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    Youthful energetic male that love the company of mature sexy women

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  1. Has anyone seen Sweetestlily in Kingston ..if so what was your experience, she seems like a great lady. thank you.
  2. baileywilly

    I'm lost for words to express your beauty.
  3. baileywilly


    Love this shot.
  4. baileywilly


    Beautiful Parker love your sassy style....simply stunning!
  5. Got my Red Backs got my Henry Burris signed Jersey all cleaned up and ready to put on tomorrow!
  6. As per usual your views are eloquently written and well expressed. Your are a truly beautiful lady inside and out!
  7. Beautifully written by very wonderful smart and charming lady!
  8. The best cure in the world is an afternoon with a beautiful young lady like Sab....
  9. I am not much on reviewing the ladies I have spent special time with but my afternoon with Sab was quite frankly amazing. I will not share the intimate details ,but I will say that Sab is highly intelligent, funny , beautiful, down to earth and a pleasure to be with....oh and I forgot to mention those eyes are so mesmerizing they will capture you and take you into her world....while you are in her presence time stops and you are in another world! Sab is so damn sexy that you will never want to leave her side. While the location is a bit of a drive being in her presence is well worth the effort, it is clean and she provides fresh towels and a nice comfortable abode. For those of you that enjoy the epicurean world there are many lovely restaurant's and various shops that you can buy lovely fresh food. The village is picturesque ...a hidden gem as is Sabrina. So guys if you are looking to spend a special day with a beautiful young lady I would highly reccomend spending it with Sabrina. Thank you Sab for a amazing day.
  10. Not a swingers club but want to....how about enjoying some fun with 3 sisters!
  11. I love sucking on limes!! Absolutely gorgeous...
  12. Yes Barbara agreed ....PTM is a beautiful thing..as is CTM. Have a beautiful day!!
  13. I met Barbara after many months of texting and chatting, and I must say I should have done this much sooner. Rather than go into details all I will say is she is simply perfect, she is charming .funny, smart, fashionable, extremely beautiful and sensual. I could look into those eyes all day. Guys if you are looking for a beautiful sexy lady to spend time with this lady is all woman!! Thank you Barbara for just being you!!
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