations are moving in the wrong direction if you care about privacy. However, when you start to correlate the available facial data with the location data from everyone's personal tracking device that we always carry (your phone, obviously) then it isn't hard for someone with the time and resources to figure out everywhere you go and everything you do. And that's with today's technology, never mind what may be possible in future.
  9. Phaedrus

    Cam Girl Advice

    Um, yeah. My first instinct would be to just run. If you really want to see how this goes, maybe suggest meeting up in person somewhere convenient for you. See if she loves you enough to travel to where you are...
  10. Phaedrus

    Guide to TOFTT

    Must admit, I had the same reaction. I suspect a lot of guys that make these requests for pics are just getting off on the pics, or getting off on the power-trip of having the provider dance at their whim, and have no intention of booking at all. I'd have thought that a series of texts like that would be far more likely to get you on her list of timewasters than to get you the verification you desire. Of course, YMMV...
  11. When considering these abolitionists and their message, have a look to see how much they're doing to fight human trafficking and exploitation that *doesn't* involve sex work. There's plenty of it, especially in the agricultural and domestic services industries. And you'll generally find that they're doing absolutely nothing about it. The sex is what they care about and what they're trying to shut down.
  12. Phaedrus

    Welcome back Nathalie L

    Yay! Great to see you back again!
  13. Phaedrus

    Reviews On SP's

    It doesn't take that much effort to put up the five posts or whatever to get out of moderation, does it? I may be wrong on the history here but AFAIK one of the reasons for doing this was to try and eliminate the bots that create an account and then start spamming. And also to deter people who might want to create multiple accounts to shill or trash a provider.
  14. Phaedrus

    Email Booking....

    I use email a lot. But you can expect that the provider will want to do some screening if you haven't met before, whether that be references, or a phone call, or whatever. It's trivial for anyone to set up email accounts. And a lot of people won't give out their location by email - you'll have to call just before you meet for that.