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  1. Guy1961

    Windows 10 and Kodi

    Kodi cannot be streamed from windows 10 pc... or i cannot figure out how :) Bought a kodi bix .. installed 1channel... not bad but i fund it difficult to i stall other add o s like exodus.. just 2 many steps snd its confusing.. especially since i am very near sighted
  2. Guy1961

    Windows 10 and Kodi

    I just installed Kodi on my winblows 10 laptop. I added Covenant for movies and TV. I can watch movies on my laptop but prefer casting to my large screen lcd tv. I have chrimecas6 .. How do i get kodi to cast to my TV?
  3. Guy1961


    Korean Sarah is back and posting in BP http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/back-from-vacation-sara-sara-sara-talented-korean-sara/28418211
  4. Guy1961

    Tv streaming sites

    Other than NETFLIX... Are there good, reliable tv streaming sites? Something tha i can cast from. Currently using Couch tuner but it is riddled with pop ups, at least on my ipad pro.
  5. Guy1961

    Best asian

    Sara... Is great... Sophie lee has 2 reviews http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=231257&highlight=Sophie http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=202134&highlight=Sophie Perhaps one of the mods could merge them?
  6. Guy1961

    My amateur massage

    DNR stands for do not review. She wants no reviews of her services
  7. Can somone recomend a goid portable satelite radio player. Not looking for anything for the car, i do not drive. I want something i can carry with me as i am walking about.
  8. Guy1961

    Samsung note 5

    Anyone here use a samsung note 5? I am having a small issue getting my whatsapp messanger icon to display on hime screen. Wierd thing is, i can open the app vua google store ( it shows it is installed ) and create a home screen icon to a conversation i have going. Additional Comments: Found the soloution. The icon was hidden in a grouped set of icons called Scocial....
  9. Vivian is where exactly off of bank? Or is there a link we can use to get her contact info?
  10. Guy1961

    Cable tv alternatives

    Been thinking about ditching my cable tv provider. Stumbled across... http://www.kutko.ca Anyone tried it ir something similar? Anyone have thoughts about cutting the cord?
  11. Guy1961

    Sexy Asian Model (Centertown)

    How expensive are the tips? Pm me with details please.
  12. Guy1961

    HD tv antenna

    I'll check this out, thank you. Any other thoughts?
  13. Guy1961

    HD tv antenna

    Ok, i am looking to cut the cord with my current cable provider for both tv and internet. I am looking at different isps for wireless internet. Someone suggested an hd tv Antenna to use with my existing lcd tv ( not a smart tv ). How many stations can i reasonably expect to get? I watch AMC a lot ( hd station 482 ). Another option i am exploring is netflix but i am not sure how long i would have to wait before i watch the latest episode of the walking dead. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  14. Guy1961

    Asian massage on Booth

    Some more details might be helpful... A link to an add, an address or a business name perhaps.
  15. Guy1961

    ISP other than rogers or Bell

    TekSavy looks nice. Prices comporable to rogers or bell