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  1. What a nice idea! Barb's: Ariel Barefax: Nikki NuDen: Megan
  2. I've been to the 'Fax a few times on Sunday night, and it gets reasonably busy from 9PM on.
  3. <joke>No, Kilt Boy, you're not regular, you're PREMIUM!</joke> <joke>I dunno, what do you girls think, should his hat say SHERIFF?</joke>
  4. Are they still doing Saturday afternoon retro music? I haven't been on Saturday for a couple of months, but I always enjoyed that.
  5. I was at House of Targ last night for their burlesque night...male strippers were part of the show. You could look up the programme, and contact them.
  6. Why yes, I go topless on my treadmill all the time! Kilt Boy, just let me know when you'd like to set up the skype!!
  7. Oh, that's bad. Sorry, at the club she's at work, and he's on leisure time. If he can't see that she has to maintain relationships with a number of men, for the sake of her business, he shouldn't be there. What if you (Kilt Boy) weren't the paragon of virtue that you are, and had justifiably gotten pissed off for buying her a drink and her disappearing? That could have lost her the income from dances for you today, and possibly future regular income (I'm running out of verb tenses for these conditionals!) When a dancer is gracious enough to spend time outside of the CR with me, I always make it very clear that if she sees a situation where she has the opportunity to make some money, she should go for it. From everything I've read from you, you act the same. I think that any man in a club has to have that attitude, sorry. These are not "exclusive" relationships. I can't see any way this isn't going to get ugly. He either needs to accept the facts of life, or I think she'd be wise to put some distance between them. If she prefers the income, on the other hand, (and this is NOT what I recommend), why not have the same relationship with him outside of the club? Meet him in a (very public) bar, he pays for her time, buys her drinks and meals, etc., and she keeps him company? No interference from other men (who after all have the right to approach a dancer in a club), cheaper drinks, and to be honest probably much better music!
  8. A really good post, but I LOVED this part: That's exactly how I see it, but nobody's ever phrased it quite this well that I've seen. Ladies, congratulations, you're so much deeper than we all knew! ;-) Thanks!
  9. Damn! Such a good article! I'm reading it and thinking "yeah, that makes sense, I can do that", and going through all the way to the end, and then I hit and it all went out the window. Might as well advise me to grow a third eye, sigh! Seriously, great article. Makes total sense. Thanks!
  10. No, I want the dancers to have that big meeting, sort it out between them, and let us men know the results. Hop to it! :-P
  11. Mostly I agree, but I beg to differ on two of your comments: As I said earlier, I simply don't consider it polite to say to a dancer, "Sorry, you're not my type". So, I'm sorry if it ticks you off, but I WILL use a white lie of one form or another. I just don't like saying "Thanks for coming over, but I've got the hots for Gertrude, and you're not my type." Also, men don't think that much with our big head, so we change our minds a lot. I could really mean "come back and see me later", and then two minutes later be seized with a compulsion to go upstairs with Gertrude. Forgive me, I'm human! ;-) I hope I've never done this rudely, but on my part, I know you're there to make money, and I don't want to waste your time. I feel bad if I engage you in casual chit chat for two minutes, and THEN tell you I'm not taking you for dances. So I frequently tell ladies right away when they come up to me that I won't be dancing with them today, in the hope that they'll have better luck at the next table. So on this one, I'm going to say that you ladies are being a little unfair. On the one hand, you're complaining that men are saying "no" too quickly. On the other hand, Megan is unloading on time wasters! Can I take away the impression that us men can't win? I want all you dancers to have a big meeting, and decide on EXACTLY how long a man should chat with you to be polite, but then let you know that he won't be taking you for any dances. Let us know, and we'll bring stopwatches! ;-) And last, on the topic of a "three dance minimum" to go to a club. I think this would be extremely unfair. There are times when I just want to have a couple of beers, and relax, and enjoy the sight of you beautiful women. On a couple of occasions a lady has even sat and chatted with me, although I've told her I won't be dancing. That immediately moves her to the top of my list for the next time I'm there for dances. Any club that tries to force me to take ladies for dances before they let me in will definitely have seen the last of me!
  12. Don't be ridiculous, Kilt Boy, this is the digital age, DivaChanel'l have a teleprompter!
  13. Yes, you're right. It was Valentino's. So now, where was the "Club 999", where 999 was the street address? I thought it was the one on Somerset, but obviously it was somewhere else!
  14. Since this is turning into a general Q&A, I'll unload one of my pet peeves, and this is aimed at the customers out there. WHY DON'T YOU CLAP WHEN A GIRL COMES ON AND GOES OFF STAGE? I know it's their "job", but jeez, she is getting up in front of a bunch of strangers, and doing a fairly intimate act. Would it kill you to take 30 seconds out of your terribly busy day and give her some applause when she goes on and comes off? I've done some public speaking in front of crowds, and it's just a lot more fun when the audience is responsive. It makes for a better time for everyone! There. I feel better!
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