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  1. I need a Nude haircut
  2. hopeful


    what's it like Saturday afternoons ?
  3. hopeful


    Has Pierre been the owner since the 90s ? I hope Pierre can bring back some of the original dancers from the 90s on stage for the last night just for some short dances, dancing to songs of that era, whatever tunes they played in those clubs in the 80s and 90s
  4. was there / is there really a strip club on PEI ?
  5. I'm wondering if some may hop over to Brass Club or CMJ since it's downtown now
  6. For the guys: post here where you'd like to see your fave Barbs girl after the club closes March 22. Might be helpful for the girls to know so as to keep their connections and maintain their business. For the dancers: you can post here to let the guys know where you'll be after March 22. The club is closing but that doesn't mean the Fun can't continue somewhere else in a different club or environment, so here is a great opportunity for the girls and guys to stay connected after March 22
  7. hopeful

    Sweet 300 in Vanier

    yeah the guy that owned it opened up a massage place on Bank St near the internet cafe, since closed lol
  8. I'm seeking girls to give me a Topless haircut or do Nude yoga, feel free to Private message me
  9. Seeking a girl to give me a Topless or Nude haircut, also interested in Nude yoga, feel free to private message me
  10. Seeking girls to do Nude yoga and Laughter yoga, feel free to private message me
  11. hopeful

    Sexy haircut

    any other girls currently offering Topless or Nude haircuts ? feel free to private message me
  12. hopeful


    What was in Barbarellas space before 1990 when it became a strip club ? I know it was originally a Coca Cola factory but was anything in that space in the 70s and 80s ?
  13. How many strip clubs are there in NB? Is it just Angie's in Dieppe ?
  14. hopeful


    I want to highly recommend Shelly at Diamonds, gorgeous blonde, unfortunately I am from out of province but I did see her on a trip there, she is sweet and sensual, highly recommended, also am impressed with the renos at Diamonds, much nicer than in the Nevada days lol, front door could do with some planing