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Cabaret Lady Mary Ann, Québec City's classy â??â??â??â??â??â?? nightclub.

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The City of Québec is well known for its fortifications, downtown shops, nightlife and site-seeing.  You would be hard pressed however to find any Gentlemen's club in the downtown core. Do not despair, a short cab ride (15-20$) from the Carré d'Youville or downtown hotel will bring you to Cabaret Lady Mary Ann, a classy and well purveyed establishment.


You could initially be put off by the ordinary exterior: it is housed in an ordinary strip mall nestled between a cliff and a highway running through the Basse-Ville (lower town).  But do come in.


The first floor has a decent size centre stage and plenty of seating wrapped around it. It has a leather couch/lounge chair accessorizing the decor. The stage has two twenty foot poles that are fastened to the second floor ceiling.  There is a comfy nook just to the side of the main stage with couches and booth-type seating for patrons. Some of the ladies also flock to it.


The second floor has an open viewing area allowing us to see the main stage from above.  There is also a smaller second stage and plenty of private/champagne rooms with doors on the second floor.  There is even a private room with a bed (for the dancer) with seating for 4-5.


I chatted with some of the ladies, all of which were very cordial and affectionate.  On a Friday night (early evening) there were about 15 women before 9 p.m and many more to come until closing at 3 a.m. I had to leave early.


I will not describe the ladies in great detail, except to say that they were all extremely pretty, 22-24 ish, diverse, and sociable.  Many could speak English fluently having worked in Montreal, Ottawa or even the USA. 


I would highly recommend a stop at Cabaret Lady Mary Ann if you are vacationing or passing through Québec City.


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