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  1. I found a post from her on T**B where she said she is really only doing therapeutic. Seems pretty weird.
  2. She's strictly therapeutic though right?
  3. Thanks for the info. I notice there is now a guy advertising at the same location.
  4. Does anybody know about this one? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/ottawa/relaxation-full-body-massage/1456074629?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Seems to be two women working out of a home.
  5. Anything remotely sensual with her? Do you have to be fully draped? Does she go anywhere near the groin area?
  6. Feather light massage. Not even remotely therapeutic. Pretty steep upcharge.
  7. IIRC she didn't use a name in the ad and only gave one when I started exchanging email with her and then later she mentioned her previous alias. I think she did tell me she rarely runs ads.
  8. Although she goes by a different name now I saw Sophie about a month ago when I found her through a CL ad. Unfortunately I lost her contact info and her email losted on her profile here no longer works. Does anybody have her contact details they can PM me? Thanks.
  9. Can anyone comment on her massage services?
  10. Buffy still does the full deal. Saw her just recently.
  11. She seems very difficult to get hold of. I did have an exchange with her on Kijiji but since then can't get her through there or phone or text.
  12. Link is broken but I take it this is the one in Bourque? I'm sort of surprised there's more on offer here. Ad looked pretty legit and I saw her partner posting once from the same account offering drywall services.
  13. What's the story with draping?
  14. They are almost certainly not.
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