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  1. Hi Kawarider — Please do tell a bit more about Kim in the West End. Is she still around? Does she advertise on here, or kijiji? Do we have a thread about her? Thanks for any info.
  2. The downtown location will be very conveniently located for anyone working in the Bank and Albert/Slater corridor. The construction has been going on for a while now. I did notice a liquor license application posted on the door recently, which is a good indication that things are moving along.
  3. I was a fan of hers from the very beginning. Followed her through three different locations over the past couple of years. Downtown, Carling, and then Aylmer. We had a nice connection, the sessions were fun, and the price was very reasonable. The last time I saw her she mentioned she was likely going to be moving away. This was confirmed via text a month or so after that - she said there had been some big changes , and that she was moving back home. I didn’t press for any details, but I would guess she’s out of the business for now, and is a couple of hours away, regardless. I hope that she is doing well. I would love to find a similar type of provider...... sometimes Kijiji ads work out! (I think that’s where I found her originally)
  4. Caveat -- my apologies if this is not appropriate here -- Just got such good response on another board i thought this might be of interest to many on this board. I know many do not cross over to other boards :-) If not my apologies....Mod -- do what you gotta do!!!! this was meant for intelligent discourse and perhaps some debate. No ill intentions whatsoever. And no reveal of who / where. Not the point. Jay ---------------------------------------------- I have thought long and hard about whether it would be wise to post this experience or not. My goal is not to "out" the MPA or the MP for that matter. I guess I am posting just to get some feedback as to what you might do and /or have done in this situation. This is a first for me in all my years.... A few weeks ago I went to an MP that I have been to before several times. It is a place that has been around for a long time, with generally favorable reviews. I went to see someone I had seen before. It had been a while and I noticed she seemed a bit off. We went to the room (very dark) and everything seemed okay, but I do remember a smell -- thought that she had probably had a cigarette or something while waiting. No big deal. Service was okay, not as good as previously, but no big deal. Post massage, she rushed out of the room. I decided to help myself to a towel in the rack beside the table. I sat up, pulled a small towel out and watched as a glass tube rolled out and fell to the floor. Yikes. I looked down and saw broken glass -- some of it black -- obviously burnt. Yes a crack pipe. I started freaking out. I grabbed my shoes from the other side of the table and managed to use another towel to push the glass under the towel rack. I was panicking, scared, angry and embarrassed all at once. I got out of there as quick as i could, pretending as if nothing had happened. I vowed to myself never to return. What would you have done? Confronter her? Told management? Called in a complaint? Written a review outing them? Do you think this is common? Any thoughtful comments appreciated. Please don't ask who or where this was as i Have decided to keep that to myself for now. Thanks. FJ
  5. Just a quick note to let you know you are slowly but surely becoming one of my heroes...lol... I've been around the massage scene in Ottawa for a decade now -- been on a bit of a break but back now. Love your posts -- sounds like you are having a great time!! Please keep us posted with your adventures.... Jay Additional Comments: Just a quick note to let you know you are slowly but surely becoming one of my heroes...lol... I've been around the massage scene in Ottawa for a decade now -- been on a bit of a break but back now. Love your posts -- sounds like you are having a great time!! Please keep us posted with your adventures.... Jay
  6. Hi CMJ -- Just wanted to point out that you have now hit exactly 666 posts on Cerb....and it is Halloween.....what are the chances!! We all know we can have a devilishly good time at CMJ..... :-)
  7. I can think of Jade Spa on Bank, 254 Bank, 256 Bank, Top Massage on Bank, Acqua Spa on Booth St, Studio 2000 on Cooper, all within the downtown core..... = That being said, since you have already luckily discovered Jessica, Bethany and Megan.....why on earth would one need to go anywhere else! :-) (other than the new CMJ which I have not yet experienced).
  8. Hi Jennigurl.... Have you thought about a road trip to Ottawa again? I know you had one planned a few months back -- but now that you are more popular than ever I think you should reconsider! I am sure you will be booked solid! Hope all is well.
  9. Dude, that is one of the most insightful and personal things I have read on this board. Thanks for sharing. As someone who made the opposite decision fairly recently (ie - my response was "Yes that would be great to reconnect and catch up") -- let me tell you -- it is not the right thing to do. It is just so damn hard to move on some times. Sometimes a kick in the pants (like your post) is what is needed. Thanks again for sharing.
  10. It is very nice to see a review of this place! I have been curious about it for a while now -- barely ever get over to the other side of the river. Thanks for TOFFT and reporting back. I will follow up with a visit and let you know how it goes.
  11. This thread is all about 217 Bank Street... Which is Top Massage. I think it is a fairly new place and as you can see generally good reviews... 256 Bank is a few blocks away on the other side of the street and has been around much longer....
  12. But they are free to put stats and photos on their website. That is what I was getting at.
  13. Let me confirm that after much probing....I was finally able to find the back door. You have to squeeze through a tight little spot, but once through....low and behold, the brown back door! :-) I entered and exited with ease.... All it took was some back and forth communication -- "a bit left.... a bit down....now straight ahead..." Because of today's rain it was actually even a bit wet and slippery on the way in..... :-) ps-the back door does exist just around the corner from Bank. Nice and discreet. Just ask politely and they will let you enter and exit that way! Full review on the way...
  14. Can someone confirm that there is a back door that is available to Top Massage? I called and enquired, but I don't think the person I spoke to knew what I was talking about. I generally avoid the Asian places, but all these positive reviews have me curious. Discretion is my number one concern, and the signs, neon lights, location make me a bit nervous. Thanks!
  15. Hello there guys... After much frustration and many visits to ALO, I tried to create a thorough ALO summary once a while back -- took a long time, lots of PMs and lots of effort. Take a peek: http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=17768 Problem is the turnover is so high at these places as well as a lack of pics....As you can see not too many of those names are still around. And that wasn't even that long ago! If anyone from ALO is reading...pics and descriptions (much like CMJ, Paradise, anywhere in Toronto) would be very helpful!! Jay
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