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  1. Hukupp

    Appointment-request timing

    For myself, easier to answer by splitting it two ways. If you meant same day request, 2-3 hours is more than enough. In fact, you are into a different part of day by waiting that long. It will only take a moment for her first response to you, so you haven’t wasted the SPs time, unless you have neglected to follow her protocol for communication. If it’s for another day, I suppose you could stretch it a little more than 2-3 hours, unless you are on travel, to which I would say that’s enough time as well.
  2. Hukupp

    Orleans, "holistic"?

    Ottman75, Since you took the time to ask me about another mature indy in Orleans, I wanted to quickly take the time this morning to chime in about this one. Although there is some fair analysis, there are some comments in here from people who have not actually gone to see her. I have a feeling some comments were from the time she was in the chapel hill area. Please give her a call and you may be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Hukupp

    massage orleans info

    I vaguely remember getting off at jean d’arc or tenth line or one of those popular ones, then few sidestreets and you are there.
  4. Hukupp

    Stealing names

    Great point. I know in the massage world that almost everyone has been everyone. It’s more work and cross referencing on our part but when we really want to see somebody, we will put in the effort to eliminate confusion. Yours truly, Phaedrus
  5. Hukupp

    Quick goodbye

    Many of your posts were insightful. Thank you. Best wishes.
  6. Sadly, this $$$ per act culture is front and centre, especially with newbies. Some people hate reading and following rules but then are the first to cry when something goes wrong. It gets tiresome, especially on PMs to consistently tell somebody to not ask about specific acts or acts as they relate to $$$. I have a good handful of guys who write generally like myself when writing about massage. You guys know who you are. The only time I want to read or give details about $$$ is wrt to time i.e “great half hour indy massage for $100. Time well spent with a playful easy going lady” or “quite the robotic experience, your call if you still want to see her”. Something along those lines helps everyone.
  7. “You know how to accept a compliment well”. That in itself is a great compliment. It may sound simple, but in reality it did two things. It made us feel at ease right away and the fact that it spoke to my personality really did it for me.
  8. Hukupp

    Being turned away.

    KK, you show your face and your body type. The LAST thing he should have mentioned was you not looking like your pics. Something spooked him. You have no issues or reasons to reflect on this. ps Emma’s response was the best!
  9. Hukupp

    Caro from Michelle's massage gone?

    Yes she advertises all the time on LL
  10. Hukupp


    Do you need a necklace replacement? I usually offer one at the end of a massage 🤗
  11. Same here, I revived the crap out of my lawn. July in Ottawa was something fierce this year.
  12. Hi Jess, I’m more of a “don’t live in the past” kind of guy. My nickel says “portray yourself in the here and now” and title yourself to the most suitable reflection. You will never forget the accolade of losing that 30 lbs and being the new you. Besides, those naturals are still out of this world 🙂
  13. Thanks for visiting my profile xo Carmen 😘

  14. That is an exceptionally well written article. Agree with it wholeheartedly. For the bulk of my time here from my beginning, I was afraid to give my thoughts on certain matters and stuck with my true playful self. Now, from time to time, I call people on their bs, high horse, trolling, looking for attention and numerous others ill advised board behaviours. High post count within a certain period or status means nothing to me. It’s the understanding of a situation that matters. People always use each other as a ladder rung to climb higher. I’ve done two things lately that have had quite an affect for myself and some Lyla friends. The first, open up a browser and type in erotic or sensual massage Ottawa or Gatineau. This is just one example and yes it relates to me but one can reflect their own situation for what they are looking for and location. Maybe the options out there are why I decided to go from being almost my real self to almost fully my real self. Although I love it, Lyla is just one thin slice of a world of options out there. Secondly, I decided to open up Ottawa recommendations and sort by review count or whatever the wording may be. It cannot possibly be coincidence that out of the first few pages of people listed that almost none of them get involved in argumentative threads. To me this speaks volumes about review board culture and it’s effects. Anyway, I’m greatful for the help I receive and the ability to help others. Always play safe.