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  1. Well well looks like a lot of KC pictures were found.
  2. Hukupp

    Turn back time

    Very deep Greenteal, which also happens to be what she said.
  3. Hukupp

    Just gonna tell y'all

    Lol but how many cords can he strike when playing by himself?
  4. Hukupp

    I need your help !

    I just typed in “katrine cannon massage ottawa” in a browser and pics came up! Katrine, wtf? You didn’t search the net for very long did you? Lol c’mon girl you gotta put a little effort into it. Btw, you are welcome 🤪
  5. Hukupp


    lol Ah that kind of small group of friends. Gotcha
  6. Hukupp

    I need your help !

    Well, I hear you, but don’t forget, she just asked for them in her email. That said, RG obviously sent her something. Will she be a good sport and post a couple? Pressure is on Katrine! Lol kidding. You do what you like.
  7. Hukupp


    I agree with all that you stated. You are obviously a realist of sorts, but a small generalization can be made. It’s much easier to approach somebody in the industry than it is to approach a friend and ask for his gf or wife, if you are even in to that kind of thing, especially at the start.
  8. Hukupp

    I need your help !

    Katrine! There’s a true retro massage! What a throwback name! I would sure like to throw another one back 😆. I have a picture but it’s in my head forever. I cannot send it to you, but you may be the reason many of us got into massage and maybe even discovered this place! Ah yes, a sunny afternoon, a trek to AT, a busty you, a firm body evident of many workouts, slightly tanned skin and just a few well placed tattoos. A very accommodating young woman. Mmmmuuahhhhh. Would like to wish you a happy, safe, healthy and fortunate future filled with greatness. Take care of yourself.
  9. I think the answer is right there between you guys. Limiting perks for now will result in more people joining and gaining access to the real perks.
  10. Speaking of perks, I like what I just saw. I was reading Mikeyboy’s last post and a notification from bottom of page stated that Ice4fun replied. I liked seeing that without having to refresh the page. That’s one perk that should not be for guests! Okay back to the actual perk discussion. Roamingguy, about the limiting access, I feel as if I’ve seen that either as a new member years ago or when I was “guesting” around the site, but it was effective more so than other things. It actually revs up the guest’s motors to want to join. I’d say it’s a catalyst to getting on the site to discover the perks. If it’s not the case now, this should be brought back for sure. Reading on and on without limitation will limit the good things about this site.
  11. Hukupp


    Those eyes though! 😉
  12. Hukupp

    MA with nice breasts

    Bags of joy eh? Let’s see, there’s a Bj in there with an O thrown in. Great acronym ! Okay well I’m going to treat myself to a second drink this evening for that one. That is all!
  13. Hukupp

    MA with nice breasts

    I like my massages serviced with breasts too! Oh wait, maybe I read that wrong 😉
  14. No doubt. I’ll just state that in addition to a couple other “ big “ cities, folks here in Ottawa are quite lucky with the easy going and wonderful indies. The MAs I’ve seen are so sweet in every way. In my experience looking at ads, I feel a lesser amount of spidey senses when it comes to MAs. I’m sure that varies with others. It’s only natural.
  15. Mikeyboy. You know better than to state this, both the second sentence and the assumption that others look at it this way. Many indies don’t fit that at all.