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  1. No means no, role reversal or not. The problem comes into play that because of the way things are, there are those (women) that believe if they do it, it's not assault but if a man does, most definitely. If a man had tried this and the woman stopped the situation and he allowed it, she could still report him and he would be charged; perhaps to a lesser degree due to eventually stopping, who's to say. Not knowing the flavor of law at the moment, but from past conversations, a man reporting this situation would be treated as crazy or a trouble maker. The strength, size or gender should not play a role in the situation. Look at all the other things that are popping up in regards to protecting the rights of gender fluid, non gender, gay, women etc. There is no sway here so why should there be in assault matters. Most Caucasian men fall through the cracks on just about any topic unless it's a straight male on male issue. I recently had to deal with a male friend being assaulted by a woman and it was played off as she was provoked (which was truth only in she provoked herself) but had the roles been reversed, it would have been played as complete and utter assault all the way. He's been shamed for reporting it. The world still has a long way to go on many issues and one is respect of EVERYONE, no matter their circumstances. Bottom line, we are all human on the inside not matter how we are shaped on the outside. I'm sorry you were put in this position but even more sorry you have to ask the question of "was it?" This is at least a good forum as most of us have the right view from all the stigma we deal with regularly. If this was a "regular" forum, who knows what type of replies you would have received.
  2. First peacectryguy, it sounds like you have a sensitivity to ingredients in lube (not that it's an issue with your ex now and ex but for future reference). I highly recommend sliquid whenever you might need some (always good to have your own) especially the organic as they have very few additives and are good for those with sensitivities. As to your question Meaghan, I've seen and heard a lot. I've seen the selfish angles where the women have no interest for whatever reason and just expect their partner to "shut themselves" down which is not fair to either party as it will eventually impact happiness and the enjoyment of the marriage when resentments build up. I've also seen disinterest in the partner based on nothing more then "we've been together so long". Stepping out of comfort zones to explore, communicate and share is not an option with some of these folks for whatever reason. Then there are those who try and are met with resistance and I find when this happens, it's lack of communication, assumptions and ego that get in the way. Then there are those who are together for nothing more than obligation (long term, kids, support etc). Have to be honest and say some people just don't jive no matter what takes place. Sex has been made to be a "bad" thing. Something naughty or dirty or that shouldn't be enjoyed or a sin or whatever when it should be embraced as a normal and wonderful human experience to be enjoyed and celebrated. Add to this all our natural human inclinations towards fear based emotions and not wanting to communicate openly, honestly and vulnerably, we're in a right mess. I think everyone wants intimacy and connection and most have no idea how to get it, not in an honest, healthy way. It takes two to tango and both people have to be involved equally in the communication. Small baby steps are better than none but they have to be taken. So much to this topic and tonnes of different examples of lack and dysfunction. It's not easy, it IS work but it IS worth it. We are all broken in some way from something, it's scary to be vulnerable and put yourself out there in an honest way.
  3. I'm sorry I missed your actual anniversary so Happy Belated Anniversary. Thanks for the great story and insight, I've always enjoyed your thoughts and posts. Here's to many more pleasurable and eye opening years!
  4. I've always loved the way you write and express. Thank you!
  5. Wishing you an amazing birthday full of every good things that make you happy. Big hugs *muah*
  6. Even though I may not be meeting anyone new at the moment doesn't mean you can stop by my little slice of sensual heaven and enjoy the scenery for a little bit, maybe even say hello or add a submission. Cum on by and see what's new and add a little *RAWR* to you day *wink* http://midnite-energies.tumblr.com/
  7. Long may you roam the hallowed halls of LYLA/CERB spreading great joy and gaining indescribable pleasures! Have a great birthday!!! *muah*
  8. Happy Birthday beautiful lady. Wishing you a wonderful day full of joy, spoiling and many many pleasures!
  9. Or at least a few murmurs of please and some naughty smiles! Available this week for my special friends: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Come, let me ease your.....tensions! I see you shiver in antici.... PATION! *muah*
  10. I'm a whole pile of positive energy wrapped up in a naughty smile, a dirty giggle and worship skills to leave you drained and smiling. Available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday next week to relieve your stress and revitalize you for the rest of the week or weekend. Don't forget to drop by my blog and see what's "up" Please Note: I am not meeting new people at this point in time. Please see my website for all details
  11. Wings.... *muah* Dropping by to let my friends know I'm once again available to add pleasure and worship to your life with an added smile and giggle. Available Monday - Friday 10am -2pm. Can't wait to enjoy you again. Why not drop by my blog for a little extra stimulation *rawr*
  12. Wishing you a fantastic birthday full of half the goodness you give to everyone else! Enjoy *muah*
  13. Happy Birthday you sexy lipped wonder! Sending many kisses, licks, hugs and RAWR's to you for a fantastic day! *muah*
  14. Always updating as I can and love sharing my interests. Drop by for a little titilation! http://midnite-energies.tumblr.com/
  15. I never wear a bra at home, only when I go out and even that depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going. It's been proven that going braless is actually better for your breasts and tissues. I love the feel of them when free and it also allows me to cup and grope them on occasion when the mood strikes which is also great for anyone who happens to be around too *rawr*
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