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  1. Hey guys it's been awhile, anyone seen London Diamonds or Love from LL? Looks very sexy and young! Post a review or inbox me. Thanks guys!
  2. Ive managed to keep contact with her....still has the best tasting pussy...always finish off in doggy with her....but she admits to creaming on my face before im done.
  3. She works periodically keep an eye out for ad on LL
  4. I hardly see any activity on this forum, our city really has lost some classy providers
  5. yes im interested as well...great ass
  6. I havent heard of any new and exciting SP's could someone let me know if anything is out there. its stagnant and mostly drug users and sketchy providers are out there. this board is quiet as well.
  7. seen her it is her in the pic....but your experience maybe different from others....i had a not bad time...got me off....i had to take charge and she responded well....still has alot to learn....
  8. i seen Jewels at another location....provides great service....im intrigued by Sasha that was at Studio 553...lets find her....guys help out please
  9. Still no word about this spinner?
  10. This should be put in the dangerous section....she offered me bbfs and pretty much anything i wanted. Be very careful guys.
  11. Anyone been with this little spinner? Link n/a only when she is working
  12. Ive been out of the game for sometime was wondering if anyone has been with Mizz Ava lately? Any reviews please not hearsay...
  13. Confirmed by two members....be safe
  14. look at the dangerous section...regarding mizz ava
  15. works for an agency...you know the rest of the deal...
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