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  1. I miss Mika from Nuden / Lina at Playmate, anyone know where she has been ?
  2. do you have any bondage equipment suited for Tickling ?
  3. I'm still searching for a girl that can do Laughter yoga in the nude, or just do Nude yoga, feel free to PM me if you have something to offer
  4. what's happening with the Swedish Touch, are they closed permanently ?
  5. so someone can still buy Barefax and get it back up and running ?
  6. so a club or bar license is negotiable but an adult entertainment license is not transferable, can someone explain
  7. who's Joe, Phil and Earl ? And developing the building into what ? I hope a grand massage parlour. Who owns the adjacent buildings ? So Barefax lease expired August 31 ?
  8. there was a dancer at Nuden with 3 breasts
  9. yes they are open again, has anyone seen Penelope ?
  10. the funny rumour going around is Playmate closed cause of a flood, I wonder how deep the water is in the club, deep enough to splash in ? how about how deep in debt will these clubs be in by January ? there's nothing funny about that
  11. Closed. possibly permanently ? and don't give me the lame excuse they had a flood, they've been there 50 years, if they kept having floods in that basement they'd have been gone a while ago so try again
  12. you likely will get more contact dances in the daytime when there's no security watching
  13. well Barefax is open now on limited hours, any reviews ?
  14. no wonder all the clubs in Montreal are closed. Looks like Nuden will be next
  15. with 100 to 150 new infections a day, you can count on a rollback to Stage 2 happening
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