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  1. also beware of ads with no name. I am seeing an ad here under Calgary that I am suspicious of, faceless pics with no name, None of the pics are Verified, here is the ad, looking to get some feedback whether this is bait and switch : https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/calgary/calgary_ultimate_sensual_teasing_massage_by_natural_busty_blonde-7014582?source=list
  2. I guess since this thread is dead I'll reignite some discussion, is the building still for Sale ?
  3. well strips are open in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Newfoundland
  4. All clubs closed likely till spring. If you don't like that fact, there is an election in June where you can vote Ford out and in Quebec Oct 3 where you can vote Legault out. Numbers count, if people don't fight this government control, the government will continue to walk over us and restrict our rights.
  5. 27,000 cases in two provinces in one day. I smell a Lockdown coming.
  6. I am hopeful and remain hopeful that Phil finds a buyer for this club for the new year otherwise I am afraid this club will be gone by February, especially with a rumoured Nationwide Lockdown pending for January to deal with the new variant (Trudeau has already discussed it with the Premiers)
  7. do they have plexi glass around the stage like in BC ? Dancing inside a plexi glass box, the new normal
  8. sorry men don't want to be told what they can and cannot do when it comes to strip clubs
  9. What's this with Brass Club becoming Club Alpha ? My theory on the name change is Brass Club sounds too similar to Brass Rail in TO where they had the covid outbreak so time for a name change I guess. I hope CMJ survives
  10. I'm sure some girls are doing quite well burning thru the cash they made while strip clubs existed
  11. Let the independents work as they wish, let the massage girls work as they wish, unless you work in strip clubs, keep your noses out of the strip club's affairs. It's not a matter of what's modern, if you don't like the idea of Contact dances in clubs as I and many others actually do, then stay away from those establishments. Just because you want the bylaws to charge to redirect that business over to you doesn't mean it will.
  12. why is that so important to you ?
  13. Bodyrubs are not located downtown, the ones downtown are Health Enhancement Centers, quality is less, go to Mississauga and Brampton or Montreal
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