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  1. Hukupp


    If my nose is in there as well, it’s not considered crossing swords. Just wanted to clarify that.
  2. Hukupp

    SP Communication

    Looks like holleration too!
  3. Hukupp

    SP Communication

    I think both sides could have done better on this one. She said she would text the location the night before. She didn’t. You have a 9 am appt and somehow didn’t see the texts? If I had a 9 am appt I wouldn’t stop looking at my phone at 7:30 .
  4. Hukupp

    Layout Changes

    Press on the three linens in top right corner of your screen, choose browse, then press chatbox and go from there.
  5. Being led into the shower by way of having my semi tugged is one of my faves. Very playful! Semi gets upgraded from that point on.
  6. Hukupp

    Native Indian SPs?

    I haven’t seen an ad in a while, but then again I don’t check out all the sources, and there are many these days. Somebody listed them in another thread. If I come by it, I’ll add the link...
  7. Speculation? The lady ushered the other guy inside. That part cannot be forgotten. Even if you want to go as far as possible and say this other guy wasn’t even a hobbyist, there is no way a provider would ask anyone in life to come to her place at at the time a hobbyist is leaving. So what now? A random person in life accidentally showed up and then was ushered inside? That’s speculation...
  8. No no that’s way too generic of an answer. We have to always remember the OP’s original post. It’s about booking back to back with no time between them. A reasonable amount of time between them would eliminate the “what if”...
  9. Hunh? Exactly, you get it for 120 each year. Let’s say you only pay one year now and it goes to 130 next year when you decide to pay one year at a time?
  10. Yeah but Greenteal, if I may, what if he knew the person? Some areas are smaller than others. We are missing detail of course, but in general...
  11. Are you able to pay for two years renewal on the spot? With the price increases as often as they are, wouldn’t you save a fair bit little in the long run? Just don’t get into major accidents and crumple those plates beyond recognition.
  12. I suppose if a few of them joined the indy massage scene, a few of us could handle it.
  13. Lol, must be “hard” to always be in that position
  14. Yes some of us look that up to, but not in the sense that we want to find out who you are exactly, moreso because it allows the communication to stay off the electronic phone bill. Not sure what app you use but some of us use apps that have the same exact number as our phone. Meaning, the moment we put you in as an actual contact, you also appear in the desired app we use, giving us the reciprocative comfort. Some apps don’t do that and cause SPs/MAs some worry, as it does us too, maybe. Good luck this second time round.
  15. Well well looks like a lot of KC pictures were found.