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  1. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/ottawa/perfect-relaxation-massage-uplifting-body-and-spirit/1551768809 I've gone recently to see somebody else, but if anyone beats me to it, let us know what's the scoop. Maybe from the pics or phone number somebody already knows something?
  2. Hi Ottman12, I have had a good experience with the second link you provided, but it was pre-covid situation and it was also incall. Looks like things have changed but at least call her since you are interested. Like waterat stated, there is reluctance in the texts.
  3. Dancers maybe, but clients moving? That would be quite the following. Super die hard fan maybe. Dancers will go to where they will be happy and clients would likely see MAs/SPs more often if things get insanely strict at SCs due to outside factors.
  4. Is that the one with the cleavage in the kijiji adds lately? Dark dress, part asian.
  5. Okay. Good to know. I thought there was a thread once that mentioned they were both legit. Thank you.
  6. Brunette Nan? Yes went once. Left happy. Booking was tough but got it done....
  7. I think both sides could have done better on this one. She said she would text the location the night before. She didn’t. You have a 9 am appt and somehow didn’t see the texts? If I had a 9 am appt I wouldn’t stop looking at my phone at 7:30 .
  8. Press on the three linens in top right corner of your screen, choose browse, then press chatbox and go from there.
  9. Being led into the shower by way of having my semi tugged is one of my faves. Very playful! Semi gets upgraded from that point on.
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