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    Hello Gentlemen, at this time I am only seeing clients I have met before and who are in good standing with me. If we have met before and I can verify we have met before, I would be happy to hear from you. Please private message me. Thank you.

    Nicki xo

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  1. I hate to say it but some SPs don’t care about screening especially on those other sites. They just want to throw up an ad and have the clients roll on in. Well the consequences of this is the backlash of fake bookings, insecure competitors and people who have the maturity equivalent to a child when they don’t get their own way. If you don’t want to book with immature people who get a thrill by booking a fake appt, you are going to need to change your approach and how you advertise. There will be less inquiries but more quality clients. Been there, done that and it works! Set an age limitation and stick to your guns. Then demand a real phone number. If more SPs did this, these shenanigans wouldn’t be happening. I remember the days they wouldn’t be able to do this. I would also get them to call me. And I would ignore the “Hey” “ Avail?” and “$?”. If they expect a good service from me, they better damn well set a good impression for themselves or I don’t even bother. None of these things will impress you and there are no magic answers. It’s all in how you brand yourself and if someone is going to take you seriously or not. Demand more for yourself by setting certain expectations and you will get more. Command it and get it.
  2. Yes, it’s just like USA border patrol who see women travelling alone as something suspicious. Or even worse, if condoms or lingerie are found in their suitcases, they are all sexworkers. I call bullshit on the fact that they had to change a mattress cover in the room. And if you think about it, those who are involved in trafficking are probably always on the move. I would think they don’t want any sex work in there hotels and again trafficking is a safe blanket term to cover anything they consider nefarious going on in their hotels. It would definitely be easier to harass an independent working out of a hotel room and get her to leave. Now they say they have certain policies in place and can ask the person to leave. It’s getting quite ridiculous. They might as well ban anyone who wants to have sex in a hotel. Do you have any male friends who could check in for you or trusted clients when you travel? When I used hotels locally briefly, I would have one or two trusted clients check in for me. Some of them I had an ongoing arrangement with and I would go through the parking lot elevators or a back door. Never had a problem. When I had to travel, I was always with a small brief case/laptop bag and dressed down very low key. Mind you this was a time when escorts were more of a taboo and no one talked about such things. Everyone looked the other way unless someone made themselves really obvious about it. This was also before Craigslist, backpage and twitter. Those day it was so much easier but I still played it smart back then. Yes, trafficking is a big issue but hotel chains also use it to prevent providers who are doing things on their own free will. It’s an attempt to try and stop all sexwork but it will never stop. If you have a male male check in for you, I guarantee none of this will happen.
  3. They are bringing a lot of old classic movies into the theatre and I saw Thelma & Louise after not seeing it since it was released in 1991 and I was young. I was with a friend who had never seen it so we made a night out of it.
  4. Take care Luxe and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours! I remember when I first met you and all the great things I’ve seen you accomplish during your time here in Ottawa. I hope my predictions will ring true for you because you are a smart woman who perseveres through it all. If you ever wish to chat sometime, you have my number. Xoxo
  5. If you were wearing a condom, the chances of this are so rare, the odds are almost non-existent. Also, you have to keep in mind that most sex workers aren’t dirty as some would be believe. You would be surprised at how many guys out there who want a BJ without protection and worry about it after they’ve gotten what they wanted and THEN ask the provider is she clean? How about the client? The fact that you took precautions by wearing a condom is being responsible so kudos to you for that. Most providers who are educated about STDs are very vigilant about cleaning things such as toys. Many use condoms on them and also clean them after. I understand you have concerns but if you were wearing a condom, you are safe. I think at this point, you are making yourself worry for nothing. Is there a deeper matter you are concerned about?
  6. No, I was referring to CRA legitimately emailing to let me know I received my notice of assessment. They will never send a link to log in. You have to go to the CRA website to log in yourself.
  7. Yup! Got that email the other day. I was dreading going to look in there. Thankfully I saved for the taxman. 😝
  8. Thanks for this! I’ve helped a few SPs file in the past. Many years ago I had some help from a former tax auditor who gave me the ins and the outs and I’ve been very grateful. I also wanted to mention if anyone needs SP friendly accountants in Toronto Ottawa as well as financial advisors in Ottawa to set up an RRSP, I have contacts for that as well. There are many good ways to invest your money. Tax free savings accounts are great to save money for big ticket items ( i.e. house, car) or if you want your money to grow by investing which the government cannot tax you for it. If you have gains or losses, you don’t have to declare those either. You can also withdraw the money anytime without any penalities. However there are limits to this as a TFSA account should not be used as a day trading account as that will raise a red flag with CRA. The contribution limit is $6000 this year and you can also use any unused contribution room from prior years. Investing in stocks in with a TFSA with a robo advisor is a nice hands off approach for new investors with lower fees than the major banks. If your stocks don’t do well, your portfolio will automatically be rebalanced so you don’t take a further loss. Betterment and Wealthsimple are just a few names and only take a few minutes to set up. This is great if you don’t wish to speak to a financial advisor especially if you don’t wish to disclose what type of work you do. I know with Wealthsimple, you can also set up an RRSP. All funds to contribute can be set up to be withdrawn from your bank account when it is convenient for you. This is also done within the site so you don’t have to go scrambling for bank account info. This company is legitimate and is primarily owned by Power Corporation with assets in excess of $1 billion. They will ask for your social insurance number because this information will be reported to CRA. This approach may not be for everyone but in my situation, it allows me to be in control to see how my investments are doing. I don’t claim to know everything about investing but have researched a lot on my own without anyone’s help. Financial advisors never did much for me. I don’t speak much about this as I consider finances as something personal but I know it can help other people. If you are younger and in the business, now is the time to start investing although it’s never too late either even at a later stage in life. It is not as hard as some would believe it to be. You can use up to 18% of your income for RRSP contributions that you won’t pay tax in until you decide to retire later on in life. I hope this helps for anyone who wants to create their own future. Pay yourself first! https://www.betterment.com/ http://wealthsimple.com https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wealthsimple https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/globe-investor/personal-finance/household-finances/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-tfsas/article17366265/ https://www.halfbanked.com/ https://www.halfbanked.com/choose-right-robo-advisor/ https://www.halfbanked.com/a-millennials-guide-to-the-tfsa/ https://www.sunlife.ca/ca/Learn+and+Plan/Tools+and+Calculators/Retirement+savings+calculator?vgnLocale=en_CA
  9. Mods, Please bring back the multiple account notifications for elite members to see. This makes everyone accountable whether it’s clients who are banned or harass women here creating new accounts or SPs writing fake recommendations. This worked very well in the past weeding out the undesirables or shill recommendations. Allowomg people to have anonymous accounts without having to be a member is going to turn into a circus and further drive down the integrity of the board. It’s in everyone’s best interest. Thank you.
  10. I went and saw Cold Pursuit within Liam Neeson yesterday. It was pretty good. I was expecting more action but all in all still a good movie.
  11. Sigh.. unfortunately it takes all kinds. There are many good men out there and there are a few idiots who I would NEVER see again let alone just receiving a dick pic. . I feel bad for newer SPs who feel that they have to put up with their b.s. My rule is if I have to mentally psych myself up to see someone then I know I have a major issue with them. And it’s usually not a hygiene issue or someone who says derogatory things flat out. I take care of that right away. They are gone right away. To me, it’s far more insidious that that. It’s the ones who think they are far superior, ones who ask too many personal questions throughout the entire session, the white knights who have guilt issues about doing this so they turn it back on the SP, narcissists and the list goes on. Sometimes their behaviour doesn’t rear their ugly heads until a few repeat sessions and then I realize I dread seeing them. I pick and choose who I want to see and it’s not about the money for me. I have good regular clients and have also had a few I let go because they decided to show their true colours later on. Other times when I get to see them a few times, I realize their personality doesn’t jive with mine or there is no chemistry. I do this on the side because I want to and not because I have to. When I’m in a position to choose who I want to see, I’m happier and my clients are happy with me. I have some pretty amazing clients who are very good to me.
  12. I agree that there are unsavoury people on both sides. I used to do outcalls but when I first started in the business, it was mandatory from providers that they wanted the full registered name and they got it. Granted it was a different era then but these days, I won’t take my chances wasting my time and risking my safety. If someone wants to see a specific SP, they will follow her protocol. I don’t deal with secret agent types although they do try. It’s a give and take with a client and SP. There are men and women out there who ruin it for the rest of us. I’ve just resigned myself to seeing my regular clients and anyone who causes me a headache, I stop seeing them. This business has changed and not for the better..
  13. If you don’t hear back, it could be a number of things, a lot of SPs don’t see clients full time, they could be with another client or some don’t answer their phone if they take the day off. Maybe they don’t want to text back for discretion reasons. I won’t text back after a half hour. Who knows what position the client will be in as to whether or not they are able to answer the SP back. Something else to take into consideration is if you followed the proper etiquette for contacting this specific SP. Some like a phone call directly. Myself, I don’t answer or book from text apps unless I’m already acquainted with a person and make it known. So if they don’t read that or don’t want to follow my requests, I’m not booking with an anonymous person. I’ve seen other SPs follow the same policy. If you have followed their requested method of contact and don’t hear back, wait until another day to try back. If you appear too eager, this could raise red flags in her mind. If you try again on another day, tell her she can text or call until such and such a time. Write a quick introduction and not just a “Hello”. We like the fact that some men know what they want and nothing makes me happy is when I see this... “Hi Nicki, my name is Mike. I saw your ad on xxx site and read your website. Im a 50 year old gentleman looking to meet with you during this date and time for an hour. You can text me back until 4 pm. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.” Best of luck!
  14. If I could have jumped through the phone at these guys, I would have lol. At 7 am this morning minutes before my alarm went off too! Grr! For a second time in 3 weeks I’ve received this call. CRA NEVER contacts a person by phone. I hung up on him in mid sentence. The number was from Calgary at 403-536-4072. Be careful and I’m sure everyone knows not to give any personal info over the phone. Perhaps I should have called back and done this..😂
  15. Yes I saw Green Book last week as well and it was one of the best movies I ever saw. The contrast between these 2 characters is rather fascinating and is what really makes the movie. Set in a time where racism was rampant, it makes a person realize how far we have really come. You won’t regret seeing this one. They don’t make movies like this anymore.
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