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  1. maybe she meant 62 lbs. Typo, 🙂
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation. I see that Sweet Emily J made a suggestion and why not give her a go! I've never seen her but have thought of it many, many times. She sure has some great reviews and from her posts certainly seems like a sweet and compassionate girl! Although I normally am only an MA guy, I just might see Emily for a nice massage+ once things settle down. Best of luck Fatskis.
  3. I've seen her a number of times but over a year ago. She's very nice and gives a nice massage. I remember prices were reasonable. As she says in her ads, just over the bridge near the museum. I would recommend her.
  4. Well said Ottman, is 75 your age? 😊 or maybe your year of birth?
  5. She gives an amazing massage, on par with RMT. She's is cute and in late 20's or early 30's. Hard to tell with Asians. I always enjoy a session with Abby.
  6. There may be more than one MA there at times but I believe there is only one massage room.
  7. I find that it occurs occasionally. Whenever I've had a problem with no pictures on LL, I clean everything up (ccleaner) and everything is back to normal. On a phone, not so sure but try powering off and back on.
  8. Different links, first one is Judy in Orleans and the second one is Lily on Prince of Wales. Both are lovely mature Asians!
  9. Don't get discouraged, there are many great MAs out there; ones like you describe don't usually last very long as repeat customers are few and far between. If you like spas there are a few highly rated ones in town and quite a few independents as well. Just check the review boards to find what you're looking for.
  10. I believe there is more than one location on Jasmine Crescent. You need to be more specific.
  11. Go to Leolist and search for "Hello Gentlemen: Let me take care of you"
  12. She is a lovely person and provides a good massage within MA limits. I've seen her a number of times over the years.
  13. Only been there to see Lucy Ace last year, she's now returned to China so nothing there interests me.
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