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  1. We should all thank Megan for sharing her story and for her selfless act. Many people act out of the concern and welfare of others even if they do not get the credit they deserve. Megan has demonstrated how giving this community can be. Many companions are already in the habit sharing their time, their person, and their minds with others who have demonstrated their thrustworthiness. Everybody needs companionship, affection and love. We are fortunate to be able to turn to a such a community without having to compromise our health, dignity, and self worth. Thank you Megan for showing us your courage and demonstarting the true character of this community.
  2. Dr Strangeluv

    I love this shot. You are about to say....
  3. I admire the shape your curves Before I gently touch their outline With soft fingers that tremble In the wake of your beauty I start at the shoulder But my desire is elsewhere I feel the definition of your biceps And make a left turn To tingle the underside of your breast My index spirals slowly Aiming for your areola It responds, you lightly twitch Your breath is halting in anticipation Eyes hidden behind soft fabric My fingers hover but still feel The warmth of your skin Your throat lightly crimsons This response is voluntary As your mind is now fully aware And engaged in this game of senses I firmly place my hand on your throat You feel all my strength But are not worried You feel wrapped, envelopped, secure, taken My hand warms further still My index teases your earlobe As you tilt back I head south Tracing a line on your sternum This touch is firm, determined Purposeful yet unhurried You breathe deeply as I approach your navel I circle twice then tickle the fuzz on your tummy The small hairs points the way but I want to feel the curves of your belly I place my hand squarely on your tummy I can feel you pulse An echo deep within is calling But I am not done surveying I approach my face My nose brushes your bristles I am intoxicated by your aroma Both my hands measure your width I try to encircle your hips I firmly knead the roundness of your hips I scoop you up, you respond My hands reach up to the small of your back I lift you up firmly holding your glutes I see your face in profile as it turns to the side I gently kiss the centre of your universe And then it begins. ======== Thank you Aspen for this thread. Here is an offering I once wrote a year or so ago. Dr. Strangeluv
  4. Dr Strangeluv


    Wow. Quelle sensualité.
  5. The City of Québec is well known for its fortifications, downtown shops, nightlife and site-seeing. You would be hard pressed however to find any Gentlemen's club in the downtown core. Do not despair, a short cab ride (15-20$) from the Carré d'Youville or downtown hotel will bring you to Cabaret Lady Mary Ann, a classy and well purveyed establishment. You could initially be put off by the ordinary exterior: it is housed in an ordinary strip mall nestled between a cliff and a highway running through the Basse-Ville (lower town). But do come in. The first floor has a decent size centre stage and plenty of seating wrapped around it. It has a leather couch/lounge chair accessorizing the decor. The stage has two twenty foot poles that are fastened to the second floor ceiling. There is a comfy nook just to the side of the main stage with couches and booth-type seating for patrons. Some of the ladies also flock to it. The second floor has an open viewing area allowing us to see the main stage from above. There is also a smaller second stage and plenty of private/champagne rooms with doors on the second floor. There is even a private room with a bed (for the dancer) with seating for 4-5. I chatted with some of the ladies, all of which were very cordial and affectionate. On a Friday night (early evening) there were about 15 women before 9 p.m and many more to come until closing at 3 a.m. I had to leave early. I will not describe the ladies in great detail, except to say that they were all extremely pretty, 22-24 ish, diverse, and sociable. Many could speak English fluently having worked in Montreal, Ottawa or even the USA. I would highly recommend a stop at Cabaret Lady Mary Ann if you are vacationing or passing through Québec City. http://www.ladymaryann.ca
  6. Being a novice and somewhat apprehensive at the whole gfe, I was unsure of how to go about contacting someone or even what to expect. Sky helped me navigate these unchartered waters safely, with utmost understanding and discretion. I met her twice within a week and had the most enthraling and gratifying experience I could imagine. Expectations and boundaries were made clear beforehand but what I appreciated the most was how she responded to my cues and sensed how I wanted our encounters to evolve. Sky is a beautiful and discrete professional, which does not take anything away from some of her more endearing personality traits: warm, authentic, affectionate, intelligent, appreciative. Any initial nervousness disappeared within the first few minutes of our conversation. She was as open and as discrete with me as I was with her. I could not have imagined a better time together if it had been scripted by Hollywood. I would emphatically recommend her to friends and gentlemen alike. Truly, with this beauty, Sky's the limit.
  7. Here are some of the wonderful TV series that I binge-watched on Netflix recently. Comedy series: Community; Arested Development; Archer. Science fiction: Firefly, Star Trek Next Generation. Drama: Orange is the New Black, House of Lies. Crime. The Killing, the Shield. All of these are top notch TV series, critically acclaimed or at least worth a look.
  8. I just sent an introductory email to this gorgeous and intelligent woman. Hope to hear from her soon.
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