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    Welcome, random visitor! Thanks for dropping by.

    I'm just an average guy, like most of the others here, probably. But I've discovered that I can have lots of fun with lots of very hot people, so... um... that's what I'm doing here. But I guess you're the same, unless you're one of the hot people I might end up having fun with.

    A quick request to the other gentlemen here: please don't ask me whether a particular MA offers extras. I usually don't know, because I've never asked. If you're looking for mileage beyond the usual MA experience, why not go see one of our awesome SPs? That's what I do :)
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  1. Oh, hell. Please don't do this, people. You can cause severe damage. I used to have a friend who worked in ER and she said it was amazing how many guys come in who had... er... been vacuuming while naked, and accidentally tripped and fell and landed with their penis in the nozzle... Gotta say, though, this thread got me thinking. Perhaps I should go shopping...
  2. Great interview, @JuneStarr! Thanks for doing it! I have to say, I wonder how many folks are dealing with the judgementalism that they experienced in their formative years, and how many never recover from it and go on to harm their own kids with it. One thing I do have to take issue with, though... Nooo! Enough of the brevity! Give us more! :)
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Kitten recently. I had been wanting to for a bit, but... lockdowns. Booking was very easy and our conversation gave me a good idea of what kind of person she is before we met. The reality most definitely lived up to expectations! We had a lot of fun; Kitten is very responsive, and has some talents that people will definitely appreciate. And I think she has awesome taste in music, although YMMV on that one :) There was plenty of time for conversation too, and that was also great. I'll definitely be back to see her again before too long!
  4. To be fair to Twitter... that makes sense. If you flag your account as being sensitive/adult-only content, nobody is going to see it unless they've opted in to seeing that sort of thing - and so you can post as much porn as you like. But your profile pic and banner get displayed to anyone who clicks on your name anywhere in Twitter, so they can be seen by anyone, and so that means they have to be more kid-friendly. The problem is that the enforcement of this is somewhat inconsistent and I think people sometimes get banhammered for banners that would be OK on an advertising billboard. But a lot of providers have been hit with this.
  5. And is also owned/run by the same organization that runs this site, I think :) Nevertheless, it seems to be where a lot of folk advertise. The other place to bear in mind is Twitter, if you aren't there already.
  6. Thanks for a great interview, @PiperNorth! And thanks as always to @lydiahardwood for facilitating. It's great to see an interview on this because there's increasing awareness of issues around gender in the world at large, which usually manifests as people being awkward about it and then trying to pretend the issue doesn't exist. It's one of the areas where the sex work community is way ahead of the population at large. An off-topic question, though: what's a somatic session?
  7. Only just read this, as I've been offline for a bit. Great interview, Alexis - thanks for doing it! To chip in on @Sharpe's question: I think Alexis and Sam Gaines are talking about similar things when it comes to the connection with regular clients, but I got the impression from Sam that it's very much his approach and what he's aiming at all the time, whereas with Alexis it's more of a "it's good when it happens" sort of thing. This may also be related to the fact that she's working in a spa, which is more of a 'drop in for a bit' kind of environment; not sure how everyone else works, but I tend to plan ahead more when seeing indy providers than when visiting a spa.
  8. Today... @Jenesis, in the hope that one day she visits Ottawa...
  9. I'd like to nominate @Kitten - she's a really positive presence around here!
  10. Thanks for dropping in, @SamGaines! If you're up for fielding more questions, one that Lydia didn't ask: I'm aware that most escorts seem to spend a huge amount of time dealing with time-wasters, tire-kickers, trolls, and all sorts of other undesirables that pollute their inboxes, DMs, etc. Do you get the same? And to the same extent?
  11. Another really interesting interview! I must admit, I had a similar reaction as Sharpe to the bits he called out, and for the same reasons. It strikes me as being similar to hearing something like, "All men just want a skinny 20-year-old blonde with big tits" coming from a provider who happens to fit that description. It may well be true to some extent - I daresay some guys really do just want that, and most of the rest of us wouldn't turn her down - but it's far from being the end of the conversation and a true picture would be rather more... complex. I should say, I don't intend that comment to put Sam down at all - he has clearly figured out how to market the stuff he's good at and build a successful business in a field where it seems to be very difficult to get any kind of traction at all.
  12. There's a government petition on decriminalization: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Sign/e-3132 If you care about sex workers and you're a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, please sign it!
  13. Same. Just checked, and they still haven't. So I think that's probably a waste of time, alas.
  14. Sure, sign me up. Although I'd suggest that you get someone to automate this because doing it by hand will get really tedious, really fast...
  15. I don't put any clothes back on. Towel or not... is a bit random for me. It depends on things like the mood, how far it is from the bathroom to the bedroom, whether or not the SP I'm seeing joined me in there...
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