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  1. Thanks for visiting my profile xo Carmen 😘

  2. That is an exceptionally well written article. Agree with it wholeheartedly. For the bulk of my time here from my beginning, I was afraid to give my thoughts on certain matters and stuck with my true playful self. Now, from time to time, I call people on their bs, high horse, trolling, looking for attention and numerous others ill advised board behaviours. High post count within a certain period or status means nothing to me. It’s the understanding of a situation that matters. People always use each other as a ladder rung to climb higher. I’ve done two things lately that have had quite an affect for myself and some Lyla friends. The first, open up a browser and type in erotic or sensual massage Ottawa or Gatineau. This is just one example and yes it relates to me but one can reflect their own situation for what they are looking for and location. Maybe the options out there are why I decided to go from being almost my real self to almost fully my real self. Although I love it, Lyla is just one thin slice of a world of options out there. Secondly, I decided to open up Ottawa recommendations and sort by review count or whatever the wording may be. It cannot possibly be coincidence that out of the first few pages of people listed that almost none of them get involved in argumentative threads. To me this speaks volumes about review board culture and it’s effects. Anyway, I’m greatful for the help I receive and the ability to help others. Always play safe.
  3. I have not posted another “like” since starting this thread. I like that we don’t get that classic error message where we have to wait 15 seconds before refreshing a page or actions alike.
  4. Well that was an interesting afternoon coffee break. Let’s at least hope one good lesson learned comes from all this. Two adults should be able to communicate to each other prior to meeting wether to meet in the lobby or the room. This could have been easily avoided.
  5. Hukupp


    a COUPLE things suggest themselves in a massage scenario 🙌🏻
  6. Hukupp


    Damn that photo of you is chaud!!! 🤓
  7. Hukupp

    Kelly or Victoria at ALO?

    If it’s the Kelly from Triple A Spa back in the day (I think she went by Victoria at ALO) and you like busty naturals and a woman who has been around for a bit, Kelly is a great choice! Triple A used to have a card for those who went often. Saw her three times for a massage. Love that body type. I should add that there are other Victoria’s around, so if it helps, Kelly was/is also Anastasia if that helps. I’m sure soon enough that the arrangement of names will change, but it helps you for now. Glad I could clarify by answering your PM, but I edited this for the benefit of others.
  8. Hi Greenteal, I have a hunch that the comment Luckyme is referring to is the ability to write something short directly on somebody’s post without actually creating a new post (not the same as the “quote” feature). Basically, it’s the same spot where we used to see the nodding up and down smiley face when thanking somebody. In that very same spot, you could write something at the bottom of somebody's post, in that same grey area.
  9. Sooooooo Jess, as super tiny as they are, if I just came on my own naturals, do I write a reco for you, a reco for myself? How does this work? 😆
  10. Hello Hukupp. Thanks so much for your sweet picture comment. I just saw it today as I still get used to the changes here. : )

  11. Hukupp

    MAs on Jasmine Crescent

    edited a request about a number as I found it...
  12. Hukupp

    MAs on Jasmine Crescent

    Hi Boomer, Alana is the fit Latina lady nearing 40 years of age ?
  13. You are looking fantastic. Those naturals are fantastic.

    1. Jessica Rain

      Jessica Rain

      Thank you! 

  14. Hukupp

    Bonnie Scot

    Hi Perry. Hope you are having a great long weekend. This is a positive review board, so any review you find will be positive. Generally speaking (not particular to anyone, yes I felt the need to say that lol), sometimes you will see the words “will not repeat” in a thread, but that’s all we are pretty much allowed to say if it’s not a great review. As for getting more info, if you don’t have luck getting it publicly, you can try sending the reviewers a PM. Personally, before I even get to that point, I like to see how many reviews since the account has opened, then I go from there. Everyone has their preferences and comfort level before booking. Very diversified these days. Wish you the best of luck.
  15. Hukupp

    You really take care of yourself. Looking fabulous.