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  1. Great recommendation. Contact info?
  2. As someone who has always respected your voice, experience and insight, I look forward to part two.
  3. Thanks for the bday wishes. I appreciate your thoughts :)
  4. Sasha May goes to Kingston regularly
  5. Book her, you won't regret ... I expect to be on your Xmas card list after the great time you're going to have Cheers.
  6. Crash and burns are always predictable... I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly. Thanks for proving me right , Taffer. Best of luck to you and the palm sisters.
  7. * ... sits back, makes popcorn ...waits for Taffer to self destruct.
  8. I have known Sasha May for some time now, but have been negligent in sharing this little gem. Call me selfish, but spend some time with her, and you will understand why I have kinda kept her to myself in a way. She is a low volume provider, and "gives her all" during her appointments. My schedule is often difficult to predict, but she has always been open to adjusting to me when possible. Her preferences are primarily for daytime availability. Her rates are within the norm, given the services and level of intimacy she provides. She takes excellent care of herself, and her clients needs. IMO, her body is stunning, and her skills are to die for. She is all natural, which is my personal preference. Those of you who enjoy a good treasure hunt, she is definitely worth th effort to seek out. She's not hard to find, just sitting there in plain sight, if you know where to look. I repeat with her as often can, and will continue to do so. Happy hunting, gents.
  9. Agreed ... Blair will leave you weak in the knees. She does not disappoint, a definite repeat!!
  10. Shame....he probably could have stored it all on a 128g thumb drive.
  11. For those of you who have been patiently waiting, your prayers have been answered. The legendary latin beauty has returned to tease and please us once more. She has been absent for a bit, but has not lost her touch in any way. She is sexy as all hell, and knows her way around a man's pleasure zones. Smart, skilled in seduction, stunning...the whole package. I saw her new location, which is very private and discreet I recommend you catch up with her while you can....you won't regret it.
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