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  1. Hands from Heaven in Brampton uses snapchat and instagram
  2. anyone with knowledge of when Pigale will reopen ? bars can reopen in Quebec
  3. just came back from Bar 77 in Gatineau, there's no plexiglass separating dancers from customers, dancers dance in open air unlike in Vancouver where they dance inside glass bubbles, the back area is closed off and the seats at the stage are removed, but the girls sit with the customers and do table dances, other than that it was kinda like normal, one would hope Barefax can be like this soon
  4. that is correct and do you see protests going on in the Byward Market ? The 27 Club has an outdoor patio now in front of Barefax and the plywood sheets now serve as signage, interesting approach, actually looks nice and well thought out, as long as the weather holds up it should work, I like the fact they are making an effort to reconnect with their customers. Strip clubs in Quebec may open today if they wish, Bar 77 in Gatineau already open under conditions, Bar Champion in Laval opens tonight at 50 % capacity
  5. the building likely now has new owners who don't like strip clubs, also remember the lawsuit being threatened by the patron who was assaulted by the bouncer, so the new owners don't want to have to deal with that lawsuit, anyways the plywood has nothing to do with protests and looting, since when do you see protests going on in the Byward Market ?
  6. and I'll be polite also, The 27 Club downstairs is reopening, Barefax is not, a few days ago I spoke with someone installing additional plywood panels over the windows, yes indeed there are other businesses boarded up in the Market and they're not coming back either, once you default on your Lease payments, it's game over, I would expect a Bailiff to post a Notice of Seizure on the door
  7. just speculating but with Obsession swingers lounge closed down next door could Nuden be expanding into there too ? That would make it huge
  8. Nuden is undergoing extensive renovations according to their Instagram, two new stages, new VIP, new washrooms, obviously they anticipate reopening
  9. Bar 77 in Gatineau reopens their Stage Monday ! according to their instagram
  10. they had to change their name to Bar 77, new licensing regulations
  11. Barefax is boarded up with plywood as is the 27 Club next door, read into it what you may but the boarding up is never an encouraging sign
  12. Barefax may not reopen, the building is for sale
  13. so I'm confused are Massage able to Open or not ? a Bodyrub in Winnipeg was fined $ 2500 for opening too early
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