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  1. Setting up a meeting with her is beyond frustrating, due to her substance-related time management deficiencies.
  2. xmy556

    Anyone seen ...

    As previously posted here.. https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=694385#post694385
  3. xmy556

    Kingdom99- Felicity

    She advertises on bee pee and has been offering morning specials. I contacted her by text a day in advance to set things up for the following morning. Turns out she slept through her alarm that morning and eventually got back to me. As I had an open schedule that day, I agreed to stop by before noon (my usual daytime schedule would not have had that flexibility). Had a decent incall visit with her. Very slim, athletic kinda build, small tits, really nice bum and legs. Only had time for the quickie, and for that her service was fine. Seemed a bit rushed, which is usually a no no for me, but as I had limited time I let that slide.
  4. xmy556

    Notty Hotty

    and you ought to refer to this thread.. http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=493589#post493589 proceed with caution.
  5. xmy556


    omg, talk about going back in time. I lost track of her about 5 years ago, but she was a sweet little bundle of fun, for sure. Not so good for clients with allergies, however, lol!
  6. Define "great time" and elaborate..
  7. xmy556

    Clean bbbj

    You've now been coached by several posters about conducting yourself with regards to safety. I would mention that I have been pretty active in the hobby for a few years, and about 50 percent of the time, I've had the provider deliver a bbbj. While there are obviously no guarantees in this regard, I test every 6 months and have never ever had any health issues. My recommendation for an enjoyable bbbj is Leighxox. Great attitude and delivers one of the best bbbj's I've experienced, with nice deep throat action to boot.. happy pooning!! :)
  8. xmy556

    Rayne from BP

    Search under Juicy Kristy.. I saw her for one visit and will not ever consider a repeat visit.
  9. xmy556

    Losing Interest

    I read Meghanmcloud's post with a great deal of interest. Meghan, I'd love to come visit you some time. I could tell you all about my favorite city.. the most fucked up city around.. Winnipeg!! Then... "The Chicago of the North" Now.... "The Detroit of the North" Meghan said "I still don't really understand what is so different from Winnipeg vs. any other area of small town Canada".. Aye my dear, therein lies the rub... Winnipeg, at the turn of the twentieth century, was one of the major metropolitan centers in North America. Gateway to the West. Home of the grain trade. Railway capital of Canada.. Winnipeg peaked in 1920, and then entered a long and painful decline.. Major head offices moved east and west to other cities.. We.. Lost the Air Canada overhaul center to Montreal.. Lost the meat packing industry to Alberta and the US.. Lost the CP Rail operating center to Calgary.. Lost the grain trade to Minneapolis and Calgary.. Lost the Canadian Wheat Board.. and, Lost the Original Winnipeg Jets to Phoenix, Arizona.. Winnipeg.. Once an important major urban center in North America.. Now a decaying third tier city, with urban problems, high crime rates, significant street drug problems, serious street gang problems, an eroded tax base, a terribly difficult business environment, high poverty rates, significant child health and nutrition problems, amongst the highest levels of sti infections in Canada, decaying streets, frozen water lines... Our license plates once wore the caption "Friendly Manitoba".. We are friendly.. to an extent.. But we all have a chip on our collective shoulders.. our insecurity complex is exposed for all to see.. the "Detroit of the North" But goddamnit, I love this city; Selkirk Avenue.. the New Winnipeg Jets at the MTS Centre.. Eddie's Diner at lunchtime.. Rae and Jerry's on Portage on a Friday night.. Assiniboina Downs on a summer evening.. Cheap seats at a Goldeye's ball game.. Shine n' show at Pony Corral and then.. Cruising Portage Avenue on a hot Sunday night.. the Thunderbird on McPhillips.. the Bombers.. how we agonize with every loss.. Salisbury House (a Daybreaker on a Saturday morning).. The Red Top on St. Mary's (burger, fries and chili at lunch).. A paradox.. A dichotomy.. Yes, it's a blue collar town.. Yet, it's a renowned artistic community.. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Theatre Centre, the Winnipeg Art Gallery.. Winnipegers are.. Fiercely insecure.. Fiercely protective.. Fiercely cheap.. Welcome to the Friendly Manitoba thread on CERB.. We don't get a lot of tourists to Winnipeg these days, but respect our heritage when we post here.. If we seem hostile, its because we're "homies first".. Happy Pooning!
  10. xmy556

    Losing Interest

    True. However, even a board like Cerb, in a more active section like "Winnipeg", is plagued by the common malaise of "the lurker".. Such a tendency for 100 members to lurk, while only a dozen or so "full patch" members post any information of value or merit. I scroll down a thread, and dismiss the 'low count' posters. Why? Because many of them are shill accounts that are hyping a given provider, or are simply unreliable in their assessment of a provider in question. Harsh comment? Sure. But prove me otherwise.. When I started out on the boards a few years ago, I got shot down from time to time for my taste or opinion about a given provider. That did not deter me from sharing my experience, however. I kept posting my opinions, as I saw them and called them.. And after a while, people will recognize what a given poster says, and can base their judgement on their knowledge of that posters' established track record. Which means that lurkers need to leave the shadows and start to post their opinions and thoughts about the providers they have seen. Eventually, each one that does so will establish their own "street cred" here and will actually make a contribution to the information pool. Now that I've groused that out of my system, time to shuffle off to bed.. good night CERB.
  11. xmy556

    krystal super hott x kitten

    She's been posting since late last year on bp. She's moved to another part of town, and I haven't been back to see her again. I'd like to have another reputable pooner verify her current service level and based on that information I'd think about a return visit. The pics on her ad are definitely hers and very representative of what you'll see in person.
  12. xmy556

    Losing Interest

    You really don't get it.. no offense, but it just makes more work for me to scroll past your responses to read the opinions and conclusions posted by Winnipegers. This is posted in the Winnipeg section. We're not about to start a private group.. Thanks to Georgieboy, cinelli, MrGreen and Horndog for their posts.. Kudos gents for your continued strong contribution to the local scene.. And as local Winnipeg veterans, you've summarized the current situation in Winnipeg, to a "t".. Yes, the situation in Winnipeg is in a decline. I posted my comments on another board, no need for me to repeat here, except to say that I do not give my business to the the touring ladies. "Buy local" is my motto.. To the small number of excellent local providers (Kayla, Leighxox, Jessie29, Juicy Jessi, DK Morgan, Emily, etc) my thanks for your good work and courage in carrying on in the face of the onslaught of bp druggies/scammers and the surge of touring girls passing thru town..
  13. xmy556

    Leighxox or kimmy

    I have not seen any positive reviews of Kimmy.. But Leighxox hits it outa the park for me each visit.. great attitude, doesn't fuck me around with missing appointments, one of the best deep throat bbbj's I've received in years of pooning.. Hands down choice.. Leighxox :)
  14. xmy556

    Krystal BP

    I saw some fairly negative reviews of her on the other board, but I took the plunge about a month ago. Reasonable rate for the session, good dfk, daty, reasonable bbbj, finished in mish and killed the rest of the time having a little chat session. Didn't offer me a shower after, kinda handed me a box of wetwipes and a cloth. Not outstanding, but not bad, and certainly better than other reviewers found. Maybe I just hit on a good day.. An average-to-decent incall location in Osborne South area; I assume she's still working there, shares the incall with her buddy Scarlette.. Pics on her ad are definitely her, taller, very lean build on her, A cups but nice large nips.. Like to hear if anyone else had similar results; I may go back..
  15. xmy556


    Read the posts in this thread and you'll find the information you are asking about.