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  1. I'm seeking Carmen and Tianna from Legends in 2011, Tianna and Tiara are sisters and worked together at Legends, I know Tianna also worked at Extreme Bodycare, Carmen may be back in Ontario which is fine cause that's where I am but I'm going to Edmonton over the holidays and would really like to reconnect with these amazing girls, any intel is appreciated, you may Private Message me
  2. hopeful

    Casino Cabaret

    what is their number ?
  3. hopeful

    Casino Cabaret

    what are their hours on Saturday ?
  4. Since craigslist got rid of their massage category, I have lost this girl's number as CL was where she advertised, anyways she was about 35, dirty blonde, and offered 3 finish options. Her place was an apartment tower on Ohio street near Billings Bridge. Just can't remember her name. Any intel much appreciated as i'd like to see her again
  5. hopeful

    Naturist RMT

    sent you a private message
  6. hopeful

    Casino Cabaret

    K well how were the dancers ? they can spend a million dollars on renos but it won't matter if the ladies aren't top notch
  7. any way we can merge this thread with the Casino Cabaret thread ?
  8. hopeful


    Sweet 300 upstairs is an Adult video store, you can watch their movies in their rooms with a girl with you, nothing stopping you from renting a movie and bringing someone with you into the room. There's a massage parlour down the hall, the space next door is Club Debauchery, a BDSM club, interesting things going on in there too especially if you'd like your girl to Spank or Tickle or whip you while you're tied up
  9. hopeful

    Barefax review

    I understand next Friday the 14 is the annual Christmas Party, what has it been like in past years, worth a special visit that day ?
  10. anyone know how to get in touch with Gypsy who worked at the Doll House, miss her, really wanna see Gypsy again
  11. With the Casino nearby becoming a Hard Rock Resort I think that long term they will do well, they just have to do some more advertising, the motel guy said he spent $ 200,000 on renovations so while he's not allowed to own the club, his renos can help make a new one more successful, they have parking there for Snowmobiles, and with Barbarellas closing this will take its place
  12. Are strip club Leases renewed on a yearly basis ? Monthly ?
  13. Seeking Hayley from Pamper Yourself, pretty blonde, any idea where she is now ?
  14. Is Downtown open till 2 am on weekends? Remember many guys may come from Barbarellas
  15. what is Touch of Euphoria cause the website doesn't work...