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  1. There is a Columbian woman working in the Glebe. If you search for massage in Ottawa Kijiji you will see her pretty face with glasses and usually in a dark shirt. Medium build woman.
  2. Hi Justlookin, Since she was officially registered at some point, we can't comment on the services. Not sure if still registered. I have seen her and I recommend you give her a call.
  3. How's this for an update? Wasn't even looking for it...just browsing the site https://www.kijiji.ca/v-hair-stylist-salon-jobs/ottawa/massage-therapist-rmt/1590839847
  4. Looking like she may be on the QC side now, but not far when you cross over. I see a landline and a cell. Good luck. Please update us if you go.
  5. Update, when you search for Hannia's esthetics, which is where she originates from, you do get lots of hits with a number or two. Wether she is still in the industry or not is another story. She also had help at one point. I guess it was not too far down the memory lane for me ;)
  6. Ah yes, the little establishment beside a restaurent not too far from trainyards. I confirm about the boarded up. Ottman12, I just responded to you about your other question. As far as this one goes, I do remember marking down her number, but it was quite sometime ago. Will message you directly if I find it.
  7. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/ottawa/perfect-relaxation-massage-uplifting-body-and-spirit/1551768809 I've gone recently to see somebody else, but if anyone beats me to it, let us know what's the scoop. Maybe from the pics or phone number somebody already knows something?
  8. Hi Ottman12, I have had a good experience with the second link you provided, but it was pre-covid situation and it was also incall. Looks like things have changed but at least call her since you are interested. Like waterat stated, there is reluctance in the texts.
  9. Dancers maybe, but clients moving? That would be quite the following. Super die hard fan maybe. Dancers will go to where they will be happy and clients would likely see MAs/SPs more often if things get insanely strict at SCs due to outside factors.
  10. Is that the one with the cleavage in the kijiji adds lately? Dark dress, part asian.
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